Ask DST #327: Ghostbusters, Muppets and More!

This week in Ask DST, Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck answers yor questions about… everything! Gotham, Muppets, Batman Classic TV, Hack/Slash, iZombie, Ghostbusters, Independence Day, Underworld… it’s a veritable smorgasbord of sci-fi, fantasy and horror merchandise answer-giving! Got your own question for DSTChuck? Submit it in the drop-down form above, or e-mail him!

Tanya O.
I’m loving the Muppets Select line so far, and Series 3 looks fantastic! It’s sort of sad to see another Mahna Mahna figure being released without Snowths, though. Are there plans for the Snowths in the Minimates or Select line? It seems lonely for them and Mahna Mahna to be apart.

DSTChuck: They’re not in Series 4, but I don’t think we’ve even discussed Series 5, so I guess we’ll have to see.

Andre P.
With Hack/Slash getting some love from you recently with the Cassie Minimate and Femme Fatale statue are you guys planning on making some proper action figures of them? Statues and Minimates are always unbearable teases when it comes to proper action figures!

DSTChuck: We have not discussed it at this time, but for sure they have not been ruled out.

Mike W.
I know that you’re locked all the way through Series 4 on the Gotham figures and Minimates, but what do we need to do to get Butch Gilzean into series 5? Drew Powell is just the best, and Butch needs plastic immortality!

DSTChuck: Every time we think Butch is done, he comes back, so I think at this point it might make sense to look into it.

Alex T.
I’m not sure if I asked this a while back, but I was wondering if given the legendary status of the first film and the terrific ongoing success of the second, would it be possible to see a Select line of action figures for the “Independence Day” series?
And they could all come with background pieces to recreate the Oval Office, the command centre of Area 51, an interior of one of the alien ships and the destroyed ESD bunker at Cheyenne Mountain.
It’s just an idea of course, but given the popularity of the franchise, it could be a successful one.
Keep up the terrific work guys and I can’t wait to see what comes next in the Star Trek line

DSTChuck: I am sorry Alex, but we have no plans at this time to make toys based on the Independence Day movies.

John Q.
Hello! Would you guys ever consider making an Underworld figures? I remember there being some pretty crappy ones released around the time of the first movie and I was wondering if this would be an interesting project to take on seeing as how the final movie is almost finished and out late this year or next year (Can’t remember full details). They’d look awesome being made in the hands of DST.
PS, Hoping to pick up the Ghostbusters line and hopefully your new X-Files figures this August for my birthday, they look amazing!
Have a good one! :)

DSTChuck: John, we are not looking at Underworld as a source for product at this time. Glad you like the Ghostbusters and X-Files, though.

James S.
Hi there I recently bought the series 1 ghostbusters figures and love them and I hope to get the others but I was wondering are you considering making the props from the movies?

DSTChuck: James, I am sorry but we do not have the rights to props at this time. Glad you like Series 1, we’ve got LOTS more stuff planned!

Jimmy M.
I love the series 3 Muppet Select figures that have now been revealed. Can you hint at what accessories will be planned for that wave? Series 2 has some fantastic accessories planned with the balcony and the drums, and I am hopeful that series 3 will continue with the great work. Will the Electric Mayhem come with their instruments? Will Rowlf have a piano? Any bigger set pieces planned?
Also a quick wish – I hope that Walter is in an upcoming series of Minimates and especially in the Selects!
Thank you so much! The Muppet figures have been so great and I hope they continue for many waves!

DSTChuck: Glad you like Series 1 and what we have shown for Series 2, hopefully in the next month or so we’ll show all the cool accessories for Series 3. Work on Series 4 is well along.

Andre P.
Any possibility of making a Ravi figure from iZombie to accompany Liv? She’s such a brilliant figure but having her and Ravi together would just immensely improve both playability and display. =)

DSTChuck: For SURE we have talked about adding a second character to the line, but so far retail has not shown interest – we are hopeful, though.

Rick K.
My questions are all for Batman Classic TV. Will there be more busts (King Tut, Mad Hatter or Eartha Kitt Catwoman) and banks (Riddler, Catwoman or especially a Batphone to go with your Shakespeare bank) I also like the 12″ Batman statue you recently announced. Will we see a 12″ Robin statue companion piece?

DSTChuck: Rick, yes we have more planned, in fact we showed some new stuff in San Diego – Mad Hatter, King Tut and Bookworm. On top of that, we still have some more stuff planned!

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