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It’s a new Ask DST with Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck, and this week it’s all about Marvel, specifically Marvel Select action figures! One of our most popular lines, the MS line has been going strong since 2002, and if there’s three things the fans want, it’s more, more, more! DSTChuck took a break from line-planning and sculpt-approving to answer some questions about logistics, line-ups and licensing. Read on, then submit your own question in the drop-down form above or via e-mail!

Rodney H.
Hey DST Chuck!!! I was wondering if you could answer these questions. By the way great looking figures with the civil war marvel select figures. 1. How are certain characters picked to be made into figures? I know that the big hitters like Captain America,Ironman and spiderman are always the obvious choices, especial if they appear in movies. However the last couple of marvel movies introduced new characters that would have mad awesome selects, yet they were passed over. From Vision, Scarlet Witch, Quick Silver, Cross Bones GOG figures as well? Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions, keep up the great work.

DSTChuck: Happy to, Rodney. The problem with the Select line is we only make a limited number of releases per year. With three Marvel movies each year plus all the past and current editorial there really is no way to come close to doing all we want to do. So we try to find a decent mix between the heavy hitters as well as characters fans would love to have.

Michael H.
Hey Chuck! :) 2 things:
First – You guys hook me on collecting Marvel select but sometimes you have the oddest selections. No Ultron or Vision for Avengers Age of Ultron? I get your picks for Civil War, although I really wanted a second chance at Vision – I can see Cap, Buck, and Stark being your focus. But please, Please, PLEASE for the love of all that is good and wholesome in the MCU give me a Groot and rocket! Would you say it’s hypothetically possible I wouldn’t be disappointed with your GOTG2 offering next year?
Second – I know you’ve said before there are no current plans to produce Marvel Select figures from the Netflix Universe But seriously, Have you seen Daredevil??? So How as a fan can I make this happen? What tree can I bark up? can this be an Entertainment Earth or Think Geek Exclusive? could we the fans start a petition? how many petition names would it take to warrant DST’s serious look at getting this made? Netflix Punisher starts filming next year so if you can land the legality like your MCU license I know you’d have enough time to produce a figure for the show release. Honestly, I want to know how we as fans can make a reasonable appeal for this figure I know I, and so many others want to buy. Seriously, Take My Money!

DSTChuck: I am sorry but the same answer above applies. We did not get to Winter Solider for Cap 2, and so lots of folks thought he was a must-do for Cap 3 – in a way, he is the most important character in the movie. Honestly, we have not picked the characters for GoG2 but for sure we’re looking at making you happy, so we’ll see. The Netflix stuff is GREAT, but it’s a complicated license, as well as being an all-new dynamic for content absorption. They hit hard and fast, and then that is it. The release dates are not even announced well in advance like they are for a movie. It’s not been ruled out, but it’s just something we need to really look at. We have no plans at this time to make any of the Marvel Select releases exclusive to any one retailer.

Rodney H.
Hey Dst Chuck! Correct me if I’m wrong. If so, then my apologies. I wanted to know that over the last couple of years with the marvel select figures, that it seems to be something that is happening all the time now? The figures are given a release date whether it’s a preorder or not, just have it pushed back to a later date. Does it have anything to do with the movies that are still playing at the time? So they want to have everything spaced out? Or is it just that something has been coming up, that results in orders having to be pushed back. Now with that out of the way, the civil war figures AND Odin destroyer are looking AWESOME!!! Keep up the Amazing work!!

DSTChuck: There can be a number of factors involved. It’s easy to say we want to do an Iron Man figure but then we still need to get reference from the studio, and we need very detailed reference. It takes about 9 months to get a figure from concept to shelf. Another issue for DST is that the bases we like to put in with the movie figures are from the movies, so we have to wait for reference on that, as well. That is reference that almost no one else making products needs, so we have to wait for that or come up with alternatives. In some cases our figures have to be approved by the studio and the talent, which can take time.

Karen B.
I’m a huge fan of the work the team at DST does & i’m super excited for the release of the Captain America Civil War figures!
With Thor Ragnarok coming out in 2017 i just wanted to ask you and the team to please consider (if you haven’t already) making a new Hiddleston Loki figure… It would be great to have an updated figure that’s in scale with the Dark World/Age of Ultron Thor. I’m sure it would sell like crazy!
Also, after seeing how amazing the Ghostbusters figures are i was wondering if you had ever considered doing figures for the Jaws movie? Bruce plus 6″ figures of Brody, Hooper & Quint would make my life complete ? I’m sure you guys would even be able to make an awesome model of the Orca!
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Best wishes to you & the team

DSTChuck: Glad you like what we’re doing. I don’t think we have settled 100% on Thor 3 selections, but we’re getting to that point very soon. At this time, we are not looking to make product based on Jaws, but I know there are some toys out there that have been done before.

Raimund R.
Hi!!! Good morning! Is it possible DST you guys gonna make a Marvel select blob this year???

DSTChuck: I would say never say never, but it is not very likely – sorry.

Daniel R.
Greetings DST. I’m a huge X-Men fan and I really love what you are doing with classic X-Men figures. I’ve been collecting select figures for some time and really like the comic book versions of great heroes like the Incredible Hulk, classic Thor and others. I would like to ask you two questions:
1- Is there any possibility to re-release the Marvel Select Emma Frost (original not diamond version) and the Jean Grey Marvel Girl Figures?
(They are kind of expensive right now.)
2- I really hope you could make more mutants like Beast, Angel (70’s), Psylocke, Apocalypse, Prof X, Banshee or Magik (please, please, please released a Select Magik). Are any of those in future plans? Thanks for all the amazing figures released so far and particularly the X-figures.

DSTChuck: Daniel, at this time there are no plans to re- release Emma and Jean. But that said, we are in constant contact with sales to see what the interest level is for a re-release. I think we would love to do more comic-based 616 X-Men, but I cannot say for sure if that will happen in 2017.

Sean R.
Hello from Ireland! I’ve been collecting Selects for around 4 years and am very quickly running out of shelf space!
My question is regarding the number of movie vs comic characters made. As we move further and further into a world where more and more movies are made, do you guys think it’ll mean less and less comic characters being made each year, or will you be able to increase the number of figures brought out in a year to meet the demand of comics vs movies?

DSTChuck: Sean, that is a very good question, and I think as much as possible we will continue to maintain the mix of comic and movies and maybe one year would be heavy to one side over another but I don’t think there is a chance we would ignore comic to just do movie releases.

Keith J.
Are there plans for a Civil War MCU version of Black Panther or for his solo movie?

DSTChuck: At this point we have no plans to release any more action figure bases on Cap 3.

Lewis R.
are you ever going to make a marvel select danielle moonstar figure

DSTChuck: Sorry, we have no plans for that at this time.

Ron C.
wondering if thor God of Thunder Disney Store Exclusive 2015 … is coming back to disney select to disney stores i have not seen one in months

DSTChuck: As far as I know, they are still supporting that figure, and if they want more we’re happy to make them for them. Maybe e-mail their site or talk to your store manager.

Lucas D.
I was wondering if you all ever considered doing more obscure characters in Select form or just the more random ones. I guess I think it would be fun to see characters such as Howard the Duck or Cosmo or some random character get some kind of Select release; either as a store exclusive or other form of release.

DSTChuck: Lucas, I don’t think we’ve ever had a conversation like that. We just try and do figures fans will like, retail will support and we can do something interesting with.

Blakely J.
Thank you for all of your highly detailed figures! I own dozens of your figures and love every single one. You take extra care in making sure the sculpts are spot-on, and it greatly shows.
Please, please, please consider making one of the ultimate Marvel villains (and my favorite second to Magneto): a classic Apocalypse figure! If any toy company can make a realistic and impressive classic Apocalypse figure, it is you, Diamond Select. I would buy 4 right off: one for me to open, one for my brother, one for my 7-month old son, and one to keep in the package.
Thank you for your time and consideration!

DSTChuck: We have absolutely considered him, and he has come pretty far along in past planning stages, so hopefully it’s a matter of “when” not “if.”

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