Ask DST #329: Minimates

It’s an all-new Ask DST, where Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck answers fan questions, and this week it’s all about Minimates! The 2-inch mini-figures are expanding, with new licenses and new retailers, and when you have questions, Chuck has answers! This week we’ll cover Marvel, TMNT, and some “Wish List” licenses that fans would like to see. Submit your own question to DSTChuck in the drop-down form above, or e-mail him!

Adam S.
I’m very disappointed to see blind bags make their way into the comic Marvel Minimate line. Is this a one-time thing or should we expect to see blind bags become a regular occurrence?

DSTChuck: Adam, it’s not something we set out to do to frustrate collectors. We have had several requests from our sales team over the years to offer Marvel in blind bags, and we always said no. The sales folks are always out there trying to expand our retail base, but with the current state of the market, where there are lots of choices for small figures, more and more retailers were asking for a lower retail price to test the item. So we agreed, and I decided if we were going to do something like this, it would be a good opportunity to offer some updates to popular characters that were not currently on the schedule, as well as unplanned new characters. That way, if collectors didn’t want to wait for us to get around to a regular release, they had the option of trying to acquire these. Sorry if that does not work out for you. We have no other blind-bag Marvel assortments planned, but if it does what sales hopes, yes, we could do it again.

Adam S.
Hey! I just picked up the TMNT wave 4 Minimates at TRU. Once again, y’all knocked it out of the park with these. I have nearly all of them (minus the 2 early Comic Con giveaways). Thanks for such cool figures with such diverse characters & great accessories! I can’t wait for wave 5… I want it to come out NOW, haha! Can we expect a wave 6? Knowing that each wave must contain all 4 turtles, we just saw that awesome episode where the Nick Turtles met the classic 80s cartoon Turtles… Since they’re now part of the Nickverse, could we get a set of the Classic 80s cartoon turtles?
Also, there were a few major characters that were skipped in earlier waves like Metalhead, Leatherhead, Dogpound, Fish Face & Irma. Any chance at getting one (or all) of those squeezed into a future wave?
Lastly, the Minimates Rides are awesome! I absolutely love the Star Trek Enterprise & the Back to the Future Delorean… Could we get a Minimates Ride TMNT Party Wagon? Classic or Nick version? That would be so epic. Keep up the great work. Much love to you all

DSTChuck: Adam, we just had a meeting about TMNT MM last week. We’ve got lots of stuff planned for the next year / 18 months. I think you will be happy – or I hope you and other fans will be happy. However at this time we cannot do the Party Wagon.

Michael M.
Regarding the upcoming Marvel Now Mystery Minimates, the individually wrapped so there’s no way of telling what you have until after you’ve purchased the figure:
Thanks a lot, for nothing. I get that you’re going to make some money making people buy dozens of dupes trying to collect all eight figures, but this is a horrible way to treat loyal customers. I have every marvel Minimate, including rares and exclusives. I don’t necessarily mind having to fork over a few extra dollars to acquire the rare ones I never had a shot at getting (show exclusives and the like) and searching local Toys R Us shops for their exclusives was always fun. But I’m drawing the line at having to pay blindly who knows how many times to get a complete set. So my question is; Is this any way to treat the loyal customers/fans who have made this a lucrative business for you?

DSTChuck: Michael, I am very sorry you are upset. It’s not our intention to cause fans to buy dozens of figures they do not want. None of the figures are less than one-per-display, so if you buy a full display you will have a set. We did not want to have what some call a “super chase.” This decision was not made without tons of thought. We’ve been looking at ways to get MM into more retailers, and in turn to new fans that might not even be aware they exist. We did a small test at Kmart with TMNT blind bags and it went very well. We did another test with Hot Topic, a retailer that had no interest in Minimates, and it did great, which led to a second NBX order, and now we’re testing Alice. If they had not agreed to test Alice, we would not have even been able to make that line. I know there are fans out there that are trading figures and helping others, as well as some that use the doubles for customs. However, I understand it’s not easy, or even the most desirable way to purchase these for some fans. Some fans really like them. I can tell you I still have boxes and boxes of doubles and triples of baseball cards.

Ollie P.
Hello there I was wondering if there was any chance for Gears of war minimates in the future as Gears of war 4 will be released soon? Thanks for the good work as always!
Thomas D. Hi Chuck! I would like your thoughts on my idea for a potential Marvel Minimate. How about an Uatu the Watcher, using the Bane sized head and a normal body? Looking forward to your reply!

DSTChuck: I am sorry, Ollie, we have no plans at this time for Gears of War. And honestly, I do not know what direction the designers would take if we ever tackled the Watcher.

Justin H.
I know that the DC license for Minimates always comes up, but with DST having the Gotham license I was wondering if there was any chance DST has looked into obtaining the Teen Titans Go! License? The cartoon is wildly popular and I feel the designs would translate very well to Minimates.
Other than the Funko Pops and a boxset of mini figs with no articulation, none of the existing toy companies with the TTG license have completed the team in a single scale. TTG would be perfect for Minimates, lots of colorful characters and fun variations. Please consider this license.

DSTChuck: My kids really enjoy the show, but I am sorry, we have no plans at this time for TTG Minimates.

Markus Y.
Ahoy there, I’d like to start off by saying I love your products and am I huge fan of Minimates. My question to you is if it would be possible or any chance that we can get any “Mortal Kombat X”, “Dragon Ball Z”, and “Naruto” Minimates? I feel as if these three lines can really sell and do a lot with the Minimate world. With the Mortal Kombat X video game still having a lot of fans engaged it’d be great if we can get some products, toys, on this. Same applies to the other two franchises, there can be a lot done due to the fact that these characters (from all the franchises) have different variations to themselves and can receive accessories that suit them. I feel as if this can only be tackled properly and satisfy the fans by you all. Thank you for your time and I hope you have a great day.

DSTChuck: Markus, thank you so much for the kind words, but I am sorry we do not have plans at this time to work to acquire those licenses. Never say never, though.

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