Ask DST #331: Marvel

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After 14 years of making Marvel products, fans have questions for Diamond Select Toys about future releases, and Ask DST is where they get answered! DST president DSTChuck answers each question to the best of his ability in his 331st Ask DST column, including inquiries about Marvel Select action figures and the Marvel Premier statue line! Got a question for DSTChuck? Submit it in the drop-down form up top, or e-mail him!

Sebastian H.
I’ve counted six Marvel Select releases this year (CW Winter Soldier, Cap and Iron Man / Disney Store Spider-Man, Panther and Avenging Cap) with a Destroyer and a movie Strange as the seventh and eighth on the way. They are all beautifully sculpted and your movie line has reached perfection. Did you ever think about splitting the lines, with the clas¬sic Marvel Select line for comic based figures and a second line, maybe called Marvel Cinematic Select, for the movie figures and maybe Netflix based figures like Hasbro is now producing? I think it would be a great way to put more figures on the market. I would love that, since Marvel Select is basically my favourtie toy line. And it would be a great way to release more comic based figures, since the movie figures are blocking spaces for them.

DSTChuck: We have several limitation on our Select line – we’re just happy we are able to do this line after all these years! Splitting the lines would not result in more figures. On our own we try and divide up the classic comic and the movie – we’ll have to see about mixing in Netflix now.

Mickey B.
So I am throwing this out to you guys, as a prospect of a good selling figure. I was thinking about one that has been and is or..missing. I propose you would do a version of the Leader with the long head sculpt, not the brain sculpt. I am sure its a money maker and hasnt been done in a long time, since Toybiz days, think it over:) Love your products! PS re-do Abomination based off the new SDCC legends version, 2 toes and all, it would be gold! Your old version was sooo close to perfection, keep it up guys and gals!

DSTChuck: Thanks for the suggestion. I do not think at this time we have plans to re-do Abomination, but never say never.

Kevin R.
When Will We See a Kingpin(Wilson Fisk) in marvel select?

DSTChuck: I would like to do one – we’ll have to see.

Radd T.
I love the look of the Moore Thor (statue) you have produced. This is my all time fav cover. When do you plan to release images of the Silver Surfer to go with the C.Moore Thor? if you do plan to make one?

DSTChuck: Right now, we have no plans for a Silver Surfer. Clay is very busy with lots of stuff that we hope fans will love. The single statue was released in such a way that a later Silver Surfer would be possible if it all works out.

Lewis R.
could you produce a danielle moonstar marvel select figure?

DSTChuck: Sorry, no plans at this time.

Marc Z.
I see there will be a Marvel premiere selection Gamora Statue. Is it possible that all the Guardians could be produced? I would certainly buy the entire team.

DSTChuck: I would absolutely imagine that could be possible at some point.

Minh S.
Can you guys make spider gwen action figure ? Now she’s the hottest character in marvel

DSTChuck: Never say never. We’ve done a Minimate, PVC and statue already…

Daniel L.
Hi, Just got the Marvel Select Civil War figures, they are great. I really like all the Marvel movie select figures that you guys are making. Really looking forward to the Dr. Strange Select figure.
I think you guys are only allow to make certain number of figures per year for Marvel movies, but with 3 Marvel movies (Spiderman, Thor, Guardian) coming out in 2017, is there any chance you guys can negotiate to make more movie figures? Would love to get more selection of movie characters.
What are the chances of getting the following Marvel Select Movies characters in the near future?
1) Scarlet Witch (any movie version) we really need a movie Scarlet Witch
2) Agent 13 (any movie version)
3) Loki (Thor 3)
4) Bruce Banner (Thor 3)
5) Tony Stark (Spiderman Homecoming)
6) Nick Fury (any movie version) he really deserves a Select action figure since the first Iron Man
7) Hulk (Thor 3 with new sculpt)

DSTChuck: I really can’t comment in that level of detail what we are going to do for each movie. There is a balance of how we want to mix the comic and movie as well as what we can get reference for in time to do the figures. There have been times we wanted to do a figure but could not get what we needed in time.

Steve L.
Hi there, I really like the Marvel Select Rhino. I was wondering if you will be remaking it again for release like you did with Venom and Carnage? Everywhere I look I am unable to find a Select Rhino or people are selling them for really expensive.

DSTChuck: I would absolutely not consider that figure retired – so we’ll have to see.

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