Ask DST #332: Minimates

New York Comic-Con is upon us, but we’ve got one more Ask DST to unleash before making the trek to NYC! This week, DSTChuck (the president of Diamond Select Toys) is answering questions about Minimates, including Marvel, Aliens, Predator, The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, Assassin’s Creed and more! Submit your own question via the drop-down form above, or send him an e-mail!

Anton K.
Hey there Chuck! As you might be aware, Marvel is doing their annual “let’s relaunch 80% of our line, launch a couple of books that will be cancelled by #6 and see what sticks”. Now, due to that shakeup, Tony Stark is gone, and there are two new Iron Men out there: Bendis’ OC, and Victor Von DOOM/ Doctor DOOM (it needs capital letters…).
So, my question is: Is Iron DOOM feasible? We know about the FF ban in toys, but if the figure was marketed as Infamous Iron Man (the title of the comic) could we technically get him in an ANAD/NOW! 2.0 Wave? Oh, and, what are the chances of an ANAD/NOW! 2.0 Wave? There are plenty of A-Lister costumes out there, waiting to be made. We’ve got Chuck, Steve’s new costume, Peter’s and Miguel’s new duds and many more.

DSTChuck: Honestly Anton – we’re not at the point where we are even looking at that. One of the issues with Marvel is there is SO much to choose from. Netflix, Movie, classic comic, current editorial, it’s impossible to make everyone happy and cover everything.

Mason M.
Do you plan to make a Minimates Giant man/Spider man set. If not I think that would be a great expansion to the series. Also It would be cool to do Assassins creed products considering the new movie is coming out.

DSTChuck: Right now we have no plans to look at the Assassins Creed license, sorry. As for the Marvel set – we’ve not locked 2017 fully, but I don’t think that is something we are looking at. We do not have any more Civil War Minimates planned, and we already did an Ant-Man from that film at Toys”R”Us.

Kevin S.
1. Will there be more Walking Dead Minimates in the future? Haven’t heard any new news lately. I saw a picture of a Whisperer wave, but that was a while ago. I miss them…
2. I mean no disrespect, but how have we not gotten a Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel yet?? Holy moley, she’s huge right now! You’re giving us a Silk and an X-23 Wolverine, which is awesome but no Kamala Khan!
3. Speaking of Silk…Can you speak to the subject of Blind Bags briefly, please. Do they increase awareness or excitement? Do they make more money for the company because we (the collectors) buy more to get the ones we want? I can say, from this collector’s standpoint, I’d rather have the two-pack chase figure (with an army builder) than the Blind Bags. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this. Any insight might be helpful for us to understand the reasoning behind it. I don’t see how the Blind Bags help anyone but the scalpers. I can’t find the rare TMNT Minimates (for a reasonable price) to save my life.

1. We do not have any more planned at this time , but for sure we have not ruled it out.
2. There is no way we would ever come close to doing every character every fan would love to see.
3. I think I’ve said all I can about blind bags already (see last Q&A), and I can assure you I was being 100% honest, no games. If folks don’t agree with that, it is certainly their right and we respect that, we just do the best we can.

Ellie H.
Are you guys gonna have an unmasked walgreens spiderman head in one of these waves? i always love making spidey look like he took off his mask

DSTChuck: I don’t think there is one planned at this time, BUT I don’t know if we’ve even thought about it. I’ll try and remember to ask next time we set up a series.

Bobby D.
Hi! My name is Bobby, and I am a big fa of Diamond select, and of Minimates, and I was wondering about your plans for various licenses, and for future products.
1. When will we see an assortment for Blindbags Series 3?
2. Do you have plans to release the rest of the men from “Predators” (Stans, Mombasa, Nikolai), or Poncho?
3. Are you planning to release a “Clean” Bishop in the future?
Future Licenses
4. John Carpenter
Any plans for Minimates based on this filmaker’s iconic works?
Movies like “The Thing” or “Big Trouble In Little China” seem perfect for this format.
5. Reservoir Dogs
With the other Quentin Tarantino films you’ve produced Minimates of, is this too far fetched?
I for one would looove a Steve Buschemi Minimate!
6. Alien Vs Predator
With the sucess of the “Aliens” and “Predator” lines, is this the next step?

DSTChuck: WOW – OK here we go…
1. At this time I do not believe Predator S3 will be blind bagged.
2. We do have a line plan internally, but it’s not something we’re inclined to let out in this forum.
3. Not at this time.
4. No plans at this time.
5. No plans at this time.
6. I do not think that is a direction we are going to go.

Pedro D.
Any thoughts on replicating the success of the X-Men Wave 60 Strike Force Costumes for another team with uniforms? Maybe like Generation X? Also when can we finally expect a Medusa or Crystal for our Inhuman loving lives? Lastly, what can we do about this lack of DC Mates situation? It’s been years can we have the talks again yet?

DSTChuck: We have not talked about that for the balance of this year or next, but no door is closed.

Ellie H.
Is there a kate bishop hawkeye in our future?

DSTChuck: There is none planned this year or next – sorry.

Frank P.
Awesome work with the Daredevil and Punisher SDCC Exclusives they are incredible. Especially the detail of the Daredevil! Quick Question with the Squadron Supreme forming and getting individual series, have you looked at doing the Raymond Cane NightHawk? you could even do a 2 pack with WhiteFace!

DSTChuck: Glad you like the set – it’s been cool to get to do those figures, the shows are so great.
Sorry, no plans for Nighthawk at this time.

Ken R.
I know you’re a busy guy and all, but you must have watched Stranger Things, right? It’s right up your alley. And it’s become the breakout show of the summer. You know what we need? Minimates! There are several other cool products you could make (a Stranger Things electric sign would be a big seller I think), but Minimates are essential, even if they didn’t exist back in 1983.

DSTChuck: I have SO much great television I want to watch. I’m a pretty big baseball fan so that fills most of my TV time for spring into fall. Hopefully in winter I can catch up and Stranger Things is on the list. Winter is coming.

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