Ask DST #333: Miscellaneous

It’s a new Ask DST with the president of Diamond Select Toys, and this week DSTChuck is answering a wide variety of questions, about X-Files, Gotham, Batman, Muppets, Star Trek, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and more! Submit your own question in the drop-down form up top, or e-mail DSTChuck!

Jonathan H.
I am a collector of X-Files merchandise and love all the new X Files items released by DST. I received my Select Figures yesterday. I now need to go and find the Mulder and Scully figures without the desk and chair. Any plans for further X-Files select figures, Minimates and Vinimates and anything else X-Files?

DSTChuck: For sure, more are under consideration. The latest item we are taking orders on is the Flukeman bank. We’ll see how it goes.

Justin L.
Are there any plans for the the original X-Files Mulder and Scully as 6”?

DSTChuck: We have for sure discussed Select X-Files for the original show.

Tori H.
Hey Chuck how ya been? I’ve been wondering for a while.
1. What can you tell us about new figures of Gotham after Bruce, Barbara and Zsasz?
2. X-FILES. Nothing against the modern figures, and especially since it seems they sold okay, are there plans for classic Mulder & Scully around 2017? Maybe in their FBI suits? There seems to be a lot of demand…. …. :-)

DSTChuck: Tori, we should be showing Series 4 of Gotham any time now. We had hoped to be able to show them at NYCC, but we just missed that by a short time. We have discussed more X-Files products, so we’ll have to see what happens.

Bryan S.
Any chance for a TNG Romulan Disruptor I love my Klingon Disruptor and would like to add a.Romulan disruptor…also any chance you will do anything for Babylon 5 like the PPG perhaps?

DSTChuck: Right now, there are no plans for a Romulan Disruptor. We are not currently looking at the Babylon 5 license.

Stephen T.
Whats your short list when it comes to alien ships. I for one would love to see the Jem’Hadar attack ship considered.

DSTChuck: I am sorry, but the Jem’Hadar is not under consideration at this time.

Ju H.
I bought some your products. All I bought was batman the animated series pvc statue and bust. As a big fan of batman the animated series, I was very satisfied with them. Searching on your website, i could find premium format statue of batman the animated series. But there were only two female characters.(harley quinn&poison ivy) Do you have any plans to produce male characters version premium format statue? Especially, batman and jocker of the animated series.

DSTChuck: Yes, we are working on more resin statues for the BTAS, but we have not decided if we will expand the line to include male characters.

Matthew E.
You guys should make the “Voyagers!” TV Series time machine, the “Omni”.

DSTChuck: That was a fun show, but we have no plans at this time to pursue the license.

Nick W.
Will we see the Enterprise C & the Star Trek 2009 Enterprise. Would love them both and would complete the Ship collection. Please consider

DSTChuck: The C is under consideration, along with a few other ships. We’re focused right now on the final touches for the Romulan BOP, as well as moving along on the development of the Reliant.

Andy O.
I’m really excited to learn that you are producing a USS Reliant model for your Star Trek starship legends line! I sold my collection a few years ago but after hearing that a Reliant was on the way I realized that I missed my collection very much and decided to start buying the ships back again. I think the Reliant is a great choice because of all the possible variants that could be released. Do you have any plans for any particular variant after Reliant is out?

DSTChuck: Andy, glad you are pleased with the upcoming release. We’re not at the point right now that we’re going to lock down variants, but the sculpt is just about done, so we might be looking at that in detail soon.

Mick F.
I have just found out about your products and have just ordered the Lost In Space B9 Robot. Are you likely to do a Robby Robot from Forbidden Planet? As I am sure this would be very popular.

DSTChuck: We are very much considering that.

Carpe C.
I read through previous responses to Enterprise C questions on Twitter and am thinking you could get more variants out of the Ambassador Class Enterprise-C than you may have considered.

Four versions jump to mind, might be more:
1. Regular “pristine” no-damage hero ship 2. Battle-damaged version seen in “Yesterday’s Enterprise”
3. Andrew Probert’s alternate original design (swappable nacelle struts and different navigational dish – similar to what you did for 1701-B & Excelsior) 4. USS Excalibur – first mentioned in TNG’s “Measure of a Man” – and the central ship in Peter David’s popular StarTrek: NewFrontier series of spin-off novels and comics.

Other independent licensee companies will run GoFundMe or Kickstarter campaigns to raise money to offset development costs. For example, FarSight Studios, maker of video game versions of pinball games – including Star Trek & Doctor Who licenses – raises money this way.

A crowd-sourced fundraiser would mitigate the financial costs and cover mold & electronic development. Even if you don’t want to go the crowdfunding route, there are still at least four variants you could produce – and I would definitely get them all. Thanks!

DSTChuck: Carpe, we’ve talked about a crowd-funded system, but right now we just don’t think it’s for us. I think if we think a ship will sell enough to justify the expenses, and we have the time to develop the item, we will go forward with it.

Joshua P.
Is there any chance of seeing a reissue of the Starship Legends NCC-2000 Excelsior?

DSTChuck: We are always working with sales to see that items that have enough demand go back into production.

Mark M.
Will DST ever do any Voyager action figures/ship, dolphin phaser?? Thanks much for the DS9 stuff and ALL those wonderful ships!! ~Mark~

DSTChuck: I would doubt we will ever make the Voyager phaser, but for sure we have not ruled out action figures from Voyager.

Rick E.
Sorry, have another question: Now that you have 21 figures from Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction coming, please tell me you’re considering Inglorious Basterds, Hateful 8, and Django Unchained, as well…??

DSTChuck: Sorry, we are not looking onto those at this time, but for right now our hands are pretty full with Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction.

Michael K.
Since Muppet Select series 3 includes Mahna Mahna as a pack-in, will the 2 snowths be pack-in’s for series 4? You can’t have Mahna Mahna without his snowths!!

DSTChuck: I don’t think we’re ready to announce S4 yet. I do think that would be a long shot, though.

GumGum K.
Hi there, how open are you guys to doing the real ghostbusters line? The main guys ecto 1 the iconic ghost like boogeyman Sam Hain etc, that technically is all the line needs. With maybe a firehouse diorama. Or am I to give up hope this line will ever be brought back while I’m alive.

DSTChuck: For sure we would consider it, but we’ve got a ton in play right now with the movie stuff, so we’re not ready to move into new properties.

Sean C.
Based upon recent Q&As, I have a greater respect for the investment involved with making new ships for the Star Trek line. The fact that the first run never breaks even was a surprise. With that in mind, has there been any discussion on reducing complexity in order to reduce production costs?

I love the lights and sounds, but the reality is after the first few times, I usually remove the batteries to avoid the risk of corrosion. What I love most is the beautiful ships on display. I’m at the point where I’ve bought an Enterprise C model kit, but my modeling skills are pretty rusty so I haven’t jumped in yet. Would an Enterprise C of the same high quality and excellent details as your other ships, minus sound and light bring it within the realm of feasibility for production and help make up for the lower potential sales volume? Has there been any market research on how this would be received? Personally, I’d be ok with it so I could properly fill that gap.

DSTChuck: Sean, I don’t think we’ve looked into that. I do know that removing the light and sound would lower the cost, but they would still require a high level of development and cost. I think product-wise, it would be difficult for us to step back. I know there are lots of fans that like the lights, and the lights-stay-on component has been very popular.

Stephen G.
When will you be releasing more models of Star Trek Ships? I have been wanting you to produce an electronic model of the USS Voyager for YEARS! I love my Enterprise D, B, and E and would love to see more ships released!

Also, I noticed many of your current ships are not available, are you no longer producing them? PLEASE MAKE A MODEL OF THE VOYAGER!! :) Thank you!

DSTChuck: The next ship that will come out will be the Romulan. We showed a near-final sample at New York Comic-Con. The ship after that is Reliant, after that we’ll have to see.

Dusty L.
This is not so much an ask, but rather a request to add Robin (Dick Grayson), Two-Face, Penguin, Scarecrow, Mad Hatter, Killer Croc and Mr. Freeze to the animated 9″ PVC line. This is a great line for BTAS fans. Granted the mini busts are nice, but having a whole sculpt is even better.

DSTChuck: Dusty, we’re all having lots of fun with all the animated products, so as long as they keep selling we’ll keep making them.

Greig C.
Your Muppets Select line is absolutely fantastic! I really hope they are the success that they deserve to be. I love what you have done to make these figures fun and personality full. We’ve seen the line up for Series 3 (Floyd and Janice being my highlights) and you’ve said series 4 is fixed but 5 isn’t – Any hints as to series 4, or even 5? Please say Uncle Deadly is a consideration?

DSTChuck: I would think we’ll announce Series 4 soon, but Series 5 going forward will be based on how the sales and sell-through are for maybe the first three series.

Daniel L.
Hi, I have been collecting and love all of your 7 inch Select lines of action figures. I see that Diamond Select keep on expanding to different licenses like X-files, Gotham, Ghostbusters, Alice etc…. I am just wondering, what are the chances of diamond select making the following 7 inch Select action figures?
Also, any news on Pulp FIction and Kill Bill Select?

1) Underworld
2) Classic X-FIles
3) 24
4) Pirates of the Carribean
5) Walking Dead
6) Die Hard
7) Bruce Lee

DSTChuck: The best I can say is that some of the ones you list have been under consideration or are under consideration. I’d say at least one, maybe two will happen at some future point. Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill are keeping us busy.

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