Ask DST 336: Miscellaneous

This week’s Ask DST is a barn-burner, with questions ranging from Star Trek to X-Files to Star Trek to Batman to Star Trek! Yes, there’s a lot of Star Trek this week, and Diamond Select Toys President DSTChuck does his best to answer your questions about upcoming products, past products, and potential products. Read on, then submit your own question via the drop-down form up top or via email!

Steve V.
I have read that you are working on a TNG cobrahead phaser and was wondering if there were any plans for the boomerang version seen in First contact and Voyager, there really isn’t anything decent for it on the market.

DSTChuck: Steve, at this point we have not thought beyond the cobrahead, to be honest.

Milagros D.
Hi, a few questions…
1. The articulation on the Diamond Select Toys has seen great improvements over the years but we have not seen double jointed elbows used. Some figures could really make use of this. Any plans to start incorporating it into the figures?
2. You have done some video game figures in the past, would you consider making figures based on the Resident Evil franchise? Especially with the 20th anniversary, I would love to see some of the original characters/monsters made with great sculpt and articulation.
3. Would there be a chance that you could make some figures from the Witchblade comic series? Another older franchise but it still has its following. It would be great to see a figure of the original style Witchblade and one of the more current full body armor version.

DSTChuck: 1. It’s possible, but if we did that we would have to take it from another location. I do think maybe in the past there have been some that could have made sense, but it’s not something we’re set on changing.
2. We have not done much with video games, but every time I say that I find us looking at another video game property. I can tell you for now we are not looking at Resident Evil.
3. We’ve done some Witchblade stuff in the past, but we’re not looking at that right now.

Joshua X.
My name is Joshua, and I’m a huge Star Trek fan. I want to say that DST has done a amazing job on the look, and sound effects of the Star Trek ship’s. I would like to however express that I feel the Original Series has been covered quit well. There has been many reproduction’s of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701. The only series that has not received any kind of starship production is Deep Space Nine, and my favorite Star Trek Voyager. I would like to ask for the possibility of a few things that DST might consider making, and bringing back for us Star Trek fans.
1. Please do a toy of the U.S.S. Voyager with the lights on all the time feature, and with landing struts.
2. All though it was never used in The Next Generation movie’s, how about a version of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E with lights on all the time feature, and saucer separation?
3. Please bring back the 4.5 inch figures.
4. Playmates made a Bridge, and Engineering Playset of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D. So how about a new bridge playset, but of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E?
5. Last, and I’m sure that I’m not the only fan that would love to have a toy of this ship. How about a toy of the Akira Class Starship?
Again, you guy’s have done a amazing job. However, please move on from the Original Series, and Next Generation line and start giving us some stuff from Deep Space Nine, and Voyager. Thank you for your time, and please keep up the awesome work.

DSTChuck: 1. Voyager and Defiant are on our list of ships to consider after the Reliant.
2. I do not think that is something we’re looking at right now.
3. I don’t think we have any plans to ever to Trek figures at that size. Sorry.
4. I do not think any sort of bridge playset would make sense at this time.
5. That is not ruled out, but not one on our current short list.

Rob B.
the new range of titan star trek figures include nurse chapel and janice rand. is there any chance of the release of the chapel and rand action figures you showed a few years back along with the sick bay mccoy and salt vampire figures you have yet to release . would the 50th anniversary be the perfect to do this ?

DSTChuck: Rob, at this time we have no plans to go back and make figures at that size, and we have not seen the support at retail to make us think it’s something they would be interested in.

Mike W.
Regarding the X-Files Select line, is there anything planned now that the first series is out? I got the last set at my LCS and am enjoying the figures and their outstanding accessories. Mulder and Scully have been long overdue for 7″ scale figures. I’m sure you’ve heard the fans begging for classic versions of the figures to join the Season 10 versions. Any chance we’ll see something before the possible Season 11? If so, are you just looking at the core characters or are you also considering any of the “monsters of the week”? A Flukeman with a port-a-potty accessory would just about be the best thing ever!
As always, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions!

DSTChuck: There is ABSOLUTLY a CHANCE we will do some classic X-Files AF for Mulder and Scully.

Greg B.
At the San Diego comic com there was a bust of the Mask of the Phantasm unmasked. Was this an exclusive or will it be offered to the public in the future ? Also, any idea if Batgirl, Penguin and the Riddler will be released soon ?

DSTChuck: Unmasked Phantasm was a potential retailer or show exclusive. We are releasing one classic animated bust a month, so looks like those others would be in 2017, as all of 2016 and early 2017 are already planned.

Maxwell G.
Are there any plans to “reprint” the TWOK toys? They’d be instant buys. Unfortunatly second hand they’re going for well over $100.
Also a Star Trek III Tricorder and Communicator would be great to go with my new phaser!
The Tricorder from The Motion Picture would also make a great addition.
And I’m sure toy equipment from The Next Generation would fly off the shelves. The Tricorder specifically would be wonderful. An eBay seller already has perfect electronics for lights and sounds, if you get him onboard your job is half over!
If you can’t give anything close to specific answers to these numerous requests, I’d simply like to ask if reprints of out of production toys are likely and if you’re likely to continue to expand your line of Star Trek equipment toys.

DSTChuck: We do plan to continue forward with the ships and role-play items for Trek. As of now, I am not aware of any plans to go back and make more of the TWOK toys we made in the past.

Lor. L.
Has there been any consideration to do Star Trek action figures along the lines of the 6 inch Marvel Legends or Star Wars Series black? I’m not a fan of the diorama type figures you have now, though they are very nice looking, as I like many points of articulation to have the freedom to pose my figures however I want.
The two 6 inch lines Hasbro has offers a vast array of characters, and most have good sculpts while still being priced well. With the decades of Star Trek having so many beloved characters I would love to see more variety beyond the small repetitive handful of characters we have been getting. Especially if they offered more movement at affordable costs.

DSTChuck: I am sorry you are disappointed with the current Select Trek action figure line. Right now, we have no plans to start a new line, and if we did in the future I see little chance we would do it in 6” scale. Currently none of our lines are 6” scale.

Rick K
Love all your Batman 1966 stuff. Will we see a fighting statue Robin to go with Batman? Also can we get Penguin and Riddler statues to go with Joker and Catwoman? Would love to have the big 7 characters.
Any more banks planned? A Batphone maybe as a companion piece to the Shakespeare bank, or Riddler and Catwoman?
Thank you, and please keep Batman 1966 alive and going. I have bought every piece.

DSTChuck: I think if we Batman and Joker sell pretty well, we will continue the line. I don’t know if we will go 7 deep with the line, but I can tell you we would love to. And yes, we are releasing a Batphone bank.

Omar P.
Just saw on twitter that the Romulan Bird-of-Prey is coming up and that made think of other possible alien ships.
This one isnt really a ship but i think it would be something cool to have because i havent seen much merchandise made of it. The Doomsday Machine! Aka the planet killer.
I think it would be an easy “ship” to make and would have good opportunities for lights and effects because of the maw. And if you want to go nuts, have a tiny USS Constellation that hovers at the edge of the maw through tiny magnets.
So, what are the chances?

DSTChuck: Sorry, I do not think we have any plans at this time to work on a Doomsday machine.

Philip W.
Just wondering if a Klingon Battle Cruiser is in the works by Diamond Select?

DSTChuck: We have not committed to a ship past the Reliant.

Jeff S.
Hi all! I am a HUGE fan of the Marvel Gallery line (If you haven’t noticed LOL) and I was wondering, any plans on doing a similar DC line?

DSTChuck: Jeff, right now I think we will focus on the DC Animated Series line, but for sure we have not ruled out expanding that at some point.

Evan T.
I noticed that the TNG Type II Phaser that was slated for release in winter of this year no longer appears anywhere on the ship date list. Is it still in the pipeline?

DSTChuck: Evan, we are working on the electronics with the factory right now; as soon as we have a working sample from the factory we should be able to give everyone a reliable estimated on-sale date.

David G.
You made a newer version of the ‘star trek Enterprise’ NX-01 Enterprise.
Are you going to make a new version of the phase pistol & communicator kit?

DSTChuck: Sorry, we do not have any plans to re-release them at this time.

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