Ask DST #338: Minimates

It’s another Ask DST, with Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck, and he’s answering all of your questions about Minimates, those 2-inch mini-figures that have been capturing hearts and minds since 2002! This week there are questions about Marvel, TMNT, Stephen King, Power Rangers, rocket size, ham availability and Canada! Submit your own question in the drop-down form up top, or e-mail DSTChuck!

Adam S.
Hello Chuck. In the solicitations for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 MiniMates it looks like Rocket is going to be a larger articulated figure instead of more appropriately sized minifigure as was done before. Why the change? I’m disappointed in the inconsistency.

DSTChuck: I think the thinking was to just offer a new look for the character. I suppose whichever way we decided to go, just like last movie, some folks would prefer the other take. Sorry you are disappointed.

Joshua K.
Hello there, DSTChuck! I hope you’re doing well. Check, any plans to make Spider-Ham a Marvel MiniMate since you’re doing alternate versions of Spider-Man from the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series?

DSTChuck: No plans at this time, but it’s Spidey, and we love Spidey!

Frank P.
Hello again! First off let me say that the stuff at NYCC looks incredible and I am already throwing my money at my pre-orders! Also, really jazzed about the upcoming release of the Marvel Most Wanted wave.
My question is a quick one. With the upcoming release of two of Stephen Kings Classics on Celluloid, is there any chance of getting a Dark Tower or It set? I would settle for a box set of both if I can have Roland fight Pennywise!! Thanks again!!!

DSTChuck: I can say we have looked at Stephen King before, so we’ll just have to see what is possible.

Wes H.
I’m a sucker for old school Marvel MiniMates. The X-Men and Avengers sets are great! Ever since Alpha Flight I feel like asking for anything more would be greedy. But – and I know there’s no good time to do it – I’d love to see the original New Warriors. They’ll never have a movie and only me and like three-hundred other guys will buy them, but they’re so awesome!
Runaways would be super, too. But I’m not holding my breath. PS – Thank you for slipping in Nighthawk and Man-Thing in the last Walgreens set.

DSTChuck: I can honestly say I don’t think we have ever looked at the original New Warriors team, but I suppose never say never.

Ricky G.
Hello DST, I’m a big Power Rangers fan. There is a new Power Rangers film coming out in March of 2017. The trailer was released about a month ago. It has been getting positive reviews. I know I asked this question before “Will you guys be making Power Rangers Movie MiniMates?” But now I want to ask this. What would it take for you to make Power Rangers 2017 Movie MiniMates? Thank you for taking the time for reading this question. I’m looking forward to your response.

DSTChuck: Ricky, I think the Power Ranger license is pretty locked up by Bandai.

Jason Y.
Hello, I’ve been loving the work on the MiniMates franchise since the first few wave of Marvel MiniMates and very happy to see the expansion to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and other TV shows. I was hoping I can ask a few questions.
1. You guys released the comic based Ninja Turtles 4 pack last year. Are there any updates on possible plans to create a 2nd pack with villains and more good guys (Splinter, April, Casey Jones, Hamato Yoshi?)
2. I think the idea of having two different expressions on both sides of the MiniMate head was a brilliant idea. I don’t understand why it’s not used more often. Characters can benefit having different expression to choose from. Especially for MiniMates based on live action characters that often have different expressions between scenes. Is this a cost reason that it can’t be applied more often? Thanks!

DSTChuck: We’re working right now on plans for TMNT for the next year, so we’ll have to see what we’re going to release. Yes, there is additional cost on printing both sides of a head, and in some cases it would not be insignificant, but to be honest it’s not the primary reason we shy away from it. I still very much like to keep Minimates as simple as possible, even though they have gotten more and more intricate as time has passed.

Brandon D.
Is there any chance of seeing Typhoid Mary or Mockingbird MiniMates in the near future?

DSTChuck: I am sorry, neither are in the immediate plans.

Mark G.
Is there any chance at selling Marvel blind bags at Hot Topics? We don’t have Wal-Greens in Canada so it would be nice to have them at HT because we finally have those stores. Also, for some reason our Toys R Us’s do not carry MiniMates. Are there ways to get TRU Exclusives in Canada without having to go through other markets? Thank you!

DSTChuck: Mark, I am sorry – at times in the past we have sold to TRU Canada, and hopefully we can get back into that outlet. As for Hot Topic, I think our hope is the Alice and NBX continue to do well, so maybe they would be open to trying more properties. However, I do not think Marvel is high on their list. But that does not mean we will stop trying.

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