Ask DST #339: Batman, Star Trek and Ghostbusters!

It’s a new Ask DST, where Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck answers your questions about DST products! This week, Chuck is taking on all non-Marvel, non-Minimates questions, for a column we like to call “Miscellaneous”! From Batman to Ghostbusters, from Star Trek to Forbidden Planet, from Pulp Fiction to Universal Monsters, it’s a smorgasbord of geekery! Read on to see if your question has been asked, then submit it in the form up top, or e-mail DSTChuck!

Andy C.
Hi, any news on the follow up Robby Robot plan? I am sure it would be a great seller if released with a fairly accurate spec. Awaiting anxiously.

DSTChuck: Andy, we do have some products planned for Robby. The Vinimate is just the start.

Was just inquiring as to possibility of reissue of the Star Trek Enterprise Phase Pistol and the Communicator in the near future. Thanks.

DSTChuck: Sorry, right now that is not in the plans.

Looking forward to the new Batman busts…hoping that Shame, Archer and Minstrel will be added as those are the main three I want in addition to those you’re going to release. Maybe the other Mr. Freezes too? A few star trek ones would make good additions…how come no one makes Yarnek or Nomad? The original series Klingon pistol and the phaser seen in the Jeffrey Hunter pilot would be superb too. As for Forbidden Planet, how about the ship and the blaster? Please take another look at classic Outer Limits surely a plethora of monsters ripe for your making. And finally, how about some stuff from one of the finest US sci fi series – sadly forgotten it seems… they’re coming to make the Earth their world – yes its ‘The Invaders’ and only weary architects can stop them!!

DSTChuck: If the Batman 1966 bust continue to sell, then we’ll keep going. Right now we have not decided which character would be next after Season 3 Catwoman. We have also not decided which Trek role-play could come after the Cobra phaser, and we have no plans for role-play for Forbidden Planet.

Jeff S.
Have you good people given any thought to a line of Buffy figures/statues in the vein of the Marvel Gallery of Select lines? It seems there is a big void in that market right now. Thanks!!

DSTChuck: Jeff , right now we do not have plans to get back into the Buffy product lines. However, it’s something that we consider from time to time.

Adam H.
Dear DST, as part of its future license acquisitions, would DST even consider pursuing the Xena: Warrior Princess license? The TV series celebrated its 20th anniversary this year and although other 90s era pop culture phenomena have been regularly marketed to fans over the years, there has been a noticeable lack of new Xena: Warrior Princess merchandise. Given that DST already has an awesome Lucy Lawless head sculpt (sadly left-over from the D’Anna Biers / Number Three action figure that was never released as part of DST’s Battlestar Galactica line due to likeness licensing issues), you even have a head start (pun intended) on releasing a Xena: Warrior Princess action figure! Please give due consideration to sating the demands of all the hardcore, nutball Xenites around the world (and plenty of casual Xena fans as well) by releasing some new Xena: Warrior Princess merchandise for us to collect! Thank you.

DSTChuck: I do think we have considered it from time to time, however the timing has just not been right in our minds to jump in.

Andy N.
Hello there! I’ve been waiting for the Pulp Fiction Diamond Select figures ever since seeing the prototypes at Chicago C2E2 a couple of years ago. Will they ever be a reality? I will buy all the figures! Thanks for your time. I’m sure you get annoying questions like this daily.

DSTChuck: Andy, work is still ongoing with Kill Bill AND Pulp Fiction. Progress is being made, and we hope to have something for fans soon.

James C.
Love your DC Animated Femme Fatales line so much! Amazing sculpts and beautifully painted! Please, please, please, do a B:TAS Rene Montoya and Lois Lane from Superman. No collections of women from these shows would be complete without them! (Also, maybe Red Claw from B:TAS too when you run out of options) Please, I’ll preorder! My case for Montoya is that she is one of five original characters that came from Batman: The Animated Series, and has become very popular. She represents a big part of the B:TAS universe (The GCPD) and it would be amazing to have a Latino character in your collection. My case for Lois is a little simpler, A: She’s Lois Lane. Do a cute pose with her note pad and Daily Planet pen with her purple blazer and short white skirt and there you go! B: Look at the fantastic reaction the Superman / Lois figure two-pack got that was announced recently, there is definite demand. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

DSTChuck: Glad you like them. It’s been so much fun to work on all those TAS lines. As long as they keep selling, for sure we’re going to go deeper into the shows. All those shows have very deep casts of characters.

Louis M.
Why weren’t the Series 3 and 4 Madballs ever released?

DSTChuck: I think that was near the end of the Play Along & Art Asylum partnership, and the line did not do as well as they had hoped.

Eric V.
I love your Diamond Select Toys Batman: The Animated Series Gallery PVC Figures! Any chance that you’ll release a (Dick Grayson) Robin figure?

DSTChuck: I cannot imagine we will NOT do a Robin Gallery figure!

Joshua P.
Hello! Thank you for answering my last question. I was curious if you had any plans to bring any of the Borg ships to the Starship legends line? I feel that both the Cube and the Sphere would both make good additions to the line.

DSTChuck: We have talked about it, the issue is with scale as well as how exactly we would execute the cube. For sure, it has not been ruled out.

Patrick J.
Your most recent Jean St. Jean articulated Universal Monsters figures are spectacular. Is there any way possible to get a Frankenstein and a Bela Lugosi Dracula made for the same line? I would really like to complete the collection. Thanks!

DSTChuck: Right now the line is on hold, while Universal figures out the direction they want to go with all the new movies they have planned.

Declan M.
Hi DST – I am absolutely loving your work with the Ghostbusters Select so far. Do you have any updates on Marshmallow Egon and Winston to go with Ray and Peter? And will GITD Gamestop Slimer get a wider release? Thank you guys. Decky

DSTChuck: I would imagine the GID Slimer will remain a GameStop exclusive. As for the remaining Marshmallow figures, we are working with some retailers and ideas for those right now.

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