Ask DST #340: Marvel Select!

This week, as we bask in the afterglow of our latest Marvel Select action figure announcement, and count down the days until the next one, Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck is taking your questions about the Marvel Select line! From new character suggestions to re-release questions to exclusive inquiries, all aspects of the MS line are covered, and DSTChuck does his best to answer! Read on for the info, then submit your own question in the form above, or e-mail DSTChuck!

Justin A.
Hello DST, I have a question and suggestion for you guys about the Marvel Select line. My question being which comic book based Marvel Selects are we gonna be seeing in 2017 and will we have more big characters such as A-Bomb, Skaar, maybe even Doc Sampson, etc.? Also, I was wondering would you guys be able to re-release Ultimate Thor to the fans who did not get it when it came out and still can’t now? I have suggestions for other characters and I would like to present them to you guys if you guys so choose to know. I’m a big fan of that line and I would like to see more characters from the comics just like the other fans want as well. Thanks so much DST.

DSTChuck: Those three are not on the list for 2017 – sorry. We just announced a MU character to kick off 2017 (Lady Deadpool), and even though there are three huge movies in 2017, we do have more comic figures planned. We keep in constant touch with sales to see which past figures might make sense for a re-run. Very few have been ruled out, and most of those are simply due to cost.

Mike W.
Greetings! I was wondering if you were planning any Marvel Selects for the upcoming Logan (Wolverine 3) movie? Thanks for taking the time to answer questions!

DSTChuck: Sorry, we have no plans at this time for products based on the 2017 Fox movies.

Ryan H.
Will we see more X-Men? I mean, I know they aren’t in the Avengers universe now-a-days but come on… we still love them. I could make a list but frankly I’ll be excited for any X-Men (or villain) release. coughcoughbeast cough. From what I can tell, Cable was the last one and that was forever ago (zombies don’t count).

DSTChuck: For sure the X-Men have not been ruled out, I suppose it just has not lined up since Cable.

Michael G.
Would it ever be possible to get a Death’s Head figure done in your diamond select 7-9 inch line? He’s never gotten a proper figure and he’s long overdue. Personally, I believe a retool of your upcoming Odin the Destroyer would be PERFECT for him.

DSTChuck: It has never been discussed, but of course we like to say never say never.

Hi Chuck, during last few years the marvel select line improved tremendously. I want to thank you for that a lot. I’m a big fan of marvel select figures. Especially on marvel’s cinematic universe line. I know that you are restricted by amount of movie figures per year. So the next years makes me nervous, cause there would be so many marvel movies and you are allowed to issue only 4-6 figures per year.
1) So is there any chance that we can get more movie figures than usually? GoTG2 movie deserves at least 5 main characters (maybe you can extend licenses?). I know that will cost a lot of money, but movie figures are sold out very fast so it won’t be a problem. I think the lack of characters from movies prevents many collectors to start collecting MS figures. For me it was the reason to start making marvel select scale custom figures myself, but a lot of people just can’t do it. Hope you will manage it in future.
2) Can you at least tell the amount of upcoming movie figures per movie for next year? How many figures will be there for GoTG2, Spider-man Homecoming and Thor movies? For example, two for GOTG, one for Spider-man and one for Ragnarok. I dream that there would be five GOTG2 figures, one Spidey and no Ragnarok figures (since there been a lot of Hulk and Thor figures in the past), but it’s only my dream.
3) A lot of Marvel Select fans were complaining about scales of different figures in both comics and MCU lines. For example, Civil War Iron Man was too short and Carnage was too big. Why does it happen? Those figures are so good from different aspects, but scale-wise they just don’t fit to the line. Can you please ask sculptors to make figures more scale accurate in future? Thank you a lot again. Cheers.

DSTChuck: Thanks for the support.
1. Our license is set as it is, and we’re happy to be able to do what we are able to do. Movies like GOTG and Avengers will make it pretty much impossible for us to do every figure.
2. We need to keep our plans pretty fluid because of several factors, but I can confirm we have figures for all three planned.
3. Lots of planning goes into the sizing of the Select figures across all the lines. Marvel is pretty much just done by Gentle Giant and Jean St. Jean. I will agree some errors have been made, and that could be for a variety of reasons. It’s not our intent, and when it happens we look into it and take steps to stop it from happening again. In the case of Carnage, I believe a good bit of it was fans memory or thoughts of the size of Carnage not matching the 6-foot-7” listing in the official Marvel guide. Also, lots of artist draw characters all different sizes.

Please re-release Rhino Marvel Select!!!!

DSTChuck: Our sales guys are keeping an eye on that and several other past figures.

Dan O.
Any chance of a Cloak and Dagger re-release sometime in the future?

DSTChuck: See above.

Edward C.
Hi Chuck. Big fan of Diamond Select Toys, especially Marvel and Ghostbusters selects. Always wanted an original Ironman Mark I suit. Any chance of that happening?
Also, there are some older (classic) Selects out there like Agent Venom, Iron Spiderman, and Mephisto that go for an arm and a leg from 3rd party sellers. Any chance classics like those will be rereleased? Really appreciate that DST has done that with Venom, Carnage, and Cable, giving the fans a second chance to get them.

DSTChuck: Right now, we have no plans for a Mark 1 Iron Man – but to many collectors’ angst, we are not shy about making Iron Man.

Matthew W.
Hello! I am a big fan of your movie marvel select figures and was wondering if you will be doing any marvel select figures based on the upcoming Spider-Man Homecoming movie? Thankyou!

DSTChuck: YES!

Luke W.
You all are doing amazing work and just keep it up! My series of questions will be going from figures released in the past to questions about possible figures for the future.
1. Is there a chance to see a Mephisto re-release?
2. And is there a chance for a re-release of Moon Knight?
3. Have there been any discussions or a possibility for Gladiator?
4. With the upcoming release of Thor Ragnorack; it’s not so much about the movie based version of the character but is there a chance that we could see some kind of version of Executioner?
5. Also with Spider-Man Homecoming on the way, I know we will at least see a MCU Spider-Man with the possibility of one of the antagonist. My question will be a lot like the previous one but is there a possibility of seeing a comic version of the Vulture?
6. I know this question probably cannot be answered but what can we expect from the different exclusives this year? I guess for example, we saw Captain America Civil War, then we saw an unmasked Cap’t and so many other from different exclusives.

DSTChuck: For #1 & #2, we’ll see
3. Not at this time.
4. Not at this time.
5. Not at this time.
6. You are correct, we are not ready to announce any of the exclusives at this time.

Jose F.
Hi DST, is there any possibility of having in the future a comic version of war machine, black bolt, apocalypse, hulk planet hulk version or some new version of Deadpool. On the other hand, is there any possibility of having a hulk with interchangeable hands? Thank you.

DSTChuck: I think something on that list could be very possible for 2017.

Jose V.
Now that they release the figure of Lady Deadpool is there the possibility of making a new Deadpool with a new mold?

DSTChuck: There are no plans at this time.

Rodney H.
Hey DST Chuck, I have a question that is also a suggestion. As usual, love what you guys have coming down the pipe line with Odin Destroyer!!! Especially the classic look of what Odin looked like with the Destroyer armor on when he went up against Galactus. So here is my suggestion, I wanted to know if this was anything that maybe you guys would be open to, you guys have a huge Marvel Select fans including myself. Excuse me if I get this wrong, but you can only put out 9 marvel select figures a year, and we know that you have to give at least 2 or 3 slots to be movie figures. How about one figure out of batch being voted on by Marvel Select fans on which figure they would like to have produced before the year is done, and which every figure ends up with the highest percentage of votes that one figure by made. Since we are asking you all the time anyway about if there is a possibility for this and that figure to be made anyway. Well, thanks for taking the time to answer my question Chuck, sorry it was so long. Keep up the amazing work!!!

DSTChuck: Rodney, I am sorry but I do not see something like that in the plans. There are too many factors involved. Even if we went the route of “pick one from a pre-set list of characters,” one of the biggest issues is there is no real way to get a poll that would cover a good selection of potential fans.

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