Ask DST #341: Minimates

It’s a new Ask DST, and it’s a big one! This colossal column, in which your questions are answered by Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck, is all about the massive Minimates line! From Marvel to DC, from Aliens to Beetlejuice, many of our biggest licenses are covered here! Read on for answers, then think up more questions and submit them in the form up top! Or e-mail DSTChuck!

Deven G.
Hey Chuck! I first want to say I am a huge fan of your Marvel MiniMates line and am always so excited to see what is coming next. I know that pleasing every fan is impossible and there are so many awesome characters to choose from in the Marvel universe, but I thought I would ask if there were any plans/discussions for a few of my favorites. They are Spiral, The Stepford Cuckoos, Medusa and Misty Knight. Thank you!

DSTChuck: Glad to have you as a fan. Spiral will be in Series 72, but none of the other ones you list here are in the plans at this time.

Kermit F.
Now that you’ve announced you have the license for Forbidden Planet, and shown your Robbie the Robot ViniMate, will we be getting Forbidden Planet MiniMates?? I need a Robbie the Robot MiniMate and would buy all the MiniMates you could make from this series, the entire cast and Robbie’s robot car!

DSTChuck: There is a very high likelihood you will see more Robbie products from us, including Minimates.

Joe H.
Now that you guys made my inner child so happy by announcing the Beetlejuice license, I was wondering if we will see any concept art of the Beetlejuice MiniMate line by the end of the year? I’m very much looking forward to miniature versions of the Maitlands! I’m already loving the Beetlejuice and Lydia ViniMates shown at NYCC. Thanks!

DSTChuck: Joe, I am not sure how many more Minimates we’ll be showing by the end of the year, considering it’s already into December. But we will start talking about what we want to show at February’s New York Toy Fair pretty soon.

Joe X.
First off, I want to say, Diamond Select is easily my favorite toy company. MiniMates are at the center of my expansive collection, so thank you for releasing some terrific items. First question, will you be releasing MiniMates of the Watchmen? I love the ViniMates shown, and I’m positive MiniMates would be a huge hit! Second question, any chance you’ll be looking into a Power Rangers license? With the new movie coming out, I bet there’d be a market. If so, PLEASE give us some Mighty Morphin’ MiniMates! Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions!

DSTChuck: Thanks so much for the support. I think I can say there is a good chance that properties you see as Vinimates could also be Minimates, but on the other hand I will say there are some deals we have for Vinimates that do NOT include Minimates. Hopefully we’ll have some new stuff to show soon, but we’re not in a rush – no reason to rush with all we have going on. Right now, we have no products planned for Power Rangers.

Isaac G.
Just wondering, since you guys have the licensing rights to Gotham, have you tried going after Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl? I know a lot of people would love DC MiniMates. Even if it’s just the TV shows. Secondly, I see there’s Watchmen ViniMates, any chance we get Watchmen MiniMates? Third and finally, are we getting a Select Netflix Daredevil?

DSTChuck: We constantly talk to our licensing partners, and that includes WB. If they are open to expanding what we do together, we certainly are, too. That goes for Marvel/Netflix too, we’ve just started to get things going with Netflix, so we’ll have to see where it goes.

Kostis F.
Hey there! I’ve got to say, between Waves 68, 69 and now the newly announced 72, we’re getting a ton of requested figs and I’m loving it! Thing is, we don’t see many modern stuff these days, so, my question is: With NOW! Magneto appearing in the TRU Wave that aligns with 72, is a NOW! Uncanny X-Men 4-Pack possible? It’d just need to feature Cyclops, Emma Frost, Magik and NOW! Magneto but in his white costume. The costumes were around for a long time, and they’re still in effect for Cyclops and Emma.

DSTChuck: Kostis, as I tell everyone, if I do a batch of current stuff, like the foil-bagged NOW wave that’s out right now, then folks will want classic or movie or TV stuff… I do think some newer looks would be fun to do soon, but we’ll see how it works out next year.

Brandon D.
With the 25th anniversary of the beloved X-Men Animated Series coming in 2017, and the recent working relationship with Fox properties (I assume they still hold some rights over that series) such as Gotham, X-Files, and 24, do you foresee any chance of releasing mates based on the designs of that show? It would be a great way to redo some dated and highly sought-after MiniMates of 90’s X-Men which have skyrocketed on the second market, and I know for one I’d love to see your take on them. I’ve loved the streamlined style of the Disney XD animated mates of the past few years. Also, any plans for future Mass Effect MiniMates, especially with Andromeda looming in 2017?

DSTChuck: I don’t think we have ever gone down the path to see what it would take to produce product based on the X-Men animated series. As for Mass Effect – we have no plans right now to go down that path again.

Aaron K.
Hey guys, so I just finished watching the classic John Carpenters The thing for the, I dunno, 20th time now since scream factory just released their awesome collector’s edition and I’ve been wondering, since you guys have been releasing old 80’s classic sci-fi movies over the past few years like alien and predator have you had any thought of doing any MiniMates for The Thing? Like you could do the whole crew and variant versions of all of them in either cold gear or frostbite, the dog, big sets with the thing itself, and even vehicles for the helicopter with the Norwegian guy and maybe a snowmobile. To be honest I would buy the s*&it out of all of that so I just thought I’d ask and see if you had any plans for it in the future. Keep up all your awesome stuff you guys do and before I forget #bringbackwalkingdeadmates.

DSTChuck: We have not looked into that movie yet, but never say never.

Phil C.
Hello DST! When planning your next Marvel “Best of” Series, may I please put in a request for Juggernaut and Apocalypse? The bulked-up Juggernaut and Wave 62 Apocalypse, specifically, obviously slightly re-decoed. I never even saw Apocalypse locally, and these two figures are very eBayxpensive and I’d like to add these characters to my shelf! Also, while I’m writing about re-releases, I would love to see the X-Mansion pieces from MS Marvel Girl re-offered in some way! Thanks for the fun!

DSTChuck: Right now we are not planning our next Best of, so we’ll have to see.

Brandon D.
Will we ever see a Typhoid Mary MiniMate in the near future? Or maybe even Adventure Time?

DSTChuck: We have no plans at this time for products based on Adventure Time. But that other one sounds like an interesting idea!

Hey again! Marvel MiniMates series 68/69/72 are the most recent sets that get me excited. Classic Falcon and Black Knight are BEAUTIFUL. I’ve been reading comics all my life and possess a huge collection of single issues and collections. The MiniMates I enjoy the most are ones that I have collected editions of and of those, it’s the classic characters that get me the most excited. You’re talking to the guy who Kampaigned the hardest for Kang and now has a dozen of him. Duplicates are great! Every year a few more most-wanted get checked off the list and with 2016 coming to a close I’m wondering if there’s been any consideration about a set featuring the classic Inhumans? They’d translate so well, being colorful and unique designs by Jack Kirby and fit perfectly with existing figures. We’ve had Black Bolt and Lockjaw since 2010. Don’t you guys think it’s past time to showcase the Royal Family? Medusa, Crystsal, Karnak, Gorgon, Triton and Maximus are dying to be made! Throw in an Alpha Primitive army-builder re-release Bolt and Lockjaw with slightly and altered paint to set them apart from earlier releases and you’ve got an instant winner!
PS – Sif and Balder look awfully lonely. How’s about a classic Warriors Three and bulked-up Destroyer to keep ’em company? Thanks again!

DSTChuck: HEY! Right now we do not have the Warriors Three or Inhumans planned, but never say never, and 2017 is not all set yet.

Kevin S.
With the Marvel Netflix shows getting a 4 pack per season (it seems), what are the chances we’ll soon see MiniMates based on Agents of Shield?? The MCU is fully represented in MiniMate form EXCEPT for AoS. That show has steadily increased in quality and, even though viewership is flat, has a very dedicated fan base. I mean, who doesn’t want an MCU Ghost Rider???! I know you’ve been asked this before, but I thought I should add my voice to the throngs wanting this to happen! Thanks!

DSTChuck: AoS has been discussed, so it’s very possible it will happen, but it’s not set in stone at this time.

John V.
Hey, gang! I’m a huge fan of the MiniMates line, especially the Aliens property. I was wondering what the possibility is of ever seeing the Dropship from Aliens made into MiniMates form? I already own 4 of the APCs (which are, honestly, just the coolest vehicle you’ve made yet!). Thank you!

DSTChuck: The vehicles for Aliens are fun to do, but the sales have only been so-so, if they prove over time they will sell, we’ll keep going as long as fans will support them.

Marcus M.
Hello, DST. With the success it has had this year, I was wondering if you guys would consider making Stranger Things MiniMates? I know you guys could pull it off and I’m sure there could be some interest for these seeing how Funko is making their own vinyl figures. You guys partnered with Netflix before with Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones (even though those were under the Marvel brand) but I just wanted to know if there is a probability of this happening or if there’s any fans among your company.

DSTChuck: That show is great – there are no plans in the works, but for sure it’s been something we have discussed.

Johnny W.
Hi, a few quick questions and comments!
-I really LOVE the addition of vehicles in the Alien line and have been buying APC’s as much as I can to support the format/brand, do you have any release date or window that you can give us for the Dropship? As well as any info on future vehicles?
– Also is there any chance of getting the Buffy license? I would kill for a Buffy line!
– Finally is there any possibility or word on getting an accompanying Spider-Man wave? I know you might not be able to do a straight up Homecoming Wave but maybe something like the upcoming Wolverine wave (which looks great by the way).

DSTChuck: Johnny, we’re going one at a time with the vehicles. Right now we do not have the Buffy license – we’ve talked about it, but there are no plans at this time. We will absolutely have Spidey Minimates in 2017.

Michael R.
Hi my name is Michael and I am a big fan of your Godzilla-related products! I recently started taking interest in your Godzilla MiniMates line (great by the way). I heard news that the recently released 3rd box set is going to be the very last set!? Is this in fact true? I really hope not because I have, like so many other Godzilla fans, come to love and enjoy the figure sets! I have been reading things a lot lately that said there was even a King Ghidorah prototype? If this is in fact true, can you say why, and if you’d ever do more? I keep reading that people were really hoping for an Anguirus, Ghidorah, Gorosaurus, etc. Any info you have is appreciated, thank you!

DSTChuck: Unfortunately, what you heard is correct – right now we do not have any new Godzilla sets planned, but never say never.

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