Ask DST #342: DC, Ghostbusters, Star Trek and More!

It’s time for another installment of Ask DST with DSTChuck, the president of Diamond Select Toys! This week, the prez is answering your questions about a variety of lines, including Ghostbusters, DC Animated Universe, Star Trek, Mallrats, Muppets and more, as well as fielding questions about potential licenses! New York Toy Fair is in February, so you may get some more information there, but read on to see what Chuck is at liberty to say, and fill out the form above to ask your own question! Or e-mail him!

Paul R.
Have all the deluxe Ghostbusters because of that great base! Cases have been coming with 2 of each figure. How will you pack series 5 with the Terror Dogs? Or will those be super hard to find as they will be outnumbered by the ghosts 2 to 1?
Any plans beyond series 5?
Any news on the 1/18 Ecto-1? (Boy I wish it was closer to 1/12 scale)

DSTChuck: Paul, thanks for the support. All the cases of Ghostbusters will remain even packed, so there will be two of each ghost and two of the terror dog (remember, they are identical, although each comes with alternate horns). If we end up with more need for Terror Dogs, we can always go back and make more of them. YES, there are plans for more GB figures after series 5, but there are no plans to change the scale of our vehicles.

Eric V.
Is there any chance that you’ll release a Robin full body statue from Batman: The Animated Series? I have Batman and Batgirl and I’m starting to collect all the other Diamond Select Toys Batman: The Animated Series PVC Figures. I’d love to see Robin in my collection! Thanks!

DSTChuck: Eric, we have planned PVC figures for the animated series all the way thorough 2017, so lots of new characters coming in.

Justin H.
Has DST looked in into the Monty Python and the Holy Grail license? It seems like a natural fit for DST’s current product catalogue, and I would be all in for all of it.
– Select Figures (the Knights, Tim the enchanter, Patsy, Knights who say Ni!….plenty of character selection)
– MiniMates (easily 5-6 boxsets or 2-3 waves)
– ViniMates of all of the knights in galloping poses.
– Bottle Openers, who wouldn’t want a Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch opener?
– Vinyl Banks: Trojan Rabbit!
– Statues: Nobody has made nice quality statues of MP yet. Terry Gilliam’s amazing animations would translate so well to statues.
This seems like a natural fit.

DSTChuck: Justin, we did some Python action figures in the past, but for now we are not planning on going back into that license. Great, fun property though!

Conor B.
I’ve always been a huge fan of the show Lost and was wondering if you would be interested in producing a line of Select figures? Thanks.

DSTChuck: Sorry, Conor, we have no plans right now to pursue the Lost license.

Dan D.
Is DST open to making the same caliber of models for video game franchises? Specifically, I would love to see models from the Homeworld series (developed by Relic, now under the ownership of Gearbox Software) as well as Mass Effect. I think those two series would sell very well.

DSTChuck: Dan, we don’t usually gravitate to video game properties, but every time I say that we do a new video game property. Right now, however, we have no plans for either of those properties.

Huston P.
So, I apologize upfront for this question. The amazing work that you do makes me wonder if there is any chance you all are looking at doing Select figures for lines like from the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean movie or Star Wars? I think it would be tragic if we never see these lines get the select treatment and the demand is definitely there. I know there are licensing hurdles to cross but I do think you all have the ability to really do some amazing work that would make collectors very happy. I know I would be happy!

DSTChuck: No reason to apologize! There are so many properties out there we would love to do, and yes, something like Star Wars is out of our reach due to the fact that it’s just a huge property handled by a huge toy company. Some other stuff, like we’ve done in the past and maybe like Pirates, could be possible if everything lines up correctly.

Patrick K.
Thank you for your beautiful Batman 66 Shakespeare Bust Bank, but I had a question…why did you decide on the Batmobile red phone Bust Bank over the more famous red phone most fans were hoping for? The real red phone goes so much better as a companion piece to the Shakespeare. Please make that red phone Bank Bust. Our desks just won’t look complete without that red phone. Thank you.

DSTChuck: Glad you are looking forward to the Shakespeare piece. Yes, it’s very true the phone in Gordon’s office is very iconic and we did think long and hard about it… the thing is the plastic/glass case that goes over the phone would be VERY expensive to produce, and the price we would have to charge would not be perceived as a good value by consumers – i.e. it would not seem fair to charge the same for that as for the massive Shakespeare bank. So, since we had to do a phone (at that time we thought we did), we picked that one since it had a pretty cool design.

Peter V.
Could you make a Muppets Select figure of Sam the Eagle with eyes that can move left and right with a dial at the back of his head (like the old eagle eyes Action Man, and Neca’s poseable eyes Gizmo Gremlins figure)?

DSTChuck: Interesting idea, but I am sorry, we are not planning on going that direction.

Jonathan C.
Will you be doing a lot more of the male characters in your DC Animated Universe PVC Gallery Line in the future? Series Examples are: Batman The Animated Series, Superman The Animated Series, The New Batman Adventures, Batman Beyond and Justice League Unlimited. Also, how many of the DC Animated Universe PVC Gallery line and Femme Fatales do you plan to make? I really hope it’s more, or at the very least as many as you have already made for your Bust line of the DC Animated Universe.

DSTChuck: Jonathan, we have planned about one piece a month all the way through 2017. IF sales hold, we’ll decide about half way through the year to see how much deeper we can go.

Ian L.
Are there any plans to bring Mister Freeze to the Batman Animated Bust lineup? I love these busts, but my collection will feel forever unfinished without him!

DSTChuck: For sure! We agree!

Casey C.
One, is there any chance we will see the Mallrats figures before Christmas?
Two, will there be a Yoga Hosers select figure line? With the MiniMates line coming soon, I feel like Yoga Hosers is RIPE for action figures. I can see a Guy Lapointe figure, the Colleens obviously, and possibly Ralph Garman’s character. I don’t know, just an idea.

DSTChuck: Casey, the Mallrats figures have been shipped from our factory, but I am not sure they will make Christmas. Right now, we’re not sure how deep we’ll go with Yoga Hosers, but I don’t think a Select line is in the future.

Andrew P.
I was wondering if there are any plans to do new runs of the Enterprise A and Enterprise E. Thanks for your time.

DSTChuck: We are constantly talking to sales about items like that and if they see demand we’ll go forward with new production runs.

Justin L.
Hi. Do you guys maybe have any plans for From Dusk Till Dawn? Especially the series that just aired?

DSTChuck: That was a GREAT movie and could be very cool for figures. We have no plans at this time, but never say never.

Christopher S.
Hi, just wondering if you will be producing any Kong: Skull Island movie products? Thanks in advance. Christopher

DSTChuck: Sorry, no, we are not scheduled to make product for that movie.

Richard M.
I really appreciate you taking the time to answer questions. I didn’t see this question asked and if it has, please ignore it. What is the feasibility of getting a custom name and registry for a starship? I understand that it would be even more of a niche market but I would buy several versions of the federation ships if we were given the option of customizing it. The sounds and lights for the ships wouldn’t need to be changed just the registry on the ship. Thank you for your time!

DSTChuck: Richard, I think that has been asked from time to time. We discussed it a little internally, but for now we have no plans for something like that.

Vladi V.
Hello DST. First of all, I want to say thank you for the figures of Ghostbusters based on the first movie. I used to think that the best figures that was released by Mattell will not be, but you have me pleasantly surprised.
Will we see in the next year a series of figures from the second movie of Ghostbusters? That would be great, because the second film includes more ghosts, such as the famous Brothers Skalleri and Vigo if they will be released, what Diorama awaits us in the second line? Will it be a museum building with the painting of Vigo or Firehouse of Ghostbusters?
Kind regards, Vladi

DSTChuck: We are planning on going past Series 5, but for now I am not allowed to give details – maybe at Toy Fair in February, we’ll see how it goes.

Ross P.
Will you make USS Voyager, more Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian and Dominion ships?

DSTChuck: Time will tell!

Hi my names Andrea. I just love your pony banks and have them all so far. I was wondering will you guys be continuing them? (I hope so) If so, any hints on who’s coming after Trixie and DJ? Also, when will Trixie be shipping? I’m so excited to have her! Thanks!

DSTChuck: Sorry, I think we are done with MLP. It’s been a great time, but I think this is it for us. Glad you liked them. We will not be going forward with the Trixie and DJ banks, sorry.

Cason P.
I’ve collected toys all my life. I check multiple online sources daily. Flipping through Previews has been a monthly ritual for the majority of my life. In other words, I keep up with things. And yet, Diamond Select exclusives keep popping up that I’ve never heard of. I learned of the grayscale animated Catwoman through Newbury comics months after the fact. I can never be certain what will show up at Barnes and Noble in summer. Today I learned that Gamestop carries a glow-in-the-dark Slimer figure. So, my question to Ask DST is… how are we supposed to know where to find your great products? Is it the retailers’ responsibility to issue a press release, and some aren’t? Can’t Diamond release an occasional list of what retailers carry exclusive products? I apologize if I sound short, but I hate to think I missed something simply because a smaller venue had a hard time getting the word out. Thanks.

DSTChuck: Carson, each customer has their own rules for how we are allowed to promote their item. That said, I’ll check with Zach to make sure he promotes all exclusives on our socials, even if we have to wait until they are on sale to do so. However, you will not find them in Previews, as that is a published for comic stores to order from Diamond, so a Barnes & Noble or Newbury exclusive will not be in there.

Maelstrom J.
Interested by your brief response to my query. Curious about your answer to my reference to phasers and blasters when you refer to cosplay. Do you always make items with costume players in mind? What about those of us who simply like to display the items we purchase? Buy a Robbie robot to stand on a shelf for example and it’s nice to get the ship and the blaster to go with him.

DSTChuck: While we know that if we make a very nice replica there is a chance a cosplayer will buy it (Like the BTTF hat), we do not count on that. We look at the overall market. We are also aware that some cosplayers out there like to make their entire outfits from scratch and do an amazing job.

Jonathan C.
I love your Diamond Select Toys Batman: The Animated Series Gallery PVC Figures! Amazing sculpts and beautifully painted! Any chance that you’ll release a Batgirl and a Roxy Rocket from The New Batman Adventures as figures? Please, please, please, also do a Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (Andrea Beaumont) and a Lois Lane from Superman: The Animated Series. No collections of women from these shows would be truly complete without them! Thanks for taking the time to read this.

DSTChuck: Jonathan, thanks for the support. I think doing all of those could be difficult, BUT if the line keeps selling I don’t see why not! One is already planned!

Gus B.
Will you be releasing more 7 inch figures from mallrats? Like Brandi and TS, or even LaFours, Mr. Svenning, and Shannon? Thanks!

DSTChuck: Gus, just the four for now, but if they sell we have sketched out plans for a couple more series – so we’ll see.

Raf A.
Oi, greetings from Australia! Massive fan of your work and eagerly waiting to see what you have prepared for GotG Vol.2. Any ideas of when we’ll be able to see anything?
Also, have you guys ever considered movie properties such as Gladiator, From dusk till dawn, James Bond, Mad Max, Back to the future (characters), any Clint Eastwood film?
Or maybe Crocodile Dundee? ;)

DSTChuck: We’ve already announced the Minimates, and we are about to announce the Select figures! We should be showing both at Toy Fair hopefully. We’ve looked at some of them, we’ll have to see.

Andy- Hi, I know it’s been asked many times but we are still waiting for any forthcoming news. Any sign of a Robby the Robot figure to go with your wonderful Lost in Space B9? We all know it would be a great seller! Many thanks.
DST CHUCK- We just showed the FP Minimate 2pk and hopefully there is more to come!

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