Ask DST #343: Marvel Mania!

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It’s the first Ask DST of 2017, and it’s one of our biggest yet! Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck is fielding your questions about Marvel Select action figures, Marvel Gallery PVC figures, Marvel Retro Cloth figures AND Marvel Model Kits (phew!), and the answers are a mix of joy and sadness – just like 2016 was! Tune in next week for the Minimates Q&A, and submit your questions to DSTChuck in the drop-down form up top, or e-mail him!
Alex R.
Is there going to be a Marvel Select Spider-Man: Homecoming figurine?

DSTCHUCK: Yes, we will be making a Spider-Man from the new movie.

Mike M.
The upcoming Gwenpool figure is quite disappointing. The Gurihiru version from the comics is physically quite different. The character is cute. Why your figure has large breasts and ripped biceps is a mystery. This is a popular female character that shouldn’t need to be over specialized to sell. And it’s disappointing to fans like myself who won’t purchase this because I don’t want to display what appears to be an old-fashioned idea of what a female ‘super hero’ should be. I guess I should be glad you didn’t remove more of her clothing.

DSTCHUCK: Mike, I am sorry you are disappointed in the prototype figure, hopefully you will like the final product. If not, maybe a future figure in the line will be to your liking.

Lou R.
Hi! Is there any chance of Marvel Select making a new comic-style Daredevil, Netflix Daredevil, or any versions of Luke Cage and Iron Fist?

DSTCHUCK: I think we are still looking at the NetFlix situation. So far we’ve expanded to include Minimates and Gallery, so we’ll have to see about Select. Right now, we have no plans for a new comic Select version of Deadpool.

Dan L.
Any chance that you will re-release the Marvel Select Rhino action Figure? Thanks for your time.

DSTCHUCK: It has been considered, I do not think it will happen in 2017, our plate is pretty full, but never say never.

Jem H.
Are there any plans for an agent venom reissue or any other symbiote figure?

DSTCHUCK: We have already re-run the Carnage and Venom figures, and Agent Venom is back on the Disney Store site now. Most times when they are done with a figure they allow us to release the figure wide for customers that were not able to get them online or in their stores.

Adam M.
I was just wondering since the new Wolverine movie is coming, would there be any plans for doing a figure for it? I know you did ones for the other movies.

DSTCHUCK: Sorry, for the time being we have no plans for products based on the Fox movies.

Mike D.
Is there any chance that you guys will make a 616 classic Vision , Falcon with Redwing, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Kang, or the real Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers)? I like the classics and I know I am not alone.

DSTCHUCK: Sure, but we just did a Falcon figure very recently, so not for a while for him.

Michael D.
Hello DST crew, I think you guys are awesome! I’ve been a big action figure collector since I knew about action figures, mostly Marvel. I used to only look for Marvel Legends until Toybiz stopped producing them, I think the new ones are crap. After I discovered the Select series it has pretty much been all that I shop for, even expanded out of the Marvel Universe and buying the full Clerks set. Anyways, I was just wondering if you were planning more products in the Marvel Select Zombies series. The hero series doesn’t really sell for less than sixty out of package, and then there’s the whole stress you get from eBay. I have Sabertooth and Magneto and would really love to be able to collect more, I was honestly expecting a third in the villains series like you did for the heroes. So yeah, I’m really just asking if you plan on re-releasing any of the initial series or if you plan on making more in general. You guys rock! Super excited for the Doctor Strange movie version, I pre-ordered that back in July. Sorry for the rambling.

DSTCHUCK: We have no plans for any Zombie heroes, but for sure Villains enter our thought process all the time.

Drew T.
What is DST’s plan for Retro Mego Marvel 8″ figure sets going forward into 2017? Will 2017 New York Toy Fair reveal the future of the Line or will we get news before that? The $80 set format restriction limits the Marvel characters that can be done like Hulk and Bruce Banner and Fantastic 4 or characters without Secret ID’S or different costumes. I hope a new license structure can be worked out with Disney and Marvel for single figures $30 or less than line would be limitless! Many mighty Mego Marvels left to do!

DSTCHUCK: The idea of making a single figure for a retail of as you suggest 30.00 is not possible and I would not see that changing. The 80.00 set is pretty much the only way possible to produce these figures. Right now we are working on a couple more sets.

Vladi V.
Hello, DST. I’m a big fan of your products based on movies. I’m not a fan of comic books, and therefore I collect only movie lines. First of all, I would like to say thank you for the line of figures Marvel movies and Ghostbusters, based on the films. I was able to collect almost all of them.
I would like to ask you an interesting question, are you ready?
What happened to the line of the X-Men movies? I know over the years you have done a great job of creating a line of X-Men comic book series. And only in 2013 was a first figure of the series X-Men from the films – Wolverine. In 2014 you presented to produce a second figure from the movie’s series – Mystique, but after problems with its release, figures on the X-Men’s film stopped. This year came two movies series X-Men – Apocalypse and Deadpool, but we saw only figure of Deadpool, based on the comic book series.
I know that you have a lot of work, because in the year you produce a huge amount of different figures. But if the chance to continue working on the line X-Men from the movies. Will we see the figures of Professor X, Magneto, Mystique, Storm and other characters from the films, including the movie version of Deadpool?
Kind regards, Vladi

DSTCHUCK: Vladi, we’re just happy for any support from a fan, so I’m glad you like the movie products! I am sorry, though – we will not be making figures of the Fox movies in the near future, but never say never.

Caio F.
1 – When will we see a new war machine figure?
2 – Any chance of wolverine for 2017?
3 – A new spider man figure for next year?
4 – Can we expect dead walking figures?
5 – What do you have to say about netflix figures?

1. I have no idea – I guess we’ll have to see how it goes and what happens to War Machine in the movies.
2. Sorry, not from the Logan movie.
3. I would think that is a very safe bet.
4. Sorry we do not have the rights to make figures from WD movie or comic books.
5. I have to say that would be very cool, but we’d have to balance them with the movie and comic figures we are already doing.

Javier R.
Do you plan on remaking some marvel select figures you’ve done in the past? Like Punisher, Daredevil, Elektra, Moon Knight, Wolverine. I’d absolutely love if you made some new versions of those figures. I also recently bought the avenging captain America and black panther and I am so pleased with those, which is why I’m asking if you take another shot at some other characters. The following characters are the Marvel Select figures I would want the most sometime in the future: Punisher Daredevil Elektra Moon Knight Classic Falcon Classic Bucky Barnes Classic Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider Weapon X Wolverine And maybe even a re-release of the 2013 “The Wolverine” figure? That figure is very hard to find at a good price.

DSTCHUCK: I would say “never say never,” but in most cases I think its unlikely we would go back and re-make any figures in the Marvel line, because of so many new figures there are out there we can make. I would think it is VERY unlikely we would re-release any of the past Wolverine movie figures.

Vladi V.
Hello DST, I really like your line of Marvel Select Movie figures. Over the years, starting with Iron Man and ending with Doctor Strange, you released a wonderful collection of high-quality figures from the Marvel movies. I really appreciate your work. But I don`t know if anyone asked this question here before. Why did you miss the film Guardians of the Galaxy, released in 2014? After all, the Guardians of the Galaxy are also part of the Avengers universe. Will cinema figures at least in the second part of the movie, which comes out in 2017? Do you plan to include characters in Guardians of the Galaxy in the line of Marvel Select?
I know that Marvel Legends has released all the characters from the film. But these figures are not as high quality as yours and are more designed for children, than collectors. I think that not only I, but many fans of your products, would be happy to see the heroes of the film Guardians of the Galaxy in the Marvel Select line.
Kind regards, Vladi.

DSTCHUCK: Vladi, we had plans for figures from the first GoG movie, but part of those plans fell apart late in the game and made it impossible to make the figures. We will be doing figures from the new movie.

Aaron R.
Hi, I was wondering if you have any plans to make a Marvel select Daredevil figure from the Netflix TV series? Currently the only company making the figure is hot toys. Look forward to hearing from you.

DSTCHUCK: The Netflix situation is something that is constantly evolving, so you never know, but if we were to do a figure(s) from Netflix it would be DD.

Javier R.- I’ve bought multiple MS figures the past few years, and in 2016 I bought the three Civil War movie figures, avenging captain America, and black panther. Last year I purchased carnage and venom. I just want to say that I LOVE what you guys have been doing the past couple of years, VERY solid figures! I have a few questions.
1) Any chance of remaking past characters?? like a completely new punisher (Steve Dillon maybe), new Daredevil, new Elektra, and new Wolverine (weapon x would be awesome).
2) As for characters that haven’t been done before, how about classic Scarlet Spider, classic Falcon, Weapon X Wolverine, Spiderman 2099???
3) Any chance of re-releasing more past figures?? Figures like moon Knight, Mephisto, and the 2013 movie wolverine (so expensive from other sellers. Thanks.

DSTCHUCK: Glad you are enjoying the line!
1. We never say never, but that is unlikely at this point.
2. I love me some Spider-Man, so we’re always considering him or characters from his family.
3. We are constantly talking to sales about past figures and if there is enough demand to justify another production run. But Wolverine is unlikely.

Alfie M.
Hello, I always wanted to get a big, bulky action figure and Marvel Select is triumphant in that category. I have wanted a Blob Marvel Select for about a year now. Every toy event that you’re in a toy booth, I have crossed my fingers for a Blob. Blob has a pretty simplistic design so I was surprised when it wasn’t brought to my comic store shelves and even more surprised that it didn’t exist! It would be a really cool figure to own. And in fact, I made a little diagram on the figure and it’s accessory. The articulation is pretty self explanatory– just the great articulation you pump in your figures nowadays. It would be cool to have a treadmill base!
It has two pieces that connect (like the Deadpool wall you made). It has the handles and settings on one half, and the bit he runs on is on the other.
Thank you for reading this far, I would be absolutely amazed if this came to fruition.

DSTCHUCK: Blob is not a figure we have said we will never do, but right now the timing has not been right. There have been so many other great figures over the years that keep coming up.

Vladi V.
I really like your Marvel Select action figures, based on the Marvel films. I would like to ask about the Marvel Select line. Yesterday the first trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming was released, in which the antagonist was introduced. Will there be a figure of the main villain of the film, as with The Amazing Spider-Man version? In 2012 two remarkable figures from the film were released. I would also like to see two figures of the protagonist and the antagonist of the film in the next year. Thank you.

DSTCHUCK: It’s not been 100% decided how many figures we will do from that movie, BUT we have to balance that with all the comic possibilities, as well as the two other movies coming out next year.

Shandon W.
I know this is uncommon but I have another Spider-Man request. I think with the Disney Exclusive Spectacular Spider-Man, they really missed a huge detail. They forgot to put out a black/white symbiote figure of the same mold. I know it’s not your style to recycle molds but that figure we can make an exception for. Maybe re-sculpt the head with a more serious expression too, but a head that could still work for the original too.
Otherwise, obligatory straightforward fan requests; Comic Vision – I know it’s more likely we’ll get an MCU when he appears next MCU Loki – Ragnarok Battle Damaged, mask half ripped Spider-Man as he’s always depicted Villains for 2017 And try to squeeze is all the MCU infinity relics as accessories. Closest we have to those are Strange’s Eye of Agamotto amulet without the green stone and the cosmic cube from the Cap/Red Skull build-a-base.
Looking forward to 2017.

DSTCHUCK: You are correct, we generally shy away from re-using parts, but it’s not a hard and fast rule. If something makes real sense then we’re not going to not re-use a part out of stubbornness, BUT it’s something we don’t want to use as a crutch.

Huston P.
Hi Chuck! I am a huge fan. These figures are killing it! I have a couple of questions on upcoming figures. There are a few I am really hoping to see.
1. Will we see Spiderman from Homecoming?
2. Will we see Vulture from homecoming?
3. Apocalypse is one that I am truly hoping to see. Any chance this will happen?
Thank you so much for everything. you guys are truly the best!

DSTCHUCK: 1&2. I don’t think I can comment on that in hard detail at this time.
3. Maybe a comic version, but we no longer make products based on Fox movies.

Fabricio V.
Hello Chuck!
How are you? I’m a Marvel Select collector and it’s been a while since my last questions so here they are:
1 – I finally got my Civil War figures and I am mostly pleased with them, but there were some QC issues that were very annoying. The Cap figure. What happened? All figures that I saw had hands with paint problems. And they were not small. Some were not even painted all the way. The figure was not well designed because the hips are too large as all reviewers pointed out and I saw for myself, that an excessive sculpting largely hindered the leg movement. My point is, considering that you make prototypes and all, how are the QC issues addressed? You change factories? Because this is not very common with your products and this figure had a lot of problems. The others were very good. (Iron Man is a bit short, but no other problems)
2 – Just out of curiosity, how do you choose between biceps and elbow swivel when designing the arm articulation? Is it more aesthetic or cost? Or both?
3 – Very cool Lady Deadpool. And very unexpected. Is she going to come with interchangeable hands and two swords? Can we expect more releases like this and more articulated female figures for 2017?
4 – Related to that, can you comment on the relationship between the decision to release Lady Deadpool Select to the success of the same character’s statue? I mean can we expect that characters made in statue form that perform well in sales be made into action figure form? Like Rogue, Captain Marvel and so on?
5 – We all noticed some release date changes. Is movie Dr. Strange going through some design changes? Is the Cable re-release cancelled?
6 – How do the exclusive figures work? They request the figure from you or you give some ideas and they choose from those? And how does this figure become mass market after that, if at all?
7 – Given that we have MCU figures coming up, can we expect more diorama pieces to connect with those like the Civil War figures?
8 – Final question: Can we hope for a Jim Lee era X-Men figure for 2017? Please? Low, medium or high possibility?
Thanks for your time and keep up the good work.

DSTCHUCK: Welcome back! Seems like you have been saving up the questions.
1. The Captain America figure was done at the same factory and overseen by our same QC team – I’ll have to look into the issues you raise here – I was not aware of them.
2. There is no relative difference in cost between either of those points.
3. There should be at least one more female figure from us in the Marvel line.
4. The Lady Deadpool Gallery statue did sell and continues to sell very well. However, I don’t think there was a direct connection. I doubt there will be, BUT I suppose if a character does unexpectedly good or bad as a Gallery piece, it could play a part.
5. Both figures are moving right along – there has been no cancellation or dramatic changes. I believe Cable is back in stock already.
6. We don’t really do any Marvel Select exclusive figures anymore, the exception being for Disney stores. The deal with them is once we do a figure for them it’s theirs, BUT most times when they feel they have satisfied their demand they have allowed us to offer it to the comic market.
7. The accesory or diorama decision is unique each time, based on what makes sense, and a big factor is what can we get refrence for from the studios.
8. It’s something I think we would like to do, and if you asked a couple years ago I would have expected we’d have done at least one by now.

Jean C.
This is not a question more of a suggestion. I love your Marvel Gallery PVC line. I currently own Ant-Man, Deadpool, Captain Marvel, and currently have Doctor Strange on pre-order from amazon. I would love it if you made a Daredevil one so with that i hope this is one of many emails wanting the same thing and that you take this suggestion. Keep up the awesome job.

DSTCHUCK: I think for SURE Daredevil is a character we would consider!

Paul B.
I’m in the process of building the Deadpool model kit and am really enjoying it. What are your future plans regarding model kits of Marvel characters?

DSTCHUCK: If we can find sufficient distribution, we’d LOVE to continue the line. We already have Thor and Iron Man sculpted! Glad you like the Deadpool kits – it’s been a huge joy to do a model kit like the ones I out together when I was young.

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