Ask DST #344: Muppets, Ghostbusters & Batman!

It’s a new year, and time for a new Ask DST with DSTChuck! The president of Diamond Select Toys takes you through a variety of licenses, as he answers your burning questions. From Monsters to Muppets, from Star Trek to Caddyshack, and from Batman to Ghostbusters, your queries are processed and resolved by the letter-answering machine named DSTChuck! Submit your own question in the drop-down form up top, or e-mail him!

Huston P.
The new Universal Monster movies… Are these figures a possibility?????

DSTChuck: Right now, we do not have the rights to the new Mummy or any other new movies that might come after, BUT we have told Universal we might be interested.

Leonardo S.
You guys made Elfquest toys in the early 2000’s. Inquiring why series II was never made. Also, inquiring if you guys have any prototypes of Elfquest toys.

DSTChuck: The Elfquest toys were only designed by Art Asylum, and that was many years ago. I do not know why the manufacturer did not go forward with a second series.

Greig C.
Hi guys. Any news on shipping dates for Muppets series 3, or any hints (or straight up reveals) of who is in series 4? Keep up the great work!

DSTChuck: Muppets 3 should be in stores in spring, and hopefully we’ll show Muppets 4 at Toy Fair in NY in February.

John L.
Your PVC figures/dioramas from the Batman Animated line look terrific. I was wondering if you had any plans to offer Clayface. If so, would he be the same 9-inch height as the rest or even bigger?
Fingers still crossed for more DC Minimates…

DSTChuck: Clayface makes a cameo on the New Adventures of Batman Batgirl PVC we’re releasing, but we’re going to continue the DC Animated Gallery line as long as fans keep buying them! For the most part, yes, we keep our line in scale, or at least relative scale if we can’t do 1:1.

Matthew M.
Hi. I am in awe over your company’s Ghostbusters figures. I would love to see Diamond select do a Ghostbusters 2 figure set. And maybe a real ghostbusters toy line. Or the filmation Ghostbusters. Maybe make a figure line of the 1975 ghostbusters live action TV show. After seeing the detail of the ghostbusters figures you guys have made, I’m excited to see what your company does with the Ghostbusters. May I also suggest a set of back to the future figures? Anyway thank you for taking the time to read this. And remember, If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call?

DSTChuck: We’ve been doing Ghostbusters products for a long time, and as long as the sales are there, we’ll continue – especially the figures, it’s been great fun to work on them.

Chris K.
Any plans on doing a Voyager/Intrepid class or Defiant/Defiant class ships? I love your existing ships and own an Original series Enterprise. For the price you can’t beat the detail and quality. Keep up the good work! Live long and Prosper!

DSTChuck: Right now, we’ve done all our work on the Romulan TOS ship, and it should be in stores when you read this. Next up is the Reliant, and after most of the work is done on that, we’ll see what ship we want to do next.

Braylen W.
This past summer, I submitted an idea for a Caddyshack action figure collection. Someone at Diamond Select saw my idea and created Vinimates for the characters Al Czervik and Judge Smails. My original intention was for action figures more similar to the Ghostbusters 7″ figures or the Munsters figures. I had also hoped for a more wide variety of characters such as “Ty Webb,” as portrayed by Chevy Chase, the adorable and mischievous gopher, and Bill Murray’s brilliant performance as the greens-keeper with a big heart, “Carl Spackler.” It would also be fun to see some of the more minor characters like, Judge Smail’s lovely niece “Lacey Underall,” or “Tony” the caddy who always has a cigarette, and the kid who can’t go to college, “Danny Noonan.” I think that since you have such fun characters you could have a wide assortment of fun accessories like, “Carl’s” pitchfork,” Judge Smail’s” striped hat, or “Ty Webb’s” famous golf club that he scored many winning shots with. I believe that this theme for figures will be financially successful. The Vinimates alone I am sure will be loved by fans of the movie, but I think this line will satisfy the fans of the film more. Since the film is older (though it holds up well) I would assume the fan-base is made up mostly of middle aged people or older. I think that they would prefer to have more of a collectible figure rather than a stylized toy. I also think this line will be successful because of the Ghostbusters line which is still going strong to this day. I think that both these franchises have a similar fan-base, which is probably due to the brilliant team up of Bill Murray and the late great Harold Ramis. I also think that this may spark an interest in the Caddyshack film and may lead the way for more film themed merchandise. Overall I think this line will be very successful alongside the Ghostbusters line.

DSTChuck: Braylen, I do not think your suggestion to make action figures for Caddyshack was related to our overall WB deal, which includes Vinimates and has been in the works for some time. There are more Caddyshack Vinimates planned past Al and the Judge. Right now, however, we do not have plans for Caddyshack action figures.

Greg B.
Hi, I was wondering how are the sales going for the Batman the animated series busts? I am collecting them and hope you will be able to do all the characters both in the Batman series and the Justice League Unlimited series.

DSTChuck: Greg, the line is doing well, although I do wish the secondary characters were doing a little better. We’re going to continue to do this line as long as sales are there – I think it would be a very tall task to do EVERY character, but we’ll see, I guess…

James B.
Hi I’ve been collecting the DST Ghostbusters figures and hoping to complete the set and they look fantastic but I was wondering if there are plans to release any of the Ghostbusters props I.e. PKE Meter, Trap and Goggles a lot of the fans would love to see that happen.

DSTChuck: Right now another company has the rights to GB role-play items, but if the deal were to become available DST would be interested.

Ben R.
Will the Star Trek 6 model of the USS Excelsior be made available again?

DSTChuck: If the sales team indicates there is enough interest from their retailers, then yes, we would be happy to go back into production, as we have for many other ships and role-play.

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