Ask DST #345: Marvel Select and Marvel Gallery!

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It’s a new Ask DST with Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck, and this time he is a friend of ol’ Marvel! The Marvel Maniacs have written in about our Select action figures and Gallery PVC dioramas, and Chuck is answering their questions with the fury of a thousand suns! Read on to see if your question is answered, then submit one in the drop-down form up top, or e-mail Chuck!

Alex R.
Is there going to be a Marvel Select Spider-Man: Homecoming figurine?

DSTChuck: Yes, there will be!

Mike M.
The upcoming Gwenpool figure is quite disappointing. The Gurihiru version from the comics is physically quite different. The character is cute. Why your figure has large breasts and ripped biceps is a mystery. This is a popular female character that shouldn’t need to be over specialized to sell. And it’s disappointing to fans like myself who won’t purchase this because I don’t want to display what appears to be an old-fashioned idea of what a female ‘super hero’ should be. I guess I should be glad you didn’t remove more of her clothing.

DSTChuck: I am sorry you are disappointed in the look of the Marvel Gallery Gwenpool. I have heard from many fans that they are very pleased with the look of the upcoming piece. We think it does a good job of portraying this character.

Lou R.
Hi! Is there any chance of Marvel Select making a new comic-style Daredevil, Netflix Daredevil, or any versions of Luke Cage and Iron Fist?

DSTChuck: As we expand our offering of Netflix products, hopefully more and more will be possible.

Dan L.
Any chance that you will re-release the Marvel Select Rhino action Figure? Thanks for your time.

DSTChuck: We are constantly working with sales on possible figures to bring back into production, and Rhino is one that has been discussed.

Caio F.
Based on what you said we know we will not have a movie version of the next Wolverine, but can we expect a comic version???

DSTChuck: Right now, we do not have a new Wolverine planned for 2017 – sorry.

Ivan M.
Will you release Marvel Select figures for Thor Ragnarok? Any other characters for the Dr. Strange movie?? Maybe Mordo or Kaecilius? Any releases for older movie figures like Loki from the Thor movie or Iron Man Mark IV from Iron Man 2, and Thor Disney Store exclusive?? The price is too expensive in the free market– 100 bucks for a loose Loki. It’s madness.

DSTChuck: We are only releasing the one figure for the Dr. Stange movie, but I don’t think we’re ready yet to discuss what we will be doing for Ragnarok. At this time, we have no plans to re-release any past movie figures. In the past, Disney has been very aggressive about re-releasing past figures, so I am sure they are looking at Mighty Thor.

Bryan B.
Hello DST. My New Year resolution? Stop complaining to DST. Similar to other Marvel Select collectors, my complaints come from a place of love. A love of DST figure scale, detail, & quality. The most basic complaints being that with SO many worthy Marvel characters: A.) Why is DST seemingly resistant to releasing more highly coveted characters? B.) Why must DST so frequently repeat certain characters, (Spidey, Capt. America, IRON MAN), ?! But with this new year, I have some new ideas. Primarily, MORE Iron Man! WHAAAAAATTZZ !? Yes…MORE. I now look at your Iron Men as additions to an Iron Armory. My new vision, however, requires fostering by DST. It requires different, & more varied Iron Man figures. Silver Centurion, O.G.Avenger Gold Armor, Renaissance Armor, Thorbuster, Outer Atmospheric, “black & gold” (name?), Hydro…I’d even consider Disco Armor! I can get behind more Iron Men as long as the sculpt is solid, the detail is apparant, & the color scheme is cool. My other character requests are still there, (Rogue, Iceman, Iron FIST, Warpath, Human Torch, Ms. Marvel, Walt Simonson Armored Thor, [where my beards at!?], & on & on…), and new characters showing up is always a good idea, (Destroyer looks awesome, btw). As always, I look forward to what the new year brings, which is, hopefully, less repetition and more innovation. Thank you all for continuing the greatness!

A.) Yes, Bryan you have me figured out! I sit behind a large desk during the day, petting my cat, thinking “Why should we release figures that the fans covet?”
B.) I have no idea why we would release multiple products from characters that have headlined over a dozen movies, plus TV shows and comic books.
And I’d love to do more Iron Man, but this dude Bryan B. thinks we already do too many Iron Man figures.

Rodney H.
Hey Chuck! I wanted to know if these figures have a chance of making the 2017 release line up. From a rating of 1-5– with 1 being not likely to 5 being very likely and numbers two through four being up in the air– what scores would you rate these figures on making it this year? Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. Hope you guys will be able to top your 2016 year, keep up the great work.
1. Apocalypse
2. Quick Silver (since he is obviously one that me and the fans really have our fingers crossed on)
3. Beta Ray Bill
4. Thane
5. Namor
6. Hercules
7. The Return of World Breaker Hulk by Greg Pak, Paul Pelletier and Danny Miki. I know you guys could pull off his new Gamma Powered look, I’m sure it would be Amazing!!!

DSTChuck: Rodney, I am sorry to say I do not think any of those will happen in 2017, so it’s a 1 across the board.

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