Ask DST #346: Minimates

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This week, Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck is answering your questions about Minimates mini-figures, and like Minimates themselves, this Ask DST is short and totally sweet! From Marvel Knights to Agents of SHIELD, from Ghostbusters to The Walking Dead, various real and hypothetical Minimates lines are discussed, plus the carrying case question is back! Welcome back, carrying case question! We missed you. Read on for the inside dope, then submit your own question in the drop-down form up top or e-mail DSTChuck!

Isaac G.
Any update on the Agents of SHIELD MiniMates? I think especially with this current season you’ve got some good characters to make. (Coulson, Quake, Robbie Reyes, Ghost Rider, Director Mace, etc.) I hope you guys make them soon!

DSTChuck: Isaac, it has been discussed, and it has not been ruled out, but we do not have any plans right now, so we’ll have to see.

Justin H.
Hi Chuck, just checking in to see if you’ve given any more thought to releasing another Minimates Collector’s Case? Even a re-release of the original blue box with or without a promo Minimate would be appreciated.

DSTChuck: Right now, there are no definite plans, but DSTZach and I did discuss some ideas recently, so we’ll see if it happens soon.

Justin B.
Hello DST, I was curious if new Ghostbusters MiniMates might be surfacing, be it from the classic movies/TV shows or the new movie. I know we’re seriously lacking in for the new Team with Kevin, both normal and possessed, the new team with their sidearms would make fun accessories (the ghost chipper, proton grenades, and dual pistols for example), the awesome looking ghosts would make amazing translucent MiniMates, and Erin not coming slimed seems like a missed opportunity “I feel like the slime is targeting me, personally.”
Also, I remember a while back there being tossed around the idea of a MiniMate version of the Ecto-1 (from the ’84 film) but we really haven’t heard anything since. (A Janine from the first movie is also a missing staple in the collection too)
Just some thoughts, I have loved ALL the Ghostbusters MiniMates released thus far, I just hope it has not come to a halt yet. But that may be me beating and busting a dead horse.

DSTChuck: At this time our GB MM ideas are mostly on the drawing board, but we are always looking at more Ghostbusters for all of our various product lines. So never say never.

Kostis F.
Hey there! As we all know, the Netflix Marvel Shows are in full swing, and recently, Marvel’s EiC Axel Alonso said that going into 2017, the street level characters (Daredevil, Punisher, Moon Knight, Misty Knight, etc.) will get more focus than ever. So, with Defenders and Iron Fist (plus maybe Punisher) also hitting in 2017, I was wondering what are the chances of you doing a “Marvel Knights” wave. I was thinking something like this:
ANAD Daredevil/ NOW! 2.0 Bullseye
ANAD Misty Knight (as she appears in the Sam Wilson book)/ Ghost Rider (Reyes) ANAD Luke Cage/ ANAD Iron Fist (Power Man & IronFist Outfits) Armored/Balaclava Punisher (w/th extra t-shirt parts)/ Mr. Knight (w/th extra Khonshu head)
Ghost Rider (Blaze & Ketch Parts)/ NOW! 2.0 Elektra
Thanks for reading!

DSTChuck: We have been talking about a wave like this of late, so I think something like it could be very possible in the future.

Joaquin L.
Hi, I have a question about the “The Walking Dead” Minimates. I don´t know if you cancelled them or something because I haven´t see anything new in a long time. Why is that?

DSTChuck: There are no more series planned at this time, but we have not ruled out doing more in the future.

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