Ask DST #347: Ghostbusters, Star Trek and More!

The letters keep rolling in, and Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck keeps answering them! This week, he’s casting the net wide and fielding missives about Star Trek and Ghostbusters, with a question about Overwatch added for good measure. Read on, then submit your own question in the drop down form up top or e-mail him!

Dan L.
Hello. I recently purchased the Star Trek Select Khan figure and it is very nice. Very nice sculpt, limb options and is a nice diorama with the figure and chair. Excellent job! Would you be willing to tell us which character will be the next Star Trek Select figure? I am hoping it will some type of Borg, but I am sure it will be cool no matter which character you choose.

DSTChuck: The next Star Trek Select figure is indeed a Borg, and it is our hope that we will have it on display at Toy Fair in NY in a couple of weeks. As for the figure past that, we have not started development on it quit yet.

Joe F.
Could the Diamond Select U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 from the original series be manufactured without the seams running through the decals on the nacelles? Thanks.

DSTChuck: Unfortunately, the seams are necessary for manufacturing purposes, and that was the preferred location for those seams, providing maximum structural integrity. Sorry, you are not happy with it.

Ash D.
Hi, is there any chance of you guys doing the real ghostbusters and the reboot ghostbusters beyond the original cast in the select line?

DSTChuck: Right now, our focus is on the original two movies, but after that it’s possible we would look to RGB. As for the new movie, we do not have rights to figures for the new movie.

Doug G.
Any plans to make the original series Klingon Disruptor? Thank you for your time.

DSTChuck: Right now, we are working on the TNG cobra phaser, and after that we’ll have to see.

Shannon D.
Are you planning on making any other Star Trek ships with lights and sound? It would be so cool if you’d make and release the Enterprise C and the USS Prometheus, and perhaps the USS Stargazer!

DSTChuck: After the Reliant, we will have to see which ship is next!

Levi D.
Hi! Is there any chance of DST figures from the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery series? Thanks for your attention.

DSTChuck: Not at this moment, but they are just starting on the show, so we’ll have to see. For sure, we are potentially interested if CBS wants to work with us.

Dave C.
Just got the Star Trek Select Khan figure and it is amazing! I have waited for 35 years for a good Wrath of Khan figure. Any chance you will be doing more? How about Joachim or Chekov and Captain Terrell in space suits or Kirk in Regula I jacket? Also, any chance you could offer high-res downloadable backgrounds for these figures such as a Reliant bridge to put behind Khan’s chair? It would be a great way to enhance diorama opportunities for these figures.

DSTChuck: The idea of backgrounds is very cool, and I think that would be something fans could do for other fans, but not something we would be able to do.

Arthur L.
The D7 is an icon and should be on your drawing boards for release. The original that Gene Roddenberry kept on his desk still sits tucked at Smithsonian as the very first alien ship that was seen on screen even before the Romulan BOP. Please consider releasing the Klingon D7 Battlecruiser. I as a Star Trek fan and a thousand others like me can guarantee this will most certainly be one of your most sought after items.

DSTChuck: Sorry, but I do not think that is something that is on the list of ships we’re looking at.

André Persson
With the massive success of Overwatch and no figures out aside from POP! Figures, is an Action Figure license anything you’re looking into?

DSTChuck: Sorry, not at this time, but never say never.

Gabriel P.
Are you guys able to create toys based on the real ghostbusters cartoon and 80s toy line? I’d love to see a bugeye ghost or a bad to the bone.

DSTChuck:We have done some products for RGB, and we have thought about more in the future so we’ll have to see.

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