Ask DST #348: Marvel Gallery and Select!

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It’s a new Ask DST with Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck, and this week he’s answering your questions about Marvel Select action figures and Marvel Gallery PVC dioramas! Read on to see if your question is answered, then submit it in the drop-down form up top, or e-mail him!

David E.
Hi Chuck, I’d just like to say that your Marvel Gallery line is awesome! Love the price point and love the scuplts! Is there any chance you could do a Magneto, Juggernaut or Sabretooth?

DSTChuck: David, thanks for the support – I think for SURE those three are possible!

Jim R.
It would be a good idea if you design Scorpio, Sandman, Misterio and of course Dr. Octo. These toys will be sold immediately! I’ll buy all of them at once. Thank you!

DSTChuck: We do love us some Spidey family figures, but 2017 is pretty jam packed, so I don’t think we’ll be able to do any of those this year – sorry.

Hey, can you please consider reissuing the Marvel Select Rhino figure? I can’t find it anywhere and it’s going for hundreds on amazon and eBay. Thanks!

DSTChuck: For SURE we have talked to the sales folks about that, and it has NOT been ruled out…

Patrick C.- I’m a huge fan of Marvel Select and had collected all comic version of each figure. I’m looking forward to collect more of the X-Men characters. Any chance of making Psylocke, Shadowcat, Beast, Angel, and Rogue?

DSTChuck: Thanks so much for the support. It seems that no matter how long we go, we never get to everything we would love to do. Almost all the ones you asked about are ones we have talked about several times – but it does not look like they will happen this year.

Lee B.
Hey Chuck, t’s been a while and whilst I’m at it Happy New Year to everyone at Diamond!
So onwards and upwards…
1) Although a lot of us have been luke warm to Vol.4 of Amazing Spider-Man, the new costume is epic!!! It’s excellent over the last 2-3 months so will we see a new Spidey Marvel Select rocking the current costume? I know we’re getting a Homecoming figure so I doubt it, but it’s certainly pleasing to the eye!
2) Toxin, aka Eddie Brock– let’s be honest he sells like hot cakes and the current look is kinda cool and actually made the Carnage series which ends soon really enjoyable!!!! Even people that don’t buy a lot of toys would buy him…Plus this year, I believe, is the anniversary of Eddie Brock/Venom?
3) Scarlet Spider, aka Kaine Parker– seriously guys, why don’t we have this awesome anti-hero??? He’s an awesome character and would have awesome accessories, plus he could fit the heavy hitters in terms of size. 6’5, 250lbs… HE’S BIG!!!! And we know all things Spidey do really, really well and he’d be a new character, rather than one billion Wolverines.
4) The Volture movie figure… I’d be down for that!
5) Let us not forget the awesomeness of Spider-Man 2099, aka Miguel O’Hara. Love the new costume! He would look like a million bucks and worth every penny (don’t wanna pay that much lol). Seriously, he needs to be released.

DSTChuck: Hey Lee, I don’t think we’re going to be able to do any MU Spidey this year – we’re mostly planned out, and I don’t think we can slip one it. But if we can… you will be the first to know.

Caio F.
Any near chance of a re-launched Falcon?

DSTChuck: Sorry, not at this time.

Yu R.
Will there be a Marvel Select movie version of Old Man Logan?

DSTChuck: Sorry, for the time being we are not doing product based on the Fox-produced movies.

Nick B.
Hi Chuck, huge fan of the MCU select figures and have amassed most of the collection, which I will open to play with my son in a few years!
1. I am intrigued to know any details of your licensing limitations with the MCU figures. What is the set amount you are allowed to release per year? Are you given a list of figures you can choose from the film or is there more freedom?
2. I hope to see a Loki and Odin figure for Thor Ragnorak. It would be disappointing to see yet another Thor and a third Hulk, I hope you agree?
3. How likely are we to see an MCU Thanos released for Avengers 2018 film? I know you can’t say for definite but surely his name has come up in discussions?
Keep up the good work. Thanks.

DSTChuck: Great! There’s nothing I love hearing more than a parent and their child playing with one of the toys we make!
1. It’s really hard to say, and I don’t think we want to go TOO much into the details, but I think if you look at past Q&As you can put most of it together.
2. I think we need to read the script and go over the movie with Marvel before we can say which figures would be best.
3. I promise you, we have not even looked at the 2018 release sked yet.

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