Ask DST #349: Minimates

It’s a new Ask DST with Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck, and this week he is answering your Minimates questions? From Predator to Elf to the ever-popular Marvel, your biggest questions about teeny-tiny Minimates are answered to the best of Chuck’s ability! Read on to see if your question is answered, then submit one in the form up top, or e-mail Chuck!

Lars S.
I’m a big fan of Minimates, and I’m currently loving your PREDATOR figures (Minimates AND Vinimates). They are perfect.
My question/request: Do you plan to release a multipack of characters from the first movie to tie in to this year’s 30th anniversary? I’d like to have Schwarzenegger’s entire squad, but the blind bag figures of Billy and Hawkins eluded me. Please make this possible. Keep up the great work!

DSTChuck: Lars, as we go forward we are trying to cover every major human character and all key Predators – that is a cool thing about MM, we can do something like that. At this time we don’t have a set or anything planned, but the first two blind bag series are still available for ordering, and Poncho and Anna will round out the cast this year. And we will hopefully continue the line as long as sales are there.

Z. W.
Hey, Chuck! Wiccan, Hulkling, Kate Bishop Hawkeye, America Chavez, Kampala Khan, Ms. Marvel, Quentin Quire, the Stepford Cuckoos, Monet St. Croix, Strong Guy… plans for any of these to show up in Marvel Minimates? Thanks!

DSTChuck: One of those in 2017 for sure, but maybe more will show up in 2018.

Jaylen C.
Will you guys do a Minimate wave where there is a Robbie Reyes and Johnny Blaze 2-pack?

DSTChuck: I suppose it’s possible one or the other will show up in 2018, but I can’t guarantee you’ll get them both in one pack.

Joshua Y.
I was very excited to see the Elf Vinimate displayed, and looking forward to Minimates happening. Is there any possibility of other holiday classics such as National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, or A Christmas Story? Those would be a dream come true for me, and would have their own display every year in December!
Has there ever been any thought, or is there a possibility of Hanna-Barbera characters getting the DST treatment? So many great characters, which would look great as Selects, busts, Vinimates and Minimates. There’s an almost endless amount of character selection.

DSTChuck: Unfortunately, Josh, many of the holiday properties are already tied up with other companies, but we are always looking at classic brands and properties for possible products. One day it may be Hanna-Barbera’s time!

Luke C.
Hey there! Now that Doctor Strange has his own film franchise, and is one of Marvel’s best-selling books, I was wondering what the chances are of you doing a Comic-Book themed DS or just Supernatural Wave? I’m thinking something like this:
Doctor Strange (Black & Red)/ Wong
Doctor Voodoo (Solo Book)/ Daimon Hellstrom Baron Mordo (Classic)/ Clea Ancient One/ Mindless One
Doctor Doom (Re-Do)/ Nightmare
Satana/ The Hood
Or you could even do a Midnight Sons 4-Pack:
1) Blade (90s Re-Do)
2) Ghost Rider (Ketch)
3) Paradox/Doctor Strange (Masked)
4) Johnny Blaze
Thanks for reading!

DSTChuck: I do not think we’re looking at a full supernatural-type line, but never say never. Doctor Strange was a lot of fun, and we have definitely not explored his comic-book world.

Dakarion H.
I like what you do with the marvel Minimates– you have characters that don’t exist as action figures. I have a question: the New Mutants like Vulcan, Armor, Pixie, Elixir– can you make those into Minimates, please? Thank you.
DSTChuck: Right now, we do not have plans for the new New Mutants, but we love mutants here at DST, and we’ve just started to look at 2018.

Jonathan W.
Hi! Now with Doctor Strange having a flick, and a Black Panther film coming soon, I was wondering what the chances of you doing an “Illuminati” wave are. It could be marketed as a New Avengers wave, since that was the book’s name during the NOW! Era. I was thinking something like this:
Black Panther (modern, with the fur cape)/ Doctor Strange (Red & Black outfit) Namor (modern, with the new hairstyle)/ Black Bolt (modern redesign) Beast (Cat-Form)/ Black Swan Mr. Fantastic (Red & Black outfit)/ Doctor Doom (classic update)
Molecule Man (classic update)/ Doctor Strange (Black Priest)
Dunno if the FF restrictions still apply though. In that case, you could replace Reed & Doom with Maximus & Captain Britain.
Thanks for reading!

DSTChuck: Sounds like a fun wave! No plans for that particular theme at this time, but as I just said we’re just starting to plan 2018, so we’ll have to see. Some are not possible at this time, but the rest of them could work in other themed waves.

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