Ask DST #356: Ghostbusters, Star Trek, Pulp Fiction and More!

It’s a new Ask DST, and the president of Diamond Select Toys, DSTCHuck, is answering questions about a whole range of DST products, including Ghostbusters, Star Trek, Pulp Fiction and more! Plus, he weighs in on some licenses that we don’t have, but are on people’s minds. We wish we could make everything! Read on to see if your question was answered, then submit it in the drop-down form up top, or e-mail DSTChuck!

Michael G.
I applaud your Ghostbuster line, I look forward to completing the first line and reveals for the second. Assuming the second will be made up of characters from Ghostbusters II, can you give any insight to characters from the first film that didn’t make it to the final selection? Perhaps any concepts or personal choices you would of like to have seen?

DSTChuck: We’re still waiting for Sony to OK the full line plan for GB2, but with 5 series to play with we will do as many as our license allows! Hopefully we get to everyone you want to see. Look for the reveal of the full Series 6 soon!

Alan M.
Hello! First I have to say I love what DST is doing with the Ghostbusters license, well done!
I have a few questions:
1) Any news regarding the Minimates Ecto-1? It would be an amazing piece to add to the GB Minimate collection and one I have been dreaming for a long time.
2) Regarding the Ghostbusters Vinimates, is there a possibility we get a Ray with the ecto-goggles?
3) I am beyond excited for Ghostbusters II figures! Are we going to get the Slime blower Ray and Winston in the first few waves or towards the later ones?
Thank you!

1) We are still working on it, and hope to have something soon.
2) I don’t think it’s been discussed, but I suppose, if the line sells, why not!
3) Sorry, I don’t think we’re ready to give out that kind of detail, BUT being honest the order of the line plan is not 100% set. Neither is in Series 6, which should be revealed soon.

Raymond R.
I saw the upcoming figs for Vince, Butch, and Marsalis. Are you going to do Vincent, and Jimmie too?

DSTChuck: Raymond, we have a comprehensive plan for Pulp Fiction in the works, and we have sculpted multiple series of figures that are in for approval at this time. Vincent and Jimmy are part of those plans, along with several other characters.

Chris A.
Has DST ever looked into doing a NOVA robot from the Short Circuit movies? I know that Johnny Five has never been done in the past and would likely be a hit with kids and collectors. As a collector of your Starship Legends line I am well aware of the attention to detail that goes into your products. I have no doubt DST would make a really nice piece.

DSTChuck: Great movies, but sorry, we have no plans at this time to pursue that license. But we have some other famous electronic robots (like our Lost in Space B9) in the works!

Robb S.
I’ve noticed a severe lack of collector-caliber merchandise for Ghostbusters (2016) “Answer the Call”. Most merchandise for it so far has been somewhat vague, leaving it open to interpretation of being affiliated with either the new movie or the original films (ghost logos or Slimers).
I’m a huge fan of all 3 movies, but have been mostly satiated with figure offerings based on the original movie. So, I’m hoping that it will be possible for you to pursue 7″ action-figure licensing for the 2016 film. Now that the initial movie tie-in figures from Mattel are finished, this suggestion seems comparable to how you & Diamond obtained the rights to make the ’84 figures after Matty Collector ended their 6″ scale line.
The Mattel figures are fine, but obviously made more inexpensively for kids looking to just play with them. I’d love figures of Patty, Jillian, Abby, Erin, and maybe Kevin. Perhaps, even some Ghosts like Gertrude Aldridge or Concert Gargoyle if there was enough support.

DSTChuck: Robb, we were not able to secure the rights to the action figures at the time the movie was being developed – as you say, it went to Mattel. We had hoped to get more products done for the movie beyond our Minimates assortment (which was pretty fun!), but we were not able to get the reference we needed at the time we needed it. At this time, I am not sure what the future will hold for us with that movie.

Greg N.
Has DST ever considered making a prop replica version of the Original Series Klingon phaser?

DSTChuck: Sorry, I do think we have had any serious discussions about one. The Cobra phaser from TNG is next, then we’ll have to see!

Joshua P.
Hello, I was curious to know if you had ever talked about the possibility of doing either the Scimitar from Nemesis or the Negh’Var from Deep Space 9 as part of the starship legends line? I understand they are larger ships than others that have been done and may require a higher price point, but I do believe that a large majority of fans would love to see these ships done with the care and attention to detail that you put into the line. Keep up the good work!

DSTChuck: I am sorry, they have not been discussed, and I think they are pretty unlikely. Hopefully you like the detail of the Reliant and what comes after.

Rick E.
HEY CHUCK, So, listen…you’re clearly working on a fantastic relationship with Disney, what with your long-time work on Marvel, now Nightmare Before Christmas, Muppets, Pirates of the Caribbean, Kingdom Hearts, so on and so forth. Which is great, because for us adult collectors and Disney fans, Disney has been severely underrepresented.
So, this leads me to my question/request/demand:
As a 90s kid, I need to see something from you called the Disney Afternoon Collection.
Darkwing Duck
Chip N’ Dale Rescue Rangers
Goof Troop
7-inch scale (or 4-5 inch for the smaller characters), fully articulated. Make it happen, cap’n. Also, consider past Pirates movies, while you’re at it, please! THANKS!
PS, seriously. Get it, done. Or else I’m breaking up with you.

DSTChuck: Rick, each division of Disney is different, and even within those factions there are different salespersons and divisions. There are some properties we’ve asked about and they have said they are not licensing. We have not asked about those animated shows before, but I suppose as time goes on if our sales folks think there is interest, it’s something we could look at – I know several folks here are fans of that period.

Rosanna L.
Hi there, I think DST should definitely consider making new Buffy the vampire slayer figures in spite of the recent 20th anniversary of the show. Maybe you could make some 20th anniversary edition figures like Buffy from the first episode “Welcome to the Hellmouth”? And some characters that were never made such as Riley Finn, The Judge, Adam, Sweet (from Once More with Feeling), Caleb etc.? I know plenty of fans were always hoping for a Buffy ‘the gift’ and ‘Anne’ Buffy. I make custom Buffy figures so I know how popular they still are! There is even a facebook group with members who constantly share their huge collections :)
Thank you

DSTChuck: I don’t think there is a development meeting that that goes by where Buffy and Angel do not come up. At this point in time, we are not looking to develop products, but never say never.

You guys are killing it! Thank you!!! Pirates is going to be fantastic and you guys will totally do this line justice!
A few questions….
1. With the partnership you have with Disney do you think Star Wars select figures could ever be possible? Since you are 7-inch scale is there a way to work it?
2. Do you think Kill Bill select will see the light of day this year?
3. Now that Indiana Jones 5 is under way do you think it would be possible to see Indiana Jones Select figures? That would be epic!
4. Any chance of doing more X-Files figures?
5. This is kind of out there but is Samurai Jack a possibility at all? I know totally random but just wanted to see what your thoughts were.
I look forward to hearing your thoughts on these! Thank you!

1) I do not see how that would ever be possible.
2) Maybe not in 2017, but I am pretty confident Kill Bill will arrive, if not end of 2017, then early 2018.
3) I do not think that would ever be possible, but never say never.
4) We have had numerous discussions about doing some classic X-Files figures.
5) We are not pursuing that property at this time – sorry.

Michael S.
Hello again, with the recent passing of Lawrence Montaigne the actor who played the Romulan, Decius, in Star Trek: The Original Series episode “Balance of Terror”, I was wondering if you guys have considered doing one of your great Star Trek Selects 2 pack? The pack could contain a re-release of the series 5 Romulan, and the NY Toy fair figure you introduced us to depicting actor Mark Lenard as the Romulan Commander. This would be an awesome addition to our collections and something I think several fans would buy up quickly. Perhaps you could even solicit pre-orders on your site. I know I’d buy two.

DSTChuck: Michael, at this time we have no plans for any Star Trek 2-packs, but the Select line of deluxe figures will continue.

Tim W.
I just want to say I’ve bought some Star Trek ships from you for years. I remember as a kid I wrote into Playmates back in the day requesting that they make a movie accurate Enterprise-A. They responded with some crappy token response that totally broke my heart as a kid. I am so happy though that eventually you guys came along and built a beautiful movie accurate ship! I’m in my 30’s now and I continue to enjoy collecting these ships. I was curious if you guys have thought about or plan to ever release a movie accurate version of the Enterprise-E from First Contact. I know that Enterprise was the last one they used a real model for filming before they went entirely CG and I thought that rendition of the E was absolutely gorgeous. I thought its proportions were so much more attractive than the versions that were shown in Insurrection or Nemesis. Also, it had that pearlescent white finish which was gorgeous. Just curious if this was something you guys have ever looked at producing. I’m also curious if you guys are still developing new ships. I would love to see your take on the Enterprise from the new series of movies. Who knows if you guys have the rights to it or not, but it would be really cool to see a more faithful reproduction of that ship. In any case, I love what you guys do. Keep it up!

DSTChuck: Tim, glad to have you as a collector. We have made a few different variations on the Enterprise E, including First Contact and Nemesis versions – hopefully our First Contact edition is the look you were thinking of. I do not know if another version of the E is in the works, but it’s certainly is something we always look at. However, we do not currently have the rights to make product from the three new movies.

Jakob C.
Can you make Ice Peashooter or Agent Peashooter?

DSTChuck: Jakob, I am sorry to say we are not currently able to develop any new characters for Plants V Zombie Garden Warfare.

Hovik S.
Will you guys make action figures based on the new Lord of the Rings Shadows of War video game??? The original game was game of the year and the new game is highly anticipated to be game of the year but no one is making figures :( Maybe post a poll on Twitter to see if people would want to buy the figures and what they would want so you guys could ask for the license.
Also, will you guys ever make comic Hellboy figures in the future? Mezco did some awesome figures 10 years ago but the line was never completed so it would be awesome if someone could make more figures for the comic series.

DSTChuck: Sorry, at this time we have no plans to pursue either property.

Hello, I have been very disappointed by the lack of interest companies have in producing a quality 7″ Indiana Jones figure, as he appeared in “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” Would Diamond Select consider doing this? Have they studied market interest in this figure? Thank you!

DSTChuck: Dan, we would LOVE to do that, but as we have been told, Lucas is not currently licensing Indy franchise – which is why I think you are not seeing any products.

Mike L.
Have you ever considered marketing “upgrade kits” for your beautiful Star Trek starships? They are great products already, but I could see a profitable market for some Aztec decals for the various Federation ships, etc. for example!
Also- I know this isn’t a democracy…but count me among the fans who would much prefer a Klingon D-7 / K’Tinga / Romulan Battlecruiser release over a Voyager or Defiant as your next release after the USS Reliant! So many variant possibilities and I’d probably buy them all!

DSTChuck: Mike, we get asked this from time to time, but it’s not something we would consider doing, and we might not even be allowed to by our license.

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