Ask DST #360: Minimates

It’s a new Ask DST, with Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck, and this time it’s all about Minimates, the 2-inch block figures that are celebrating their 15th anniversary this year! If your question isn’t answered below, submit it on the drop-down menu up top or e-mail DSTChuck!
Deven G.
Hey Chuck! For starters, I just want to say I love the Marvel Minimates line. I have been collecting for a while now and am always excited to see what is coming up next. Just curious if there was any plan for an Inhumans Medusa or Stepford Cuckoos Minimates. Thanks!!

DSTChuck: Right now the Cuckoos are not in the plans, but we have plans for some Inhumans! Look for images to be revealed soon.

Miguel A.
As there’s been a bit of a resurgence of figures from The Godfather movie by a company that shall be unnamed (rhymes with Shmunko), is there any chance that you would be able to bring back The Godfather Minimates that were once a possibility? Thank you, you guys are amazing!

DSTChuck: We are not discussing Godfather at this time. Sorry.

Brandon D.
Do you guys plan on making any more iZombie Minimates in the future? Especially since a new season of the show will be starting up soon and it would be nice to see figures of other characters from the show.

DSTChuck: We would love to do more products for iZombie but the products we have made have not done as well as we had hoped. Hopefully sales pick up.

Jason Y.
X-men Days of Future Past was the last series of X-men movie based Minimates we saw. Was there a reason for not doing anymore Minimates? Being that there’s very little X-men movie toys being made these days, Minimates were great quality gems that made me happy.
Please consider continuing X-men movie Minimates. I personally don’t enjoy the Marvel Studios stuff as much seeing how repetitive they are.

DSTChuck: I am sorry, but at this time we have no plans to do products based on the Fox movies.

Jason S.
I have been loving both the Aliens and Predator lines and would love to see some of the characters from the original Aliens vs Predator comics like Broken Tusk (Dachande), Machiko Noguchi, etc. What are the odds of getting those Minimates at some point?
I also love the Street Fighter mates you’ve done in the past and with the upcoming 30th anniversary and the new game coming out soon, would you consider doing more Street Fighter characters? I would love to round out the original 8-Blanka, Dhalsim, etc.

DSTChuck: Right now we are not focusing on the Predator comics, but we have talked about going in that direction if the sales stay strong. I am sorry, but we have no plans at this time to go back to Street Fighter.

Robert P.
Have you guys ever thought of making an accessories pack for Marvel Minimates? Mid-firing hands for Iron man, better (straight) webs, or even some little hand accessories? Could be cool blind bags.

DSTChuck: We’ve done some packs of bases, but we do not have plans for something like Iron Man hands and things like that.

Adam S.
Hi Chuck. The recent Squadron Supreme Minimates were pretty cool but I was put off by the animated style. Is there any chance these characters, or some of the others who have so far only appeared in animated form, might show up in the comic Minimate line in the near future?

DSTChuck: A character appearing in the animated line does not prevent us from doing a comic-styled one, and although none are planned for this year, we have not set 2018 yet!

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