Ask DST #372: Marvel Select!

It’s a new Ask DST with Diamond Select Toys president, and while we’re getting ready for New York Comic-Con this weekend, Chuck took some time to answer your questions about the long-running Marvel Select action figure line, which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, making it the longest consistently running Marvel toy line in existence. Chuck will do his best to give you the answer you need, but with a thousand characters and a hundred different interpretations of each character, they can’t all be a “Yes!” If your question isn’t answered, submit it in the drop-down form up top, or e-mail DSTChuck!

Paul R.
Thor’s spinning hammer effect was so cool. I missed that figure at the Disney store. Any chance of a re-release? Maybe an effects pack?

DSTChuck: Paul, that figure should be returning to Disney Stores as we speak, alongside the new exclusive Planet Hulk figure.

Tom V.
You should really think about making an action figure two-pack based on the Incredible Hulk TV series. One figure could be based on Bill Bixby’s David Banner and the other figure could be based on Lou Ferrigno’s The Hulk. The David Banner figure could come with two interchangeable heads, one with normal eyes and the other with white eyes that mean he’s about to change. The Hulk figure could come with a removable tattered shirt.
I think fans have wanted something like this for a long time. This fan sure has.

DSTChuck: That would be cool, but I’m sorry to say we are not allowed to do something like that at this time. Never say never!

Louis C.
Hello! Big fan and collector for the Marvel Selects and was wondering with the Netflix Daredevil coming soon will the other Netflix heroes/villains will be getting a figure as well?

DSTChuck: There are no definite plans at this time, but we are considering it and we have discussed it so – maybe.

Rico X.
Hello DST!! I am a fan from China and I want to ask if there is any possibility for
1.MCU Iron man mk1-mk3 figures(because 2018 is the 10th anniversary of Iron man movie).
2.a new Venom action figure for 2018 movie or original style and the 2013 version is too small for Carnage.
3.more symbiotes action figures such as toxin and black spiderman.
4.any x-men movie figure?

1) I am sorry, but we are not able to make figures from past movies at this time.
2) I am sorry, we have no plans to make another Venom figure, we are still very happy with the one we have released.
3) Sorry, no plans at this time, BUT all of 2018 is not set, so never say never.
4) I am sorry, we are not planning on producing figures for any of the Fox movies at this time.
Erçin Ç.
Will you release a Marvel Select Rogue action figure in the near future?

DSTChuck: Rogue has been considered and been on the short list so many times, I’m shocked she has not been done yet. I think it’s a matter of when, not if.

Jose V.
Hello DST is there any future plan to launch Marvel Select figures from X-Force either Arcangel, Logan or Warpath? Will we see marvel select of the inhuman comic version of either Black Bolt, Medusa or Lockjaw? What about figures from DEADPOOL 2, either Deadpool or Cable?

DSTChuck: Any of those are possible (aside from the Fox movies).

Oscar M.
Now we have seen Elektra in her red suit in Netflix The Defenders is there any possibility to see her in the 7″ select line? it could be awesome to put her side by side with Daredevil.

DSTChuck: We have not decided what, if anything, we will do with her from Defenders.

David A.
Will we get a Spiderman in the McFarlane Style with good articulation and detailed anatomy? I feel this is a good idea granted the old Toy Biz McFarlane Spiderman sculpt/figure sells for over $45 and up (especially if blue costume) loose on eBay STILL. I feel fans are really looking for tight sculpts, and it might be time for a highly detailed Jim Lee Yellow Wolverine with good articulation. Looking for the BEST versions of these characters ever made in action figure forms, not missed opportunities. Thanks!!

DSTChuck: Based on how our license works, a toy like that would not be possible for the Select line. But we’ve made a few Spider-Man figures that are both articulated and detailed, with another on the way, so hopefully you can find one that works for you.
Lewis R.
Will the Marvel Select Movie Black Panther figure have weapons? One site said it would?

DSTChuck: We are still working on the figure and base – they are in approval, so I can’t say anything for sure at this time.

Michael R.
Hi, with Marvel Select figures sometimes having accessories dropped before they enter production (in this case I’m wondering mainly about the unmasked head from Netflix DD), and the majority of modern figures being digitally sculpted, is there any chance that the files for things which didn’t make it could be uploaded to the internet?
This would allow the more enterprising members of the community to potentially produce these parts for those who are interested, at no additional cost to DST.

DSTChuck: I am sorry, but nothing like that would be possible, and not all DST pieces are sculpted digitally.

Guilherme L.
Hi! Can we Marvel Select collectors, one day expect any of these comic book figures like: Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Silver Samurai, Adam Warlock, Blackheart, Archangel, Loki or a different Ghost Rider? Just instead of movie figures of the same character like Cap or Ironman, that are getting way too repeated.
Thanks and keep making great figures I can spend my money on.

DSTChuck: I think most of those would be unlikely, and none are planned at this time, but never say never.

J. D.
So far I’m loving what I am seeing from your Spider Man Homecoming Select figure. But I was hoping you can shed some light on my one concern.
Will the dark blue lines in the blue be added before the final product? From all the early shots we’ve seen, that detail seems to be missing.

DSTChuck: There are no dark blue lines highlighting the costume – that detail did not exist when we started on the piece.
Lewis R.
Will the movie Black Panther with Warriors Falls be shown at NY Comic Con?

DSTChuck: We hope it will be, but that is up to the studio and approvals.

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