Ask DST #385: Kingdom Hearts, Star Trek & DC Gallery!

New York Toy Fair is fast approaching, and Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck is hard at work gathering all of this year’s coolest prototypes together in one showroom to dazzle collectors! But he took some time off to answer fan questions about a variety of topics including Kingdom Hearts, Star Trek, X-Files and his dream license! Read on for more, than ask your own question via the drop-down menu up top, or e-mail DSTChuck!

kingdomheartsselects2 Jeremiah J.
Hello, I just saw the Kingdom Hearts Series 2 listing and I couldn’t pre-order fast enough! Upon closer inspection of the figures I had a few questions:
1) How tall is Pete? Is he going to be a larger figure?
2) It appears that Pete, Donald and Goofy have no elbow articulation. Are these prototypes? Is articulation being added?
3) Will Pete’s legs have articulation? Will they be able to move back and forth?
4) No weapons were shown, but previously it was announced that Donald would have a mage staff, Goofy a shield, Roxas the Oathkeeper keyblade, and Aqua the Rainfell Keyblade, is that still the case?
A lot of questions, I apologize. Keep up the good work!

1) Pete is pretty big, I would say he is about 7 inches.
2) They are prototypes, but Goofy will not have elbow articulation.
3) Yes, Pete’s legs are articulated in production.
4) The figures will come with some weapons. They’re hard to pose with the prototypes, due to the materials used. Hopefully we will have more flexible production samples we can shoot soon.
Keep the questions coming — it just means you care about the line!

Jeremiah J.
Hello DST Chuck, what would your grail license be, and which format(s) of products would you make form that license (Select figures, statues, Minimates, etc). It may not be a license that is possible at this time, or ever, but something you personally would love to make. Thanks!

DSTChuck: Star Wars or Indiana Jones Select would be cool. Blade Runner and the Clint Eastwood westerns would be cool. Honestly, I can’t complain, it’s all been a dream come true!

Justin B.
Hey gang, love the ships you have created thus far, but I have a few questions. 1 – Can we expect the USS Voyager NCC-74656, the USS Defiant NCC-74205 , the USS Pasteur NCC-58925 (Olympic class), the USS Geronimo NCC-69302 (Akira class), the USS Farragut NCC-68507 (Nebula class), the USS Lakota NCC-42768 (Excelsior class), or USS Prometheus NCC-74913, in the near future?
2 – Would you ever consider doing a line of electronic shuttles from TOS, TNG, VOY, DS9, ENT, and the films, including all of the shuttles and even the Runabouts?
3 – Would you consider making Phaser rifles from TOS, TNG, DS9, and VOY?
Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. Keep up the good work.

1) None of those are next, but of that list Voyager and Defiant are most likely.
2) I don’t think so, but never say never.
3) Rifles are tough, very expensive to make and have less demand than other role-play items.
My pleasure!

Eric G.
What is all happening at the Star Trek front and don’t spare the details

DSTChuck: We are currently working on two ships, three action figures and a role-play item. Details will need to be for the future, as we don’t want to announce something that does not end up going forward for any reason.

batmangallery L. F.
Hello, DST.
1. Firstly, PVC diorama are great art pieces. The base is meticulous and price is affordable. Kudos to the team!
2. Most of the DC characters in PVC diorama are from animated tv. Is there any plan for DC characters based on comic? I noticed there are comic characters in Marvel Gallery line.
Thank you.

1. So glad you like them – we took a big risk when we went in that direction, and it’s good to see fans respond well to the idea. We keep pushing what we can do with the format and price.
2) That would be very cool – we added the Justice League movie to the line, so stay tuned to see what we come up with next.

Hi Chuck, I’ve been buying DST toys for 18 years but only as a casual buyer. Now I see all the good Star Trek stuff I missed. Will you continuously resupply items such as 1701-refit, 1701-A, TMP/The Wrath of Khan phaser, and Star Trek III phaser? Even if it takes a couple of years I’d sleep better knowing I can get them in the future. Also, how about a DS9 Defiant? Thanks!

DSTChuck: From time to time, if sales comes to us with demand, we do re-run past items, but sometimes the factory minimum can be pretty high, or for practical reason we cannot make more. Sorry I can’t help you with your sleep issues.

Johnny R.
Will there be new X-Files Diamond Select figures for Season 11? I love the look this season and would love a Scully who could sit down. Also, any plans for more iZombie figures? Thanks for being awesome!

DSTChuck: Right now no more iZombie figures are planned, but we’re keeping an eye on the show, so maybe. No plans right now for an X-Files Season 11 release, but for sure the door is not closed.

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