Ask DST #387: Ghostbusters, Pacific Rim, Batman and More!

DSTChuck is back, and he’s taking your questions! The president of Diamond Select Toys is on his way to the New York Toy Fair (February 17-20), but before he left he answered your inquiries about everything from Ghostbusters to Pacific Rim Uprising to Batman: The Animated Series, plus much more! Read on, and submit your own questions in the drop-down form up top, or e-mail DSTChuck! And be on the lookout for coverage from the New York Toy Fair starting this weekend!

I just have a question/ suggestion about your Pacific Rim Uprising figures. I know that from the trailers a lot of the jaegers in the movie have firing missiles, lasers or guns as weapons, and since DST does such a great job providing intricate bases with your figures I thought this could be a really great opportunity to include weapon effects with your jaeger figures.
S.H. Monsterarts has done some really great blast effect pieces with their Godzilla action figures and the S.H. Monsterarts Moguera has one of the best missile firing effect pieces in any toy. But I think you guys could do an even better job if you made some of your own. Is there a chance we could see something like that show up in your Pacific Rim offerings?

DSTChuck: Alan , we have already designed and sculpted three series of figures, so I hope you are happy with them. But also keep in mind we had our first series of figures DONE before the trailer came out and any of the Jaegers were seen in action.

Joe R.
Following the recent news that Toys R Us is going to shut down almost 200 of their stores, what are your future plans regarding Toys R Us exclusive figures? Where will they be offered instead of TRU?

DSTChuck: We consider TRU a great partner and they are key to intruding products to the marketplace. We have no plans to alter how we do business with them.

Kyle N.
With the Ghostbusters series 6 action figures shipping soon, can you give any details about The Real Ghostbusters series 9 and 10 or let us know how soon images of them might be released? I think I am all in for Ghostbusters 2 line but would like to know more about The Real Ghostbusters line before I comment to them. I would hate to have an incomplete firehouse.

DSTChuck: We hope to show our RGB line soon, but right now we’re just shipping Series 6, so Series 9 and 10 are pretty far in the future.

David O.
Are there any plans for you to create replicas of the USS Discovery or Shen Zhou?

DSTChuck: Sorry, at this time there is no plan for either of those.

Jimmy M.
I have loved every one of your Muppet Select figures and was sorry to see that pre-orders for the 4th wave have been cancelled from retailers. I had heard that you may still be looking into other methods of distribution. I was wondering if you still are, what those methods might be, and how we Muppet fans can help show our support for this line? It would be a shame to have only 3/5 of the Electric Mayhem in this brilliant set.

DSTChuck: Once TRU decided to drop the line due to low sales, we were restricted to orders from specialty retailers, those orders were pretty low. If we can figure out a way to get these to market, we will let everyone know, and I urge everyone to pre-order them.

Andrew L.
When will the TNG Phaser be out?

DSTChuck: We will put the phaser up for orders when we are confident about the ship date.

Dean G.
Will you be releasing anymore Batman 1966 mini bust in the future?

DSTChuck: Yes, we are hoping to show several new busts soon.

Robbie B.
Hi, are you going to do a series 5 on Gotham action figures and if you do will you do Jerome and Ivy and Fire Fly next that would be great if you do thank you.

DSTChuck: Retail support is not there right now, but we are keeping an eye on it, and for sure something is possible.

Kevin V.
Hey so I am pumped about the Batman Animated Series busts that are coming out later this year. Killer Croc, Ra’s Al Guhl and Clayface. Please keep them coming! My question is, is it possible after these come out you’ll come out with more good guys like Alfred or Commisioner Gordon? Fingers crossed I hope so. Thanks!

DSTChuck: We would love to continue the line, but sales are slowing, so hopefully we will see an uptick and we can continue.
Terry N.
Silly question in 2009 you previewed A Star Trek Romulan Commander (from The Balance of Terror) great figure never was released my question is what happened. I was very lucky to find 2 Romulan Centurian figures that were released instead. Have always wondered why the Commander figure was not.

DSTChuck: I am sorry, I do not recall the exact reason. That was a long time ago!

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