Ask DST #395: Marvel, Star Trek, Ghostbusters & More!

It’s a new week, and a new batch of questions of which to Ask DST! Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck is here to answer those questions in the countdown to his 400th Ask DST, and once again the subjects are diverse, including Marvel Minimates, Star Trek ships, Ghostbusters figures and other fun stuff. Read on for answers, and submit your follow-ups in the drop-down form up top, or e-mail DSTChuck!

Kurt F.
Great work on your various toy lines and it’s pretty cool of you to field questions and be honest with your responses. I have two for Minimates:
One, what will happen to the Toys”R”Us exclusives? As in, will the number of Minimates being produced lessen with the company’s closing or will the lines be moved elsewhere?
Two, though Walgreens has a great line of exclusives, why does the finish/paint on the figures seem, quite often, to be flat, less brilliant, than the main line’s or Toys”R”Us’ Minimates? Examples would be Iron Spider-Man from Walgreens (Taskmaster 2 Pack) versus Toys”R”Us OR Iron-Man Series 2 from Walgreens versus Toys”R”Us Wave 19. Thanks.

DSTChuck: I think it’s great that collectors like what we do enough to take the time to write in with questions!
One, I think it’s far too soon to say for sure what the impact will be with TRU closing – they were a great partner and supporter of MM and other lines. It’s not as easy as saying sell them to someone else, if there was someone else out there that thought they could support the line we would be selling to them already.
Two, I am not aware of any different process being done for the animated line than the comic line, so it might just be to match the animated look (yellow instead of a metallic gold), but I will look into it further.

Steve B.
I am about to start an action figure collection and I am debating what company to go with because I want all the figures to be the same scale. The centerpiece of the display is going to be Thor from Thor Ragnarok however I need him without a helmet. I noticed that when you originally announced the Thor Ragnarok figure there was a no helmet head in the display. I really like the look and quality of your figures and would like to start collecting them but I can’t if you will never release a version of Thor without a helmet. Will a version of that figure ever be released? or is there a way to possibly just purchase the alternate head?

DSTChuck: I am sorry, but at this time we have no plans to release another version of that figure. The version without the helmet was worked up for a retail customer, and they passed on the purchase .

Leo N.
Hi. Are you gonna make The Ecto-1 to fit the Ghostbusters and Real Ghostbusters select figures?

DSTChuck: We would like to make an Ecto-1 similar in size to the time machine from Back to the Future, approximately 1:15 scale, but we have no plans at this time to make one in scale with 7” figures – that would simply be too large.

Carter M.
Will there be a series 2 of Avengers Infinity War Minimates. I realized after getting the first wave that a lot of characters are missing such as most of Thanos black order and Captain America. Do you have any plans to release a new wave, if so can you inform us of who will be in the wave. Thank you for your help.

DSTChuck: The second series of Infinity War Minimates planned for Toys “R”Us was offered to comic shops, with Captain America, Corvus Glaive and Others, while Walgreens will have a second wave with Cull Obsidian, Gamora and others. However, with a movie as huge as A3, or as big as we expect A4 to be, even with Minimates there is no way we can cover everything.

Moshe M.
Are there any plans to re-issue the Star Trek TOS Enterprise NCC-1701 HD Edition? Also, when can we expect to see a Robby the Robot electronic figure?

DSTChuck: We constantly look at the electronic items to see which ones have enough demand have to warrant another production run, and I believe a new run of the TOS Enterprise is on the docket. We’ll have to see what the future holds for a Robby.

Mike T.
Great work on the Psylocke Premier Statue. Any chance any other X men members will be made as a Premier statue?

DSTChuck: For SURE! We previously offered Rogue and Wolverine, and Magneto is up next. And others are planned! John P.
Is the Star Trek 3 Searchfor Spock Variant Phaser going to be released?

DSTChuck: There are no plans for that at this point.

Elijah M.
1. Would it ever be possible to get a lineup of final fantasy 15 6-7 inch select figures from you guys?
2. I read that the Pacific rim 2 figures would be sold at two different price points, with lower priced variants with less accessories going to be sold at Toys R Us if i remember right, what’s gonna happen to that plan with Toys R Us going away?

1. We do not currently hold the rights to the Final Fantasy action figure line so we cannot do that.
2. For the TRU versions of Pacific Rim Uprising, our sales folks are speaking to other retailers to see if any of them are interested. Series 1 is available through your local comic shop in both formats, but Series 2 is currently Select-only. Mark G.
Could you guys make a hobgoblin statue? I haven’t seen a good one since polystone, the same series quality as Cable would be nice, thanks.

DSTChuck: I am a huge Spidey fan, and would like nothing more than to make a sweet Hobgoblin statue.

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