Ask DST #397: Marvel Select and Much, Much More!

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It’s a new, massive Ask DST, in which Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck takes on the Herculean task of answering your burning questions about Marvel, DC, Kingdom Hearts, Ghostbusters, Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, James Bond, Halo, Night Court and more! The man is a machine, and we’re counting down to Ask DST #400! Don’t see your question answered? Ask it in the drop-down form up top or e-mail DSTChuck!

Hi Chuck & Team! I hope you are all doing well! It is time again for some questions!
1. Will we at all be seeing Spider-Man Mysterio or Vulture? I would love to get a Mysterio from you guys since I exclusively collect Marvel Select now.
2. I know the probability for us to get a marvel Select MCU Thanos is very, very high (almost certain fingers crossed!) I was wondering if would see a MCU Vision, Scarlet Witch, Gamora, and an MCU updated war machine?
3. Will we be getting Ant-man and Wasp figures for the new movie (please say yes! We need both)!!!!
4. For the Captain Marvel movie could we get Captain Marvel and Nick Fury? These are a must have!
5. Would we ever get an Apocalypse and Omega Red? I’m dying for both (Omega Red a little bit more). Please tell me we can likely get these soon!
6. Sonic the Hedgehog needs Select treatment. Please tell me you may be doing these in the very near future!
Thank you again for all you do!

DSTChuck: Hey Huston – all good here…and thanks for collecting the line!
1. For sure, we always consider the Spidey villains.
2. I can say some of those have been considered, but I can’t say which ones or if we will do them going forward.
3. I can’t say for sure, but you might want to save some $$ in case.
4. Right now, we have no plans for Nick Fury.
5. Right now, they are not planned.
6. Hopefully things go well with Sega, and fan response to Sonic is what we expect, so other cool stuff like that is possible. James C.
Hi. I wanted to know were you guys planning on making more Jim Lee comic-based 90’s X-Men action figures next year including a 7″ inch more articulated Wolverine in his updated Blue & Yellow late 2000’s costume? Secondly, I need a 7″ Iron Man action figure from the Avengers Infinity War movie that came out this year. Are you guys planning on making more Avenger action figures next year based off Avengers 4 next year? Let me know. Thanks and Make Mine Marvel!

DSTChuck: I think we would like to do more X-Men from that time period for sure. Beast is next, followed by Rogue! We are waiting to find out more about A4, but for sure we are looking to see what we can do from that movie.

Kevin T.
Dear DST Chuck, I’m a big fan of the Select lines of figures. Since DS does TMNT related merch, is there a chance we could see a Select line style of figures for the Turtles? I think a classic Spider Armor (silver & black) Spider-Man in the Marvel line would be a cool addition as well.

DSTChuck: I am very sorry, but TMNT is not possible at this time. Jonathan H.
Hello! I am a huge fan of the Batman TAS bust series. I have already ordered Killer Croc and can’t wait for Clayface and Ras Al Ghul to become available. I was wondering however if you had plans to finish up the rogues gallery? I’d love to see a Mad Hatter, Hugo Strange, and Ventriloquist to cover pretty much all the top ones from the series. I hope they do for I will certainly buy those three if they are added! Thanks for doing great work!

DSTChuck: I don’t know if we will “finish” them, but I’m SO happy we have been able to do all the ones we have done, and if we can at least break even on the latest batch then we will do more.

Marcus S.
The Marvel Select action figures are awesome! Any chance for a DC Select line or a Justice League movie line?

DSTChuck: At this time DC is not possible, but that would be very cool if we did get a chance someday. Glad to have you onboard for Marvel, though.

Marc L.
I’ll keep this short, are there any plans for a new Marvel Select Thor based on his Unworthy Thor costume and are there also plans for a Lady Thor?

DSTChuck: They are not planned at this time, but they have not been ruled out.

Denise M.
Hello, just wondering if there is a possibility of getting Night Court MiniMates and/or ViniMates? Harry Stone, Christine Sullivan, Dan Fielding, Mac, Bull, Roz, Selma, Flo, Art, Phil, Bernie are some of the main characters that come to mind. Of course, with the MiniMates there could be a host of accessories for Judge Stone! (deck of cards, handcuffs, his name plate from his desk…)

DSTChuck: GREAT show, but sorry, not one we are considering for Minimates or VM. Jeremiah J.
Hello DST, I just saw pictures of the upcoming Kingdom Hearts wave 3 and I was very surprised and delighted to see figures of Tron and Sark. I have a few questions concerning those two:
1) The articulation looks limited on those two figures, will Tron and Sark have knee articulation?
2)Are the hips classic T-hips(allowing backward/forward and lateral movement)?
3) It looks like Tron has elbow articulation, will Sark as well?
4) Will Tron come with his classic disk accessory?
I apologize for all the questions. I am excited by the possibility of some great classic Tron figures.

DSTChuck: I don’t think we’re ready right now to give a full articulation breakdown for the line, but what was shown was the resin prototype, and yes the figures will be articulated. Tron will not have the disk, though.

Joe C.
1. When will we see a Kingdom Hearts figure of Riku? He’s the other main character in the video games! Will he at least get a Minimate in Series 3?
2. Are the Borg Select figure and future Starships still being worked on? Will we hear anything about them soon?

1. We are not ready to announce every figure we’re doing for KH, but we showed new stuff at SDCC, and we are planning (hoping) to go very deep with this line.
2. Absolutely everything we have announced for Trek is still in development and more. For the Reliant, unfortunately the key team member we had on that project has a serious family issue at a key stage of development. Some factory engineering issues came up with the Cobra phaser that we hope we have cleared. But the Borg figure will be up for pre-order later this month, Into Darkness figures are up for pre-order now, and the Enterprise-C is in the pipeline! Darren J.
Next year is the 25th anniversary of the original “Stargate.” Any chance of movie-related (rather than series) items?

DSTChuck: Sorry, that is not something we are looking at right now.

Mirko F.
Hi I’m a fan of spider-man, are there plans for a new gallery figure line regarding the world of comics?

DSTChuck: I can say we have some new Spidey Gallery stuff in development, including a new Spidey, Black Cat, Venom, Cloak and Dagger, Carnage and more! Braulio A.
1) Any chance for James Bond figures. I personally would really like Daniel Craig Bond figures. It would go great with John Wick figure. Maybe for Bond 25.
2) Past Bonds and Bond villains. Maybe call the Diamond Select Bonds.

DSTChuck: We have discussed Bond, but there is nothing in the works. I’m a HUGE fan so for sure we’re not ruling it out.

Josh G.
At the 2011 New York Toy Fair you unveiled several Halo toys, including a Halo Red Spartan Bust Bank. I haven’t seen this anywhere since, was this bust ever released?

DSTChuck: I believe only the green and blue variants were released.

Rafael K.
Hi! Are there going to be Pulp Fiction Wave 2 Action Figures? It would be a shame if we only got the 3 that got released before.

DSTChuck: For sure we would like to get that series out, we’re doing what we can to make that happen in a post-TRU world.

Arturo Z.
Hey Chuck!! Are you planning to rerelease the Marvel Select Nightcrawler figure? They are impossible to find.

DSTChuck: We are in constant contact with the sales team to see what interest there is in past figures coming back.

Robert L.
Hello, I know a few years ago, you announced plans to release Ghostbusters minis like the little green army men, or like the Aliens colonial marines that you did I know that never came out though. Is there any plan to release them in the future or a similar product? I know me and my groups were very interested in them, and still bring them up from time to time. -Thanks!

DSTChuck: I don’t think those will make it to market – there was not enough interest in them when the sales folks talked to retailers. But never say never.

Luiz G.
Will you make a remake of Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze? Also, would you ever consider making Dragon Ball Z Minimates?

DSTChuck: Right now we have no plans for Dragon Ball, and we do not have a new Select GR figure in development at this time.

Chris R.
Collossonaught! He’s a superb example of milking a great figure from past pre-existing tooling. Can you do this to economically afford the release of more obscure characters?
– Spider Hulk (borrowing a few pieces from past Hulk tools).
– Another Watcher or Aron (just a different head or robe from Uatu)
– – Collossonaught (same figure just different metal arms and Pitior’s bald head).
– A-Bomb (using Abomination toolings yet different head and fins)
– Mephisto Half Serpent Mode (same head / torso yet new talon tipped claws and serpent tail).
– Wendigo / Orange Sasquatch / Snowbird’s White Sasquatch
– Caliban the Apocalyptic Horseman (Hulk body, new head, hands, feet.)
– Various Apocalypses (old Hulk bodies + new heads, new boots, new armors).

DSTChuck: We only produce a tight number of Marvel Select figures each year, and for the most part they are all new sculpts. I don’t see us changing that.

Rolland R.
It is been years since we last saw Omega Red, one of the most badass among Wolverine’s nemeses. Any chance we will be seen it again, maybe in the “Wolverine” series? It would be awesome to see Apocalypse in the same series, too. Any chance, please? How badass would it be a series with Wolverine’s rivals and enemies? We’ve seen some of them recently, such as the Silver Samurai and Lady Deathstrike, but it could contain Wendigo, Ogun, Viper, Gorgon, Daken, Hulk, Cyclop, Deadpool, (more of) Sabretooth and Magneto, Omega Red and Apocalypse (as I said before), Cyber, Bloodscream, AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! That would be the most awesomest thing ever.

DSTChuck: For sure I have a soft spot for that era of comics, so we’ll have to see. As for what happens in the comic books, we have no idea.

Mike N.
Any statue/bust plans for the upcoming Death of Superman animated movie? The version of Doomsday would make for an awesome collectible.

DSTChuck: Right now, we do not have rights to those animated movies (which for the most part have been GREAT) but for the comics we’ve only just started, so we’ll have to see. Martin R.
Hello, I am writing from Spain, here the DC / Marvel Gallery of PVC statues are having great success. Congratulations for this great work. Do you plan to expand the Gallery line with Star Wars figures? It would be fabulous.
On the other hand, are there possibilities for a Winter Soldier or Loki statues in Marvel Movie Gallery?

DSTChuck: Thank you so much for the support in Spain!! I agree it would be fabulous to do Star Wars but for now it’s not something we’re able to do – but we’ve asked!

Damon K.
Hi, I absolutely love the Marvel movie Minimates and the infinity wars are no exception but I have a question the Thor didn’t come with his new hammer Stormbringer is there going to be another figure with it I found it weird that he didn’t have it. Can’t wait to see more!!

DSTChuck: Sorry, no, not at this time.

Mike N.
Any plan for a Juggernaut PVC diorama or resin statue? It would be a great companion piece for Deadpool.

DSTChuck: For sure we will get to Juggernaut at some point.

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