Ask DST #398: Pacific Rim, Ghostbusters, Marvel, DC and More!

What’s big and fat and full of questions? This week’s Ask DST! It’s a big old post-holiday weekend Ask, with a ton of Qs from fans, each one hand-answered by Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck! This round has questions about Minimates, Select figures, Gallery PVCs, and more, from pretty much every DST license. We said it was a lot! If you don’t see your question answered, use the drop-down form up top or e-mail DSTChuck!

Magda L.
Hello! Rummaging around the Minimates Database I couldn´t find Cyber. Is it true that it was never produced? I guess it would have to come accompanied by yet another Wolverine figure, for hitting a good sales threshold, right? Would you guys please, please, please make it! My Wolverine collection looks so unmotivated without Cyber! lol It would be awesome to see Wendigo as well. Any chance in the near future? Maybe a Wolverine´s foes 4-pack with those guys and a re-launch of Omega Red and a Cyclops “gone villain”? Thanks!

DSTChuck: I read this as you want more Wolverine MM – we’ll get right on that! A villainous X-faced Cyclops should be out soon at Walgreens.

Cason P.
Before the Ghostbusters rooftop was fully released, you folks were kind enough to give us the final dimensions of the completed set. Can you tell us the pending dimensions of the firehouse facade? I know many of us are planning ahead. Thanks!

DSTChuck: It is 22 inches wide by 23 inches high by 6 inches deep. Ryan A.
Would Minimates of The Office (U.S.) characters ever be considered? I really enjoy a lot of the “civilian” style Minimates. Thanks for your time!

DSTChuck: Right now we have no plans for more civilian MM, but for sure it has not been ruled out for the future.

Jonathan C.
Is there a chance you guys will make Ghostbusters figures that are poised for display in the box? The ones I’ve seen have cool boxes except the figures inside are posed really odd, surrounded by multiple pairs of hands and spare heads etc…

DSTChuck: There have been sometimes when we have posed action figures in an action pose in the package, so it’s not something we haven’t done before, but I don’t think it’s in the plans for GB. We really believe the extra parts and accessories are a big selling point for the line.

Richard G.
Are you ever going to do super articulated fifth element figures?? There are so many characters that you could do.

DSTChuck: At this time, the property is not available to us. Sorry.

Please, please, please, make Ant-Man and the Wasp Select figures, at least make Wasp since we already have Ant-Man.
Also, I really hope you guys announce an MCU Select Thanos, it’d sell like hot bread.

DSTChuck: I think it would make good sense for us to do Select figures from Ant-Man and Wasp… We already did couple comic Thanoses (Thani?), so a movie one might make sense at some point.

Martin J.
I know that for other lines you have the rights with Fox, is there a possibility of doing something in the Gallery line with the films of the X-men, Alien or Predator?

DSTChuck: Right now those are not available for the Gallery line, but we would be very interested if we ever get the opportunity.

Vincent G.
Is there any plans on developing a Marvel Select figure of Gwenpool? I know that’s an odd choice, but I was curious. After reading her comics I became an instant fan and would love to see a Select figure of her in my collection!

DSTChuck: We do try to do some Marvel Select figures based on newer editorial, and we have in the past, so it’s not that crazy an idea. Never say never.

Artu Z.
Is any project planned on the figures of Vision (film or classic), Classic Thor and Ghost Raider?

DSTChuck: We do have those characters planed in various formats for 2019. I hope you end up being happy with what we come up with.

Ezekiel P.
Hi, would DST consider making a figure of iZombie’s Blaine (non-caricature one), please?

DSTChuck: Sadly that is not in the plans at this time.

Miarca V.
I love the Daredevil PVC statue!! I was wondering If you will ever release a Daredevil Black suit version from Season 1?

DSTChuck: We’re BIG fans of the Netflix DD show so if sales are there it would be possible.

Lydia R.
I LOVE the Pacific Rim Uprising Jaegers!! I was wondering if you had any plans to make one of Scrapper? If not, please consider! Scrapper is one of my favorites! I know it would be tricky to make a toy that could walk as well as roll up in a ball! Thanks!

DSTChuck: Yes, it would be very cool, but sadly at this time it’s not in the plans.

Jheybee H.
Will we be expecting Movie Version Deadpool, Cable & Domino 7″ Select Figures in the future?

DSTChuck: Sorry, we do not have plans at this time for any products based on the Fox movies.

Callum M.
Would a Beta Ray Bill Select be possible? And is a rerelease of the comic Guardians of the Galaxy also possible? Thanks.

DSTChuck: We have discussed BRB from time to time — I would not say he is likely, but he is possible. As for more GotG – if they are sold out, hopefully Disney will order more.gotg2a

Paul B.
Are there any plans to reissue the Batman Shakespeare bust?

DSTChuck: Yes, we will be doing another production run.

Noah R.
Hi, I was wondering would we be able to get a Marvel Select HobGoblin or Matt Gargan Venom? PS Keep up the great work on Marvel Select!!

DSTChuck: Right now those are not in the plans, but being part of Spider-Man family makes both of them possible in the future.

Eddy Z.
Collecting all your Jaegers and collected the old Neca ones too, somewhere I read that Neca was planning to do Brawler Yukon but before that they lost the license, any chance to see this Jaeger in your line? Keep doing them because I absolutely love them.

DSTChuck: We plan to see how the first three series of Pacific Rim Uprising figures do before we commit to more figures, including figures from the first movie.

Jeremiah J.
Has there been any update on the Select Cthulhu figure that was displayed a few years back? I’m waiting patiently.

DSTChuck: We would like nothing more than to find a way to produce that figure in the price rage fans are used to for Select.

Matthew B.
Any future Star Wars Minimates by any chance? Also, is series 2 of Infinity War going to be the end or will there possibly be a series 3?

DSTChuck: Sadly, we are not able to produce MM for Star Wars. As for more IW Minimates, I am sorry to say Thanos snapped his fingers and that was the end of more IW MM.

J. G.
Hello. Your Gotham Select line unfortunately seems pretty much over at this point. With Gotham’s final season coming, is there any chance of you guys doing a new series of figures, such as Jeremiah, to see it off? Thanks for your time!

DSTChuck: Sales of the line at the end were not strong, and the loss of TRU hurts a line like this, but we’d LOVE to be able to do one more series, if we can find enough outlets to make it viable.

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