Ask DST #403: Marvel, Minimates, Bruce Lee and More!

It’s an all-new Ask DST with Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck, and it’s a mixed bag of questions — and answers! While the Marvel Select line as always draws the lion’s share, DSTChuck also touches on Marvel Minimates, Pacific Rim Uprising, Gotham, Bruce Lee, DC Gallery, and Batman The Animated Series, plus other licenses we don’t even have (yet)! Read on to see if your question gets answered, then submit them in the drop-down form up top, or e-mail DSTChuck!

Antony C.
Just a quick one, why the lack of villains for the 7″ Marvel figures? I love these figures but, I don’t want just heroes fighting heroes in my cabinet.

DSTChuck: The nature of Select is we are only able to do so many figures per year, so we have to be very selective from the vast Marvel portfolio. So no matter what we do, some folks will not be happy. However, there is no bias against villains, as we just did a Thanos for Disney stores, so…

Jason P.
You have released some MCU PVC statues of characters like Gamora, Valkyrie, The Wasp, Punisher, Hulkbuster… any chances of seeing those characters, as well as Vision and Scarlett Witch in the Marvel Select line?

DSTChuck: What we do in the Gallery line does not reflect in any way what we do or do not do in the other lines. That said, we have already done a comic Hulkbuster in Select, so for now there are no plans to do a new version.

Isaac G.
I assume we’ll be getting a look at the Captain Marvel movie mates pretty soon (which I’m pretty excited for, hoping we can army build some MCU Skrulls) but I’m wondering if/when we’ll be getting new Netflix MCU box sets? I’m disappointed that we didn’t get sets for the last few seasons of the shows but with Bullseye being a major part of Daredevil season 3, I need him in Minimates form!

DSTChuck: Once the embargo is lifted and anything we do for Cpt Marvel is fully approved, we will start to show it to fans! Right now, we have no plans for more Netflix MM but that could certainly change.

Thank you so much for always answering questions! You guys rock! I of course have more!
With the fantastic work that you do… is there any chance you guys could ask Disney about doing a Gargoyles line? This would be an absolutely epic venture and no other company could possibly do it justice!
Will we possibly see an MCU Captain Marvel with a villain from the movie when Captain Marvel hits? This would be amazing and very much needed!
Do you think that you may be able to do Indiana Jones figures? I wish you guys could do some Star Wars and especially Indiana Jones. I know Hasbro has the six-inch for Star Wars but Indiana is a whole other ball game especially in 7-inch format! Would there be any interest in pursuing these? Even if it was just Indiana for now?
Do you think Netflix Punisher is on the horizon soon? This would be awesome!
I am still convinced we will see Sonic Selects and an MCU Thanos and I will tell you I am fully committed and vested in Marvel Select with the hope of Thanos! You guys never disappoint with your figures!

DSTChuck: Huston, thank you for caring enough about the products we make to take the time to ask questions. Right now we are not working on Gargoyles, BUT we have added some cool new (to us) properties to our upcoming Disney releases. We ask Lucas about Indy EVERY time we see them. For SURE a Netflix Punisher Select has been talked about! I can’t comment or even hint about what we are doing for A4 or the folks at Marvel will be VERY cranky, but we should be able to talk about Captain Marvel soon.

Have you guys though of making Horror line Minimates like Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, It, Scream, etc.?

DSTChuck: Yes, that has been considered.

Jeremy H.
Is it true that you are working on Marvel’s Spider-Man figures from PS4 game? Will be Spider-Man figure in Marvel Select series? If so, is it possible to add toe articulation and web that is attached to the wrist similar Marvel Select Amazing Spider-man 2 and keep articulation of Infinity War Iron Spider?

DSTChuck: At this exact moment, that is not true, but that situation is very organic and could change at any moment. As far as design goes, we are limited to a certain number of points of articulation allowed to us, and we are pushing that to the edge as it is already.

Christian A.
Are there any plans for more cosmic based comic book Marvel characters? Would love to see Darkhawk or even a classic Star Lord show up in a mix!
Also, was going through my Minimates collection the other day and realized that there’s never been a New Warriors based line! Is there any chance we can get some love for these characters or see them fit in with any upcoming plans? Thanks!

DSTChuck: Yes, we will be doing more comic based Selects but I can not say which ones at this time. No New Warriors planned, but I must admit that’s a fun idea, so we’ll see.

Joseph S.
I’ve been buying a lot of your marvel PVC Dioramas and I love them. I was wondering if you have plans on making MCU version of Vision, Falcon and Capt. America (Avengers 4 version)?

DSTChuck: Some of those would be possible.

Efrain R.
Hello, I’m curious to know if you guys will be making other kaiju from Pacific Rim Uprising, such as the Mega-kaiju?

DSTChuck: Right now we have no plans; we’re waiting to see how the first one does to decide if we will do more in that line.

Samuel M.
Hi DST, just wondering if there are plans for Luke Cage and Iron Fist Netflix figures? Maybe as a 2 figures in 1 Box set?

DSTChuck: Sorry, there are no plans at this time.

Fabian F.
I know there probably are no new symbiote themed Marvel Select figures planned in the near future, but have you ever considered creating a Spider-Carnage figure?

DSTChuck: That is not one we have considered.

Marcus M.
I heard the announcement about you getting the Bruce Lee license, I’m very excited. A few questions:
1. Will we get Minimates from all his films like Big Boss, Fists of Fury and Way of the Dragon? I know Enter the Dragon and Game of Death are for certain, it’s his most popular looks.
2. Does this license allow other supporting characters or just Bruce Lee himself?
Thanks for your time. Can’t wait to add the martial arts king to the shelf!

DSTChuck: Our license is with the estate directly, not with the movie company.

Braulio A.
Any chance for a Marvel Select Netflix Kingpin. My personal favorite MCU villain. Also, any chance for more Gotham figures, such as Jerome, Scarecrow, Riddler, or Mad Hatter?

DSTChuck: At this time, we are not able to do anything with the Netflix Kingpin, but never say never. For now no plans for Gotham, but we are keeping a close eye on the demand.

Erik M.
Hey Team. I’m a huge fan of the Doom video game license. Especially the old school 1993 version. Any chances that your talented minds might get a hold of this IP?

DSTChuck: Sorry, right now that is not a license we are looking at.

Mirko F.
Hi! Are there plans for other characters from the Arrowverse for the CW Gallery line? For example, Black Canary, Reverse Flash, Kid Flash or Martian Manhunter?

DSTChuck: We would LOVE to make more, hopefully the demand at retail will be there.

Alexander J.
Nobody is doing Conan the Barbarian figures. Could you guys give that a shot at some point?

DSTChuck: We have looked at it from time to time so we’ll see.

Matthew W.
Hi DST! I love your Marvel figures – especially the huge ones like Hulk & Thanos. I was wondering if there’s any way you guys could make a Tom Hardy Venom? I feel like DST is one of the few who could do his awesome design justice. Thanks and take care!

DSTChuck: I am sorry, but at this time we have no plans to do figures from the Fox or Sony Marvel movies.

Santiago P.
I’m a big fan of your Batman Animated bust line and always snatch up every new bust as soon as they’re released. I was sorry though to see that there were no new offerings at NYCC this year. I realize the line must be winding down but are there any plans of making a few of the remaining recurring villains like the Ventriloquist, Mad Hatter or Dr. Strange?

DSTChuck: Reports of the line’s demise MAY have been exaggerated.
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