Ask DST #405: Marvel, Sonic, Castlevania and More!

It’s a new Ask DST with Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck, and this week he’s answering your questions about Marvel, Sonic, Ghostbusters, Castlevania, Godzilla and more! Read on to see if your question was answered, then submit one in the drop-down form up top, or e-mail DSTChuck!

Rafael A.
Have to say: DS Gallery figs are a dream come true for me personally. Besides comic book characters, though, do you have plans to add more movie licenses to your roster (*cough* Ghostbusters *cough*). I know you guys have done some great movie ones, The Dark Tower ones are even much, much better than the movie they were based upon, John Wick and NBX are also fantastic, but are there any non-Marvel non-DC figures planned (*cough* Hellboy *cough* – I think I’m getting a cold…) for the near future?

DSTChuck: You should really get that cough looked at! For SURE we are looking at and have already added more licenses for the line. Thanks to everyone for the support on this line, which has allowed us to expand it. Chris W.
Love the Phoenix statue and variants, was wondering if we were going to get a Dark Phoenix version? Thank you.

DSTChuck: If you are referring to the Gallery PVC line, we already did regular green, Dark Phoenix red and White Phoenix versions, and currently have no further plans for more, although I’m sure there are more variants to do!

Ian M.
Do you know if any Minimates are being made for the Spider-Man PS4 game currently thanks?

DSTChuck: They are under discussion!

Jebb W.
Are you ever going to do a Marvel Black Knight or Captain Britain Select?

DSTChuck: I really can’t say they are under consideration, but never say never.

Huston P.
I had a quick question. Will Nightcrawler ever see a rerelease? The after market price is very high and he is one I very much need in my collection. If you could please let me know I would really appreciate it!

DSTChuck: It is not in the works, BUT we are constantly in talks with sales to see what they are hearing about for demand.

Lyndsey L.
I was wondering if there are any plans to do any A-Team figures. It would probably make my life if that happened. Thanks!

DSTChuck: I am sorry, but we do not have anything in the plans.

Wesley H.
I’m so glad that the final TRU Minimates wave has been saved. Your recent trend towards story arc-centric waves is a great idea.
Opening The Spot was the first time, in a while, that I’ve seen the black bases (very clever.) Is it possible that we could get a new line of base bags? One bag could be black and one could be some something new – white/grey, or a mix of bright, crazy colors! It was also great that two of them were small bases. I like to use them on the lady ‘mates – it makes them look ‘dainty.’

DSTChuck: The Spot was ALL DSTBarry’s doing! I do know we still bring bags of stands to shows and we do have some stock in our web store, but I do not know if we’ve looked at more/different bases or stands. At one point we made some black Minimate stands, but the clear ones were much more popular.

Chris K.
What’s happening with the X-Files license? Are you planning more figures? Would love to see classic Mulder & Scully from earlier series.

DSTChuck: To be honest, we’re in a holding pattern right now, trying to see what demand is at retail.

I am very excited for the Castlevania line. When can we expect some reveals?

DSTChuck: Look for the first PVC Diorama to be revealed this month!

Jasmin H
I love the Netflix Daredevil Marvel Select action figure. Are they any chances to get a Netflix Punisher or villains from the show as Marvel select figures? I would love to get these.

DSTChuck: I think right now the most likely would be the Punisher, but it’s not in the plans at this moment.

Amiko N.
Will you make actual Sonic action figures with articulated joints other than Vinimates and Minimates? I searched on a website and it said that you were going to make actual Sonic action figures I just wanted to know if you were going to do such a thing?

DSTChuck: Our relationship with Sega has been going very well, and for sure we would like to do more with them. We have LOTS of stuff in development that hopefully we can show soon.

Matthew S.
I absolutely love the Marvel Select MCU figures. Just recently I finally ordered a Age of Ultron Hulk figure. It just was that one thing I knew my collection needed.
One thing my fellow MCU fans and I still feel strongly about is what they did with Quicksilver in AoU, and how the character deserved more than what happened to him. Would you guys consider a Quicksilver figure in the future? Maybe do a 2 in 1 release with Scarlet Witch? (Similar to how the Star-Lord figures came with Rocket Raccoon?) I think I figure of her too would be awesome given everything that’s happened to her in the last few years. Thanks!

DSTChuck: I am very sorry, but neither of those are in the plans.

Jason S.
With the continued popularity of Overwatch, will you be considering pursuing the brand? I would love to collect each character and could just imagine the possibilities for cool new character effects…not to mention the different variant costumes.

DSTChuck: We have had some conversations, but nothing has come of it to date.

Luciano P.
Hello! To commemorate the greatness of Stan Lee I suggest a re-release of Marvel Select The Watcher with Stan Lee in the same package.

DSTChuck: That would be VERY cool, but we have asked for Stan Lee in the movies before and were told it was not allowed.

Nicholas C.
Have you considered obtaining the license for the FOX Sleepy Hollow Series that ended last year? Quite a few interesting character designs that would look great in action figure form.

DSTChuck: I am sorry, but we are not considering that at this time.

Robert J.
Any plans on more Godzilla banks in the future? I really liked the Rodan, the classic monsters are the best, thanks.

DSTChuck: We’re huge fans of Godzilla and would love to do more Godzilla projects!

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