Ask DST #406: Aquaman, Castlevania, Pacific Rim and More!

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Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck is back, and he’s answering your questions about a plethora of subjects! From Marvel Comics to DC Comics; movies like Aquaman and Pacific Rim Uprising; TV shows like Castlevania and The Real Ghostbusters, and more! Read on to see if your question was answered, then submit one in the drop-down form up top, or e-mail DSTChuck!

Eddie F.
Hi! I was wondering if you’re going to make a live-action Amber Heard Mera PVC statue to join Aquaman, Ocean Master, and Black Manta. Thanks!

DSTChuck: Sorry we did not have reference in time, so we’re going to see how the movie performs and maybe do one down the road a bit.

Marcus S.
The Marvel Select action figures are awesome!
Is there any way we could get a 90’s Cyclops or Ghost Rider with motorcycle?
An Apocalypse figure would be amazing.
Also, there is a comic where punisher turns into the ghost rider. That figure would be awesome.
Is there any way we could see some DC selects or Star Wars selects action figures? Predator Selects?

DSTChuck: We’ve looked into a Ghost Rider with motorcycle before, and we just can’t make that costing work. For now, it’s not in the plans to make a new Cyclops. We have asked a few times about those properties for Select, and they are not available at this time.

Ed G.
Hi DST, first off, I love the Real Ghostbusters Selects that are coming soon and I can’t wait to start picking them up. With that said, can we expect more from this line? Boogeyman, Samhein, maybe some Kenner inspired figures?

DSTChuck: We’ll just have to wait and see how the RGB figures perform!

Alex H.
Hi, I recently noticed that DST have acquired the license of the Castlevania series from Netflix, congratulations, it was about freakin’ time someone made collectibles of that franchise, the question is: does the license include only collectibles based on the Netflix series? or can we also expect some video game-based collectibles?

DSTChuck: The Castlevania product is 100% based on the new Netflix show.

Martin J.
It is possible that we see in the gallery line several figures of Tim Burton’s Batman? The figures of Nolan’s Batman have been a success.
My daughter implores a winter soldier figure in the gallery line.

DSTChuck: We’ve asked about the Burton movies, and it’s something we would love to do, so we’ll see. I can only say right now that we have not RULED OUT Winter Soldier, so never say never.

Jeff W.
Any more plans to do the rest of the Dark Knights Metal villains? We have 3 so far, I must have them all! They are fantastic! Thanks.

DSTChuck: Glad you like them! If the ones we have shown sell, we would LOVE to keep going! Brandon K.- Are there plans to acquire the Sesame Street license for figures and mini-mates? The Muppets are great, but Sesame Street is WAY more popular and the nostalgic fan base just keeps growing as they get older. I would bet you would get mainstream retail support for a line like that as well if done in the same way you did the Muppets. Unlike the Muppets, there has never really been an adult collectible Sesame Street line (though there almost was one).

DSTChuck: Sorry, no plans at this time.

Greig C.
Have the sales for the Muppets Select Swedish Chef been as expected? Does this allow us to hope for Zoot and the others?

DSTChuck: I think we need it to be in stores a little longer to know, but we do have a long row to hoe at this point.

Marcus M.
Any chance of Pokemon Minimates? Or any Nintendo property?

DSTChuck: We have talked to Nintendo a couple times, but so far we’ve not worked anything out.

Bryan B.
Do you have any plans to make an Ecto-1 or 1A where your figures would fit inside?

DSTChuck: We would like to make an Ecto-1 that would be about the same size as our Back to the Future Time Machine (approximately 1:15), but we’ll see.

John L.- Your “Pacific Rim: Uprising” Select figures are outstanding. I know you also offer D-Formz of the Jaegers and kaiju but I’d love to see Minimates of the PILOTS and other characters that no other licensee is offering. They’d complement the Select and D-Formz wonderfully. Any chance we’ll see human characters as Minimates, especially with the upcoming Netflix animated series on the way?

DSTChuck: Thanks for the kind words, I am glad you like them. They were SO great to work on. No plans for MM at this time, but never say never.

Brian R.
After Series 10 Ghostbusters will DST make any more GB movie figures?

DSTChuck: We’re not sure right now.

Steve T.
I read that your Star Trek props are at 3/4 scale instead of 1:1 scale. Is this true and why?

DSTChuck: I have no idea who would say that – if you have any of our Trek role-play you can clearly see they are 1:1. Several have even been used in the production of the actual show!

Ed V.
Do you plan to have anytime soon an interactive exact replica of the Phaser used on Star Trek Discovery?

DSTChuck: We are not currently planning product for Discovery.

Justin H.
Can you please provide a status update on the Aliens Minimates line? I’m hoping we can get a few more releases before the line wraps up.
I know you recently mentioned that there are no plans for additional Predator releases, but would you consider releasing another wave with some of the harder to find Jungle Extraction team members? A final wave with variations of Hawkins, Mac, Billy, etc. would be a great finale to the line. Maybe include a skinned victim and a version of the Jungle Hunter with a firing plasma caster?
Is there any chance of the Aliens VS Predator license picking up when both lines end?
Also, has there been any further discussion on re-issuing the Minimates Collector’s Case?

DSTChuck: At this time we are not planning more Aliens or Predator MM. We’ve only talked a little about a new case. Sorry.

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