Ask DST #407: Marvel Select and More!

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It’s time for another installment of Ask DST, where Diamond Select Toys’ president DSTChuck answers your questions about the many DST product lines! This week, the lion’s share of the questions are about Marvel Minimates and Select, but there are also questions about DC, Ghostbusters, Castlevania, Pulp Fiction and more! Read on to see if your question was answered, then submit one in the drop-down form up top, or e-mail DSTChuck!

Baylee A.
Hi there. I’m a blind collector, and I’d like to preface my question by thanking you for allowing me to feel what’s on the comic page rather than see it.
My question to you is, do you plan to add any more villains to the Spider-Man collection? I can’t help but notice my Spider-Man shelf is missing a Venomized Scorpion and a Doc Ock. Thanks!

DSTChuck: I am glad you have found a new way to experience these great characters! I love me some Spider-Man so its always possible we’ll dip into his ‘verse for new ideas.

Ryan H.
Mr. Chuck, sorry if this has been asked before… Are there any plans to have 7″ scale DC Select articulated figures similar to Marvel Select? That would be so awesome.
Also, for Marvel Select, I wanted to throw 90s Psylocke or Archangel, Netflix Punisher, and movie’s Wasp, Nick Fury, or Scarlett Witch to the requests for near future decisions.
Love your stuff. That Disney Store Gladiator Hulk was perfection. Looking forward to Rogue next year! Thank for that!

DSTChuck: Currently, DC action figures are not available to us. As far as Marvel goes, based on what you are looking for, I think you will be happy in the future.

Joe O.
I’ve been a huge fan of DST since I was a kid, my first figure of yours was AGT Picard, and this is my first attempt to ask you guys a question!
Now, as I’m sure you’re aware already there is a Rambo movie (reputed to be the last Rambo movie) coming to our screens next year. What I want to know is if you guys have any plans at making a bid for the license?
I’d love to see an old man John Rambo and some other characters from the franchise made in the incomparable DST style. I was far more impressed by your Stallone likeness for the Expendables than NECA’s for their own Rocky / Rambo figures. I feel that you could really knock this license out of the park if you could get it. Add in some additional hands, a bunch of accessories and maybe a double-jointed elbow on the Stallone figures and you’d already have achieved that. Please think about it!

DSTChuck: Thanks for collecting and for taking the time to ask a question! Right now, I am sorry to say we do not have plans to do toys for Rambo. But the Expendables figures were fun to do.

Alex H.
Hi, my question is: does the Castlevania license include only collectibles based on the Netflix animated series or can we also expect some video game-based collectibles in the future? I’d love to see characters like Simon, Richter and Soma Cruz being made in action figure by DST. Thanks.

DSTChuck: Alex, we are only making toys for the Netflix show at this time.

Any plans on doing more MS X Men characters in 2019? So far you’ve been consistent with these releases, and they are definitely the highlight of the Marvel Select line.
If so – we really need Archangel.

DSTChuck: In just a few weeks, we will have another X-Man to announce, after that I am not sure if more X-Men are in the plans for ’19.

Craig D.
Seems like series 2 of Pulp Fiction is looking unlikely? Any chance of releasing Vincent Vega (and preferably also Mia Wallace) as some form of exclusive sale, perhaps from your own website? My collection just looks incomplete without them. Whilst I’d love for the line to continue, my collection would at least not look unfinished with Vincent and Mia joining the existing crew.

DSTChuck: Craig, I VERY much agree with you, we really do want to get S2 out there for that exact reason, but it seems we cannot catch a break with this line. The death blow may have been the closing of the TRU chain.

Edward V.
Do you plan on producing the Star Trek Discovery Phaser?

DSTChuck: I am sorry we do not currently make products for Discovery.

Christopher R.
Hello. Back at Comic Con you guys revealed an Avengers: Secret Wars Minimates two pack of Doctor Strange and Ghost Rider exclusive to Walgreens. I have neither seen nor heard anything else about this set since it’s reveal and I was wondering if it’s still set to be released at some point. Thanks for all the incredible products, such a huge fan!

DSTChuck: The release date for Marvel Animated Series 10 was pushed back a bit, but they will be out in the first half of 2019, along with Hammerhead and the rest.

H. R.
When will Diamond Select make a Miles Morales Spider-Man action figure? You’ve made Spider-Gwen, but what about Miles?

DSTChuck: He is for sure on our list, so hopefully it won’t be too long.

Marcus M.
Will the Tomb Raider Minimates ever return?

DSTChuck: I am sorry, we no longer have the rights to make product for the Tomb Raider games.

Sonns S.
Would you consider Mortal Kombat Minimates? With the new title announced for next spring it would be a good time to try them out.

DSTChuck: MK is something we have looked at in the past, and for sure it comes up from time to time.

Steve Any plans to bring back the 24″ Stay Puft banks?
DSTChuck: I am sorry, no, it took a good bit of time to sell the final pieces, so I would doubt sales would ask for another production run anytime soon.

Marcus S.
Your Marvel Select action figures blow the competition out of the water! I love the what if Captain America/Iron man and Odin the Destroyer. I see a lot of people asking for the punisher and a 90s ghost Rider. What about kill 2 birds with one stone and make a Cosmic Ghost Rider! Also, an Iron Skull marvel select would be awesome. And are we ever going to get an Apocalypse figure? Adam Warlock, Ronan, or Terrax?

DSTChuck: The problem with Ghost Rider has always been the costing of the bike. So for now the Ghost Rider we did in the past will have to be it. Right now, none of those are in the plans, but never say never.

Tyson R.
Are there any plans to make the Babylon 5 series of ships?

DSTChuck: I am sorry, at this time we do not have any plans for B5.

Jeremy W.
Are you ever going to make more zombie figures?

DSTChuck: It’s funny, when we make Marvel Zombies figures, we get lots of emails that we’re “wasting” a slot. Now that it has been a little while since we’ve made one, we’re getting more and more requests for more! I like them, so I think there could be a chance we do another one, but we can not do the heroes. That was a one-time thing.

If your question wasn’t answered, tune in next week, submit it in the drop-down form up top, or e-mail DSTChuck!

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