Ask DST #410: Marvel, DC, Ghostbusters and More!

C2E2 is over, and now it’s time for another Ask DST, where Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck answers your questions about everything under the sun that’s DST, from DC to Marvel, from Star Trek to the Nightmare Before Christmas, and more! Read on to see if your question was answered, then submit it in the drop-down form up top, or e-mail DSTChuck!

Gabe F.
With the PVC statues of the Dark Nights Metal line– I was curious how many different characters will be made?

DSTChuck: We have shown all the ones we have planned at this time. If they do well and DC does more with the universe in their comics, we’d LOVE To do more! Steve J.
Is there any chance that you will re-issue the movie version of the USS Enterprise refit version to coincide with the 40th anniversary of Star Trek the Motion Picture this December, or possibly a re-issue of the Wrath of Khan Enterprise when the USS Reliant is finally released? After all, the Reliant should be displayed alongside a 1701 without any A.

DSTChuck: We are always looking at re-runs for the ships, but I am not aware of that one being discussed at this time.

Mauro B.
I am a great fan of Minimates. I was wondering, due to all the Disney licensed product you are producing, if you have in the pipeline to produce The Gargoyles from Disney. It is the only thing that I really miss.

DSTChuck: We do not have any rights to the Gargoyles show, unfortunately.

Brady P.
Hi, I was just wondering if you guys were planning on making any more Kevin Smith movie figures such as Dogma, Clerks 2, etc.

DSTChuck: Maybe not of those movies, but our relationship with Kevin is ongoing!

Nelson M.
Hey, any chance we may see Vanitas or other characters from Kingdom Hearts 3?

DSTChuck: If the sales are there, we have many more series of KH planned for throughout 2019 and 2020!

Dominick C.
Hey, DST. I was wondering if you guys were planning on making any Minimates based on the Marvel Cartoon Series, Marvel Rising? It would be cool to get Patriot, a new Squirrel Girl (I missed out on the last one), Inferno, America Chavez, a new Lockjaw, etc.

DSTChuck: Not at this time, but we constantly look at new Marvel content for ideas.

Mario G.
I love the X-Men line of Marvel Select. Will any new ones be joining the line this year besides Psylocke and Rogue? Also, are there any plans to release a Jim Lee style Cyclops as well? Thank you!

DSTChuck: Psylock and Rogue are it for now for 2019. We’ve hit the X-Men pretty hard lately.

Isaac G.
Why aren’t we getting a Far From Home wave? I’d even take a 4 pack, but to not do anything for the movie really sucks. Marvel has been doing 3 movies a year for the last few years, I don’t understand why it’s just now a problem. If it’s a timing thing, the Ant-Man and Wasp set didn’t come out till October when the movie came out in July. Better late than never. If enough people are upset about it, any chance we can at least get a 4 pack? The two Spidey suits, Jake Gyllenhaal, and either MJ or Maria Hill?

DSTChuck: Far from Home is a separate license from the Marvel licenses we currently hold.

Mayra P.
Hello. I’m a 68 yr old retired firefighter from LV NV. And I just purchased your gallery Superman in I believe 1/8th scale, I am a statue collector and bought this figure because it looks like the Superman I’m used to and not the radial mesh tire looking figures DC has gone to!! My question is– Is there a possibility you will go back to where it all began (figure wise) from 1938 Superman, and the 1939 Batman, it seems like eventually all things revert to its origins. Tim Bruckner did a Line of DC polystone hero’s as they first appeared, man I’d love to see something like that. Thank you.

DSTChuck: Glad you like the Superman Gallery piece! We’ve thought about a historic line or a through the ages line, but it’s not planned at this time.

Carter M.
When will the Avengers Endgame Minimates be revealed? Released? How many unique figures will we have? How many waves will we get for this movie?

DSTChuck: We are not allowed to talk about S4 products at this time.

Joe F.
Any chance to see a re-release of the Chitauri figure from the first Avengers? They appeared again in Infinity War, and it looks like Hasbro is making one for Endgame, so it would seem they are appearing again. It’d be great to get a couple more.

DSTChuck: I do not think that figure sold very well the first time, and we are not allowed to talk about A4 products at this time.

Hope C.
Hi! I was curious, in the future is there any chance of y’all doing like a 18”/20” version of Oogie Boogie like the other 1/4 scale Nightmare Before Christmas characters? The large figures like Jun Planning used to make?

DSTChuck: We’ve looked at it, but at this time we have no plans to make a huge Oogie.

Nathan A.
Hello Diamond Select. I am a big fan of your Gotham TV series figures line. So far you have made four series that consist of the first two seasons of Gotham. Would you by any chance be making more figures for seasons three, four, and five when it is over. Any more popular characters such as the Riddler, Jerome and Jeremiah Valeska, a vigilante Bruce Wayne, Grundy, Professor Pyg, Ra’s al Ghul, Scarecrow, Bane, etc.? I am just in love with this line of figures and hope for more in the future.

DSTChuck: We’d LOVE to make more, but the demand for the figures really dropped off, and we lost TRU as an outlet, so the chances are not good.

Dan L.
Any plans on a Real Ghostbusters Slimer as a bust bank or anything large as the cartoon Slimer? Thanks.

DSTChuck: Not at this time. Sorry.

Steve M.
Any plans to make figures from the 2020 Ghostbusters film in the works?

DSTChuck: I think its way to early to even think about that. We’ll see as more information comes out.

Hi, I would like to know if you guys are going to make a PVC statue of Mera from the Aquaman movie anytime soon.

DSTChuck: At this time, we do not have plans for more product from the Aquaman movie.

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