Ask DST #414: Marvel, Sonic and More!

It’s a new installment of Ask DST, in which the president of Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant Ltd. answers your questions about all of our products! DSTChuck has a lot to say on a lot of topics, so read on, and submit your question in the drop-down form up top or e-mail DSTChuck!

Robert P.
Please reconsider the Spider-Man Far From Home Minimates line.

DSTChuck: I am sorry, but we do not have the rights to produce products from FFH.

Marcus M.
Will there be more Sonic the Hedgehog Minimates? I love the first set and to finally have a full collection of the characters would be cool.

DSTChuck: If demand picks up for the first set, we do have a second set designed and ready to go.

Max S.
Hello! I am a big fan of the Marvel Select series and the 7-inch scale.
1) You can make the next Spider-man figure textured absolutely everywhere (as in the “Homecoming” figure);
2) make two joints in the torso and the same connections in the hips as in the “Infinity War” figure;
3) make joint in toe or just slightly bend them in the area of the toe;
4) add a second joint in the neck or make it more mobile.

DSTChuck: We are very limited in what we can do with the articulation, if we were to do what you ask we would have to take joints away from other places.

James W.
Are there any plans for Marvel select figures for Avengers Endgame? As a collector I’ve been avidly awaiting any news on such figures, especially a MCU Thanos? Thanks for the time.

DSTChuck: Yes, we will be producing some figures from EndGame. We just revealed the Hulk.

Jason Y.
Just wondering if you guys have considered the Red Sonja license. Would love to see a Select figure based on Red Sonja, along with Gallery statues and Minimate.

DSTChuck: Sorry we have no plans at this time for Red Sonja products.

Paul R.
Since AVENGERS: ENDGAME featured appearances of characters from past films, is that possibly a way for DST to re-release some of those older MCU figures like Cap, Red Skull, Thor and Loki, etc.

DSTChuck: Cool idea, but at this time it looks like that will not be allowed.

Greg E.
I’m sure you’ve been asked this a thousand times but why have you stopped the production of the Super Powers line?

DSTChuck: Gentle Giant Ltd. no longer had the rights to that product category.

Tanya O.
1. The Marvel Select line has given us many awesome Spider-Man villains, but never a Mysterio. With Mysterio getting his movie debut this summer, does that make it likely we’ll see a Marvel Select Mysterio in the next few years?
2. We’ve gotten many Kingdom Hearts figures in the Select line so far, but only 4 of the 10 main human characters (as seen on the cover of Kingdom Hearts III). I like the various forms of Sora, but could we please have more main heroes like Ventus, Xion and Riku? It seems strange they haven’t been done but we have so many versions of Sora.

1. Mysterio is for sure one we have discussed – we are in production right now on a Gallery figure of him.
2. I am not sure how many of those KH figure we will be able to make.

Cristoffer D.
I just wanna ask do you have plans to make previous characters from MCU like Hela, Malekith or Ronan?

DSTChuck: Sorry, our license does not allow us to go backwards for the Select figures.

Rachel W.
Hello! Could you guys ever release the unmasked head for the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Marvel Select Star Lord figure? It looked so good. I know you got down the likenesses of Homecoming Spidey and Cap. You could make it an exclusive for Star Lord and I’d buy it. And hey it would be cool to do an anniversary line for the MCU. I’d even love a Star Lord from Infinity War. I hope you could be able to put this into consideration about the unmasked head thank you. Whatever it takes.

DSTChuck: I am sorry but there are no plans for releasing that version, but never say never.

Joshua S.
Are you planning to do cull obsidian in pvc diorama?

DSTChuck: Hopefully the rest of the order sells well and yes we would love to complete the team.

Amiko N.
I really like your PVC dioramas and I wonder if you are going to make more dioramas with zones like Chemical Plant, Seaside Hill, etc. I also wonder if you are going to add more characters like Super Sonic, Cream, Rouge, Omega, Vector, Charmy, and Espio. They are my favorite characters and I wondered if you were going to make them.

DSTChuck: We’re just starting on the Sonic line, but we certainly hope the support is there to keep building on the line.
Levent K.
Any plans for classic Sabretooth diorama?

DSTChuck: It absolutely has been discussed.

Thomas V.
Hello, I really like your Kingdom hearts GALLERY STATUES. I was wondering if you would possibly consider making a ROXAS wielding oblivion and oathkeeper from kingdom hearts as a GALLERY STATUE In the future?

DSTChuck: A Roxas Gallery is not planned at this time, but never say never.

Johnathan W.
Huge fan of the MCU Marvel Select line! Will there be any more released for the current Infinity War lineup? And, will the same amount be released for the Endgame lineup, or can we expect a few more?

DSTChuck: We do have several figures planned in the Select line from the Endgame movie.

Abdallah H.
One of my biggest Marvel Select figure dreams are the Silver Samurai and Puma. Any hope, whatsoever?

DSTChuck: I would say chances are pretty slim, sorry.

Steve M.
How about an Ectomobile?

DSTChuck: Yes, we are working on one!

Adam S.
Now that Conan is appearing in Savage Avengers is there a chance we could see him as a Minimate?

DSTChuck: At this time we are told we are still not allowed to do Conan in the Marvel line.

Ken H.
Just a quick product suggestion. I hope somebody could make these and you guys seem to be the best positioned to do it and goes along with your idea of scaling up. I was wondering if you guys have considered the idea of making 3.75″ action figure-compatible versions of the original kenner micro collection playsets? Like the Wampa Cave, or Bespin Gantry – even if just slices of them. I think that would be a huge hit with vintage collectors and fill a desire to have those in “full-size.”
DSTChuck: We’ve done very few 3 ¾ figures and do not have plans to move into that space at this time, sorry.

Ryan J.
Will there still be select action figures of Kill Bill coming?

DSTChuck: I am sorry, no, the Kill Bill line will not be happening.

Steven H.
Any chance of more Marvel Cinematic Universe characters from the Legends in 3D 1:2 scale bust line or perhap DC films? Like Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel or Tom Hollands Spiderman? Any chance of Henry Cavill Superman, Gal Gadot Wonder Woman or Zachary Levi Shazam?

DSTChuck: At this time we are not allowed to make ½ scale busts from the DC movies, but never say never!

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