Ask DST #416: Marvel Select, Minimates and More!

It’s a new Ask DST with Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant Ltd. president DSTChuck! This week, he is answering all questions, so read on for nuggets of info about Marvel, DC, Black Hole, Star Trek, Rocketeer and more! If your question isn’t answered, submit it in the drop-down form up top, or e-mail DSTChuck!

Baylee A.
Since you guys have moved into horror statues, have you considered, or will you be adding, Freddy and Jason? And since Predator got a gallery piece, will Alien as well? Thanks.

DSTChuck: We do not have the rights to any of those properties at this time, but for sure we would LOVE to be able to work on them, so… never say never!

Fabian F.
Since I saw your reveal of the PS4 Spider-Man Marvel Select figure I was wondering, has the Sensational or Scarlet Spider costume ever been considered as an addition to your Marvel Select line?

DSTChuck: Every possible version of Spider-Man and every Spidey-based character has been considered.

Alex B.
Greetings from England! Congratulations on your fantastic robot action-figures based on the film The Black Hole! When the film was first released, a six-issue comic book series was published which expanded the plot of the movie. In an alternate dimension, the heroes met a duplicate Old B.O.B. robot who was programmed as a babysitter. As such, he had large, curved hands. Sadly, the comic only ran to four issues in the U.S., but in Europe we got the whole six instalments, and I just wondered if there was any chance of you producing an Old B.O.B. figure with interchangeable hands, in the style of the character in the comic book?

DSTChuck: We are basing all the figures on the movie.

Rey G.
I have learned that lately you have been acquiring more Disney licenses that have not been as exploited as Marvel and Star Wars, my question is: would the Gargoyles license be a possibility for you in the future?

DSTChuck: I think we have a good relationship with Disney, so hopefully we can continue to work on new properties together.

Denis C.
I was curious what the likelihood of the Injustice 2 line getting expanded? I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE if a Swamp Thing and Poison Ivy were made. They’re two of my absolute favorite DC characters. I’d buy those in a heartbeat! I’d also be interested in Dr. Fate, Power Girl, Wonder Woman, Starfire and a few others as well. Clearly I’m ready to start an Injustice Collection here! lol. Since Batman and Harley were just released, will any of the above also be made?

DSTChuck: For now, I think we are done with Injustice, but if the pieces out there do well it would be fantastic to continue.

Andrew T.
With the announcement of the Disney Select Classic line, which movies could we see represented in future waves? I’d personally LOVE to see Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

DSTChuck: We do not have plans for that at this time, but never say never.

Ken R.
Very excited to see that you’re making Rocketeer products! Love the character, the comics, and the film. But I couldn’t help noticing one thing missing from Comic Con: Minimates! The movie would make for a natural box set: Cliff, Jenny, Neville Sinclair and Lothar. Please tell me there’s at least a chance!

DSTChuck: There are no Minimates planned at this time.

Jeremy B.
Will there be any more Marvel Select symbiote figures coming?

DSTChuck: There are none planned at this time, but 2020 is not all set yet.

Wally W.
Are there any plans for DC statues on Mister Miracle, Big Barda and Orion?

DSTChuck: We cannot make resin statues for DC at this time. Sorry. IF you mean our PVC Dioramas, then we shall see!

Alex T.
Will you guys have the contract to manufacture action figures and ships from Star Trek: Picard?

DSTChuck: We have not discussed that show with CBS yet.

David P.
Is the Batman 1966 bust collection complete? Are you releasing any more busts?

DSTChuck: Yes, I believe at this time we have done all the busts we are going to do. It’s been a life’s dream to work on that line!
Justin B.
Any ideas on what the next ship after the Enterprise-C is going to be? Also, have you ever considered making miniature bridge, transporter room, engineering, or other models? Is it possible for you to make all of the phasers from TNG, DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise? Along with the Tricorders and Communicators?
Thanks for the awesome ships and props you have created thus far. Keep up the good work.

DSTChuck: We’re just happy to keep grinding on the Reliant and C right now.

Levi G.
Are there any plans for Select figures from the upcoming HBO’s Watchmen tv series?

DSTChuck: We do not have the rights to the upcoming show, but let’s see how it does and maybe take it from there.

Jeremiah J.
At Toyfair a fully articulated Iron Giant action figure was shown, but since then there has not been much information about it, nor was it on display at SDCC. Can you tell us more about the figure? Is it still in the works? It hasn’t been canceled has it? I’ve been really looking forward to it. It’s one of my most anticipated releases.

DSTChuck: Yes, that and other Iron Giant products are still in the works.

Adam W.
Hi! What are your views on your market for Minimates exclusives outside the US? They are incredibly difficult to acquire for non-US collectors, not even mentioning the apparent difficulty for US collectors. Also, I hope you aren’t slowly killing off this line, with waves not appearing as much as they used to in stores. You will definitely be letting down a lot of fans if you do. I hope you take the time to address this, a lot are worried about these exact same issues.

DSTChuck: I believe you are correct, but we have tried for many years to line up some more international distributors with no luck. But our sales folks keep trying.

Matthew K.
I’ve been collecting minimates for years, and I was wondering what happened to the m.a.x line (mobile action extreme) I remember that vehicles were planned but never came out as well as swat and fire fighters that never came out. I was also wondering if there was ever consideration for either a wave of supernatural minimates or a box set? Also since you have a license that covers some animated dc works such as justice league and Batman the animated series, would there be any chance at minimates based on the series? I love to collect minimates and I feel that all three of these suggestions would be worth looking into doing.

DSTChuck: There was a buyer change at Toys“R”Us, and the new buyer was not as open to new ideas and wanted to stick to licensed products… and then TRU sadly closed. At this time, DC-based Minimates are still not possible.

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