Ask DST #417: X-Men, Avatar, Star Trek and More!

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Ask DST is back, and Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant Ltd. president DSTChuck is answering your questions! This week he takes on Marvel, DC, Star Trek, Ghostbusters, Avatar, Minimates, Cthulhu and more! Read on to see if your question was answered, then submit one in the drop-down form up top, or e-mail DSTChuck!

I’m very curious is if you guys are going to make the new plants vs zombies figures from the new game call “plants vs. zombies: battle for neighborville.”

DSTChuck: Sorry, there are no plans at this time for more PVZ.

Gabriel C.
Since Diamond released some X-men characters recently, ever consider making and releasing: Jean Grey, Archangel, Iceman, and/or Professor Xavier?

DSTChuck: For which line? What I can say is that we’re always looking at X-Men for character selection.

Landon S.
Are you still planning on going ahead with new Real Ghostbusters characters, and the Ecto 1, now that Hasbro has the master toy license for Ghostbusters?

DSTChuck: We are still continuing development on many GB items, but the action figures are on hold for now.

Frank P.
Is there any chance that we will be seeing any Minimates of the new Disney plus Marvel shows? a new Moon Knight (all white) and She-Hulk would be awesome!

DSTChuck: That is possible – we don’t know much about the shows yet, but they sound great.

Ryan H.
It’s been awhile since there has been any news on your Star Trek ships. I haven’t seen any news or updates from SDCC about the Enterprise C outside of the Gold version being released. Any new updates? Or possibly news on other ships like the Reliant or Voyager?

DSTChuck: The C and Reliant development continues – both projects have hit a couple of delays, but we appreciate your patience.

Matthew B.
Any thoughts on Mission Impossible Minimates?

DSTChuck: There are no plans at this time, and I think it would be unlikely .

John Z.
What is the current status of the articulated 7-inch scale Cthulu action figure you guys showed at Toy Fair 2016?

DSTChuck: We were not able to find what we thought was a good balance of cost and SRP, and the loss of Toys“R”Us might have been the last straw, but we do hold out some hope.

Martin H.
After you have released your tron, red flynn and sark figures will you be relesing future waves of the range and the same question about the black hole figures maximillan, old bob and vincent?

DSTChuck: If our Tron and Black Hole figures sell well, we’d LOVE to do more in both lines.

Lewis F.
Why do minimates not feel like a priority anymore?

DSTChuck: I could not answer that for you. I think since we have so many licenses and lines, collectors of each line or property feel that way. I assure you, we’re still planning Minimates, and just the other day we discussed what the two Marvel comics series for 2020 would look like.

Leonardo R.
how do you guys choose what characters should have a statue or figure? Does it have to do with the popularity of the character?

DSTChuck: Statues and figures are planned differently, but of course the popularity of a character is a major factor. Also, current editorial plays a part, like the DC Metal sub-line. We do try to balance the popular characters with fan favorites that also have a following. We are seldom surprised with sales of a character being much higher than expected, but we do understand we have a responsibility to go as wide as we can with character selection, as long as we’re not losing too much money on each SKU. The characters like Spider-Man help pay for a character like Jubilee.

Matias S.
Hi, since you’re doing classic Disney live action characters like Rocketeer, Which I will most certainly get, I wanted to know there’s a chance for Diamond Select Zorro based on the classic Guy Williams show? It’s a real shame such an iconic character doesn’t have a decent figure.

DSTChuck: I am sorry, we do not have any plans for a Zorro figure at this time. Even though I would personally love to work on one!

Parveet R.
I think it’s great that the Marvel Select line has focused on X-men recently with releases for Beast, Rogue & Psylocke. Have you got any plans to expand the X-men line even further? A Marvel Select Professor-X would be a great addition.

DSTChuck: I think now that we have given some X-Men some love we’ll focus on another corner of Marvel, but of course we’ll go back to the X-Men at some point.

William A.
I just recently purchased the Star Trek Into Darkness Kirk and Spock figures. The are amazing! Will we be seeing more from this line? Would love to see Bones, Scotty, Uhura and Khan.

DSTChuck: We did have high hopes for this line , but with the announcement that there might not be any more movies in the Kelvin timeline, it’s going to be difficult. If the sales for Kirk and Spock do reach the break-even point, we will see what we can do,

Steve M.
Of all the series of recent Ghostbusters figures you’ve produced, which was your personal favorite to do and which one ultimately sold the best? Just curious.

DSTChuck: I think for me, the first five series were my favorite – that took a year of preplanning and was the culmination of a lifelong dream. The next five were a little easier, since we’d figured out the recipe with the first five. The last two being Real Ghostbusters, making lots of fans happy adding those to their 7” collections, was pretty sweet. I think Series 3 might have been the lowest sales, but I’d have to do some real research to see best and worst, since Toys“R”Us closed mid-releases and that had an obvious impact. Thanks for the question!

Raymond V.
1. When will be the release of avatar figure wave 2? How many waves are going to be released?
2. Who are the characters going to be released?
3. Are you to release legend of korra figures too?

DSTChuck: Legend of Korra is not in development, but let’s get Avatar Series 1 into stores before we worry about Series 2 and beyond. But I can say that we’ve already planned up to Series 3, so fingers crossed.

Dominique T.
I just got in the rest of the dark nights metal line. I am in LOVE with them. Please tell you guys plan on releasing the last 3? I dont mind paying a little extra for the devestator. The dcc ones are cool but really static and just dont look as fun.

DSTChuck: We’d LOVE to do more, so hopefully the sales are strong and we can do more. Devastator might be tricky, though.

Luis P.
Have you considered trying to get the license for The Boys?

DSTChuck: Most of us have watched the show and like it, so we’ll see how season 2 shapes up.

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