Ask DST #418: Marvel, DC, Tron, Black Hole and More!

It’s a new Ask DST with Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant Ltd. president DSTChuck, and this week he’s taking on questions about everything, from Marvel and DC Comics to Tron and Black Hole! Plus, Star Wars, Muppets, Jay and Silent Bob and more! Don’t see your question answered? Ask one in the drop-down menu up top, or e-mail DSTChuck!

Lewis A.
With El Camino coming out, any chance of Breaking Bad Minimates?

DSTChuck: Sorry, nothing planned for BB at this time.

Marco T.
Can we look forward to a Beetlejuice and sopranos figures any time soon?

DSTChuck: We have asked about those in the past, and they were not available to us.

Gregg T.
I love the looks of your DCGallery Catwoman which was announced at NYCC and I look forward to adding it to my collection. Just wondering if there is a Nicholson Joker planned for this line?

DSTChuck: I am sorry, there are no plans for a Joker for that line currently. Some other characters, maybe, if sales are strong.

Jason Y.
1) I am really excited to see Gallery statues based on the Batman movies. Was it intentional to start with the 1989 Batman and then the Batman Returns Catwoman with the possibility of a Batman Returns ver. of Batman later on if they perform well?
2) Please consider Bob the goon in the Gallery line or vinimate.
3) With the CW tv shows having a big Crisis of Infinite Earths crossover coming up will DST revisit the possibility to release more Gallery statues based on the shows. Would like to see a Kingdom Come Superman, White Canary and Head Wave/Mick Rory.

DSTChuck: Glad you like them; they were SO much fun to work on. If they do well, more might be possible. We already asked about the Crisis stuff, and we’re waiting to hear back. Cross your fingers.

Martin H.
I have just found out that you will be doing a wave 2 of tron there a chance that you will do a wave 2 of black hole figures, l have the first wave on pre-order

DSTChuck: I do not recall either of those being decided on yet, sorry. However we are hopeful, so keep an eye out, we certainly hope so.

Sam M.
1) Now that characters like Xmen, Fantastic four and Deadpool are OFFICIALLY going to be part of the MCU, is it now “possible” for DST to develop future plans for those characters?
2)”Possible” Marvel select Figures for the Marvel Disney + shows? Example: Moon Knight and She Hulk.
3) “Possible” Jon Bernthal Punisher Figure?

DSTChuck: Right now we are not planning any FF or Deadpool, etc. movie figures, but that could change in the future. We have no plans at this time for any more product from the Netflix shows.

Kevin C.
Are you guys planning on making a Monica Rambeau Captain Marvel anytime soon?

DSTChuck: Sorry, not at this time.

Michael C.
To whom it may concern, I was wondering is the Black Hole Palomino is being considered for production? I believe there is a market for it, especially since there has never been one released from another manufacture.

DSTChuck: Not at this time, but if the toys do great, you never know.

Lewis R.
considering that the Morbius The Living Vampire movie is coming out in 2020 are there any plans to do a marvel select figure of him

DSTChuck: It might be possible, we have not planned all our 2020 figures yet.

Courtney R.
Will see any new mini busts for Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker? I would love to see a new Rey bust in her new outfit!

DSTChuck: We do have some new product planned for Episode 9, but to some extent we are in the same boat as the fans and will wait to see what the movie holds in December.

Joseph S.
For star trek original series are you considering making any other bridge accessories other than the chair?

DSTChuck: Sorry, no plans at this time.

Tim G.
Hi there. I love Gentle Giant’s Star Wars animated maquettes. So much that I’ve got every single one. I’m curious if there will ever be any more released? We never had a Jedi Luke, and there are plenty of great new characters to take from episode 7-9. Any hope?

DSTChuck: At this time there are not any planned, but yes, we have talked about it internally.

Robert L.
What about a line from the 1980’s Dungeons and Dragons cartoon? There is such a fan base for this property and people would love it. I really feel Diamond would kill it if you got the license.

DSTChuck: Lots of fans of that show in the office, but action figures are not available to us at this time.

I was just curious as to whether you’d be doing any more Gotham figures, specifically of Jerome or Jeremiah Valeska?

DSTChuck: I am sorry but there are no more figures for Gotham planned at this time.

Conor B.
Amazon’s The Boys was a huge hit this summer. Any interest in Selects?

DSTChuck: Big fans of the show here, but normally we wait a little longer before we jump into an action figure line.

Chad C.
I saw your team made the Jay & Silent Bob reboot action figures. Will there be “Cockmando” soldier figures?

DSTChuck: Hopefully the movie and toys sell well and we can expand the line.

Will E.
Hey there! My son and I are big TRON fans, and can’t be more excited for your upcoming figures. My question(well, mostly my 9 year old’s) is if these figures do well, could we potentially see anything from TRON: Legacy? That would be super!

DSTChuck: Right now, we would focus on the first movie, but down the road Legacy might be possible.

Kevin K.
Hi was wondering if there are any plans in the near future for marvel gallery statues of any fantastic four, kingpin, kraven, or cyclops? Or any of them as select figures?

DSTChuck: As this time we are not planning for the FF. Some of the other might be possible.

Justin G.
When is my boy Colossus getting a statue? That big boy needs a statue asap!

DSTChuck: If you mean a statue, we’ve done a few in the past already. If you mean a Gallery Diorama PVC, I would say sooner rather than later.

Will you be releasing/reissuing anymore of the Muppets Select line? Animal, Beaker, Dr Honeydew, Swedish Chef, Gonzo, and Statler and Waldorf are great. I was hoping more would be released so I could finish the set.

DSTChuck: We are always happy to re-issue figures when sales lets us know demand in there. The most recent release was the SDCC version of the Swedish Chef.

Teva I.
I mostly collect Marvel Legends, but when it comes to some of the bigger characters like Juggernaut, Thanos, and Hulk I feel like Marvel Select is far superior (and I’ve met many other collectors who feel similarly). Any chance Marvel Select might make an Onslaught figure. I was disappointed with both Marvel Legends attempts at this character.

DSTChuck: He is not in the plans at this time.

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