Back to the Future 1:15 Time Machine Mark 1

Journey through time and space with style, thanks to this 1/15th scale replica featuring the iconic time machine from Back to the Future!


Back to the Future 30th Anniversary Time Machine Minimates Vehicle

It's back, and just in time! One of our most popular Minimates vehicles returns, in an all-new edition for 2015!


Back to the Future Iced Time Machine Collector Set

Is it hot? No, it’s ice cold!


Back to the Future III Rail Ready Time Machine 1:15 Electronic Vehicle

The time machine from the Back to the Future movies has undergone many changes, and now it's ready to ride the rails!


Back to the Future III Time Machine 1:5 Electronic Vehicle

With the classic time machine in stores around the world, take a trip to Hill Valley circa 1885 in the all-new Back to the Future Part III Time Machine!


Back to the Future Minimates Phasing Time Machine Mini-Vehicle

Series 2 includes the Phasing Hover Time Machine from Back to the Future II, with an exclusive Jennifer Minimate not available anywhere else!