Star Trek


Ask DST #306: Star Trek!

Welcome to Ask DST! In this weekly(ish) column, Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck answers your questions about DST products, and this week the Ask is all about Star Trek! Read on for info about Select figure, Retro figures, electronic starships, electronic role-play and more! Got a question? Submit it in the drop-down form up top or e-mail it in! Or come to our livechat on Monday, March 28th, right here at 8:30 PM EST! Continue reading

In Stores This Week: Aliens, Batmobile, Star Trek and Jay & Silent Bob!

It’s a new New Toy Day – the last New Toy Day before the big reveals of New York Toy Fair set the Earth a-tremble! This week brings several highly anticipated items to comic shops and specialty stores, straight from Diamond Select Toys. Check out what’s new below, including the next Star Trek Femme Fatales PVC figure, the return of the long-absent Enterprise NX-01, the creepy Alien ceramic cookie jar, an animated-style Batmobile vinyl bank, and DST’s first bobbleheads in years, depicting Jay and Silent Bob! Order at your local comic shop using the provided codes, and find your nearest store at! Continue reading

Ask DST #302: A Half-Century of Star Trek

It’s a new Ask DST with Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck, and this week he’s drawing the attention of Star Trek fans, who have unleashed a barrage of rapid-fire Star Trek questions! Will Chuck get out of this one? Will his shields hold up? Will the Khitomer Conference go as planned? And why does he have a goatee now? These answers and more, in Ask DST! Got a question for DSTChuck? Submit it up top or e-mail us! Continue reading

Muppets, iZombie and X-Files Coming Summer 2016!

Another issue of Previews is out, and it’s full of new items coming your way from Diamond Select Toys! Characters from iZombie, The Muppets, X-Files, Marvel, My Little Pony, Batman, Back to the Future and more are now up for pre-order, in the form of action figures, Minimates, banks, busts and even cookie jars! Read on for more info, and pre-order at your local comic shop, or at! Continue reading

Ask DST #297: Star Trek at 50!

It’s time for a new Ask DST, and this time it’s all about Star Trek! Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck is busy scheduling DST’s various 2016 Trek releases, on the eve of the show’s 50th anniversary, but he took time away to answer questions about what the future holds (or doesn’t) for Star Trek. Submit your question via the form above, and stay tuned for info about the Ask DST #300 livechat at! Continue reading

Ask DST #293: Trekking With the Stars!

It’s a new Ask DST, with questions about Diamond Select Toys’ Star Trek products being answered by DST’s very own captain, DSTChuck! Read on to see what he has to say about DS9, bridge sets, the Enterprise C, Retro figures, phasers and more! Submit your own question via e-mail! Continue reading

On Sale Today: Past, Present and Future Products from DST!

It’s Back to the Future Day at your local comic shop, and in addition to all of the great Diamond Select Toys products already on sale there — including BTTF electronic time machines, Marty hats and OUTATIME license plates – DST is sending over even more cool stuff, because it’s also New Toy Day! Today finds new arrivals racing in from the past (Nightmare Before Christmas Select Action Figures), the present (Ant-Man Movie Minimates Box Set) and the future (Star Trek TNG Worf Bank). So read on for details, then get in your DeLorean and race over to your local comic shop! Continue reading

Ask DST #292: Minimates Multitudes!

It’s an all-Minimates Ask DST, where Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck answers your questions about the most popular mini-figure line in the world! Marvel, Kill Bill, Alien, Star Trek, TMNT, Lost in Space and more get the rundown this episode, so read on and submit your own question! Continue reading