Han Solo


In Store April 10, 2013: Ghostbusters, Marvel, Star Trek, Star Wars, Alice and more!

There’s something strange and awesome in your neighborhood! It’s another huge New Toy Day for Diamond Select Toys, with seven separate products winging their way to comic shops and specialty stores! Whether you prefer Klingons or Carbonite, fairy tales or Strange Tales, or have strong feelings either way on Jell-O, there’s something waiting for you from DST! Find your local comic shop at comicshoplocator.com, and if they didn’t get it in, see if you can order it! Continue reading

Han Solo is Frozen in a Carbonite Bottle Opener!

Is there anything better than Han Solo frozen in Carbonite? The quick-witted, ready-for-anything smuggler, frozen in a block of life-sustaining display material and doomed to be artwork for the rest of his days. Depending on your opinion of Han Solo, it’s either very funny or very sad, and now you can bring the funny/sad with you wherever you go! Continue reading