In Stores This Week: Aliens, Batman, Godzilla, The Walking Dead and More!

It’s a huge week for Diamond Select Toys, with plenty of toys, kitchenware and office supplies heading to comic shops and specialty stores for New Toy Day! Starting Wednesday, you’ll be able to pick up Michonne’s sword as a letter opener, Spider-Man’s head as a gelatin mold and even the Batmobile as a bottle opener, as wella s new Minimates sets from Godzilla, Kill Bill and Sin City! Check out the full list of items below, and find your nearest comic shop at! Continue reading

Ask DST #222: Sci-Fi Spectacular!

Set phasers to interrogate! Diamond Select Toys director DSTChuck is answering fans’ sci-fi questions in this all-new Ask DST! Read on for the latest data on DST’s Star Trek and Star Wars products, straight from the source, and ask your own question on the homepage! Continue reading

On Sale This Week: War Machine, The Walking Dead and the U.S.S. Enterprise!

Wednesday is New Toy Day at your local comic shop, and this week three highly anticipated items will make their way to comic shops and specialty stores from Diamond Select Toys! No matter what your interest, there’s something there for you, because this New Toy day brings figures, banks, and ships from Iron Man 3, The Walking Dead and Star Trek! Find your local comic shop at! Continue reading

Star Trek Minimates U.S.S. Enterprise is Trapped in a Bubble of Awesome!

Sometimes, we wish we could slingshot around the sun to make time go faster, because then the Star Trek Minimates U.S.S. Enterprise would be here already! Check out packaging shots of the three different Enterprise vehicles: the standard edition with gold-shirt Kirk, the Action Figure Xpress-exclusive Trouble with Tribbles” edition with green-shirt Kirk and bag of tribbles, and the Entertainment Earth-exclusive “Mirror, Mirror” I.S.S. Enterprise with Mirror Kirk! Continue reading

Star Trek Action Figures Return to Toys “R” Us!

With Star Trek on everybody’s mind again, thanks to the latest blockbuster film, Diamond Select Toys is bringing back Star Trek toys in a big way, to comic shops, specialty stores… and even Toys “R” Us! In addition to the previously announced TRU-exclusive assortment of Star Trek Legacy Minimates, DST is happy to announce that the iconic toy retailer will have their own exclusive edition of the two newest 7-inch action figures, Kirk and Spock! Continue reading

Check Out the Star Trek Select Kirk and Spock Figures in Action!

The ultimate Star Trek action figures are almost here! Arriving next month, the first two figures in Diamond Select Toys new, deluxe Star Trek line will be a classically-styled Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock, each with interchangeable parts and a diorama base. We got in a couple of packaged samples, and couldn’t wait to bust them open and send them on an away mission! Continue reading

The Voyage Continues With Star Trek Legacy Minimates!

Anticipation for the newest Star Trek film invariably leads us to think about the legacy it is a part of. All of the Star Trek films, TV series and other stories that have ever been told in the Star Trek universe have led us to this moment! So what better way to celebrate the legacy of Star Trek than with a toy line that touches on all eras of the franchise? Continue reading

Tribbles Have Taken Over a New Star Trek Minimates Enterprise Exclusive!

The original Star Trek television series ran for 79 episodes, but few were as memorable – or hilarious – as “The Trouble with Tribbles.” Introducing the fuzzy Tribble species to the Star Trek universe, the classic 1967 episode remains one of the most referenced and revisited of the original series, which is why Diamond Select Toys decided to pay tribute to the episode with their newest Star Trek Minimates exclusive! Continue reading