Ask DST #233: Sci-Fi via Wi-Fi!

It’s another all-Star Trek (with a teeny bit of Star Wars) edition of Ask DST, and DSTChuck is answering your digitally submitted questions, observations and proclamations about our action figures, Minimates and electronic ships! Strap on your phaser, surround yourself with redshirts and wade on in! Continue reading

Ask DST #222: Sci-Fi Spectacular!

Set phasers to interrogate! Diamond Select Toys director DSTChuck is answering fans’ sci-fi questions in this all-new Ask DST! Read on for the latest data on DST’s Star Trek and Star Wars products, straight from the source, and ask your own question on the homepage! Continue reading

The Voyage Continues With Star Trek Legacy Minimates!

Anticipation for the newest Star Trek film invariably leads us to think about the legacy it is a part of. All of the Star Trek films, TV series and other stories that have ever been told in the Star Trek universe have led us to this moment! So what better way to celebrate the legacy of Star Trek than with a toy line that touches on all eras of the franchise? Continue reading