Star Trek Minimates U.S.S. Enterprise is Trapped in a Bubble of Awesome!

Sometimes, we wish we could slingshot around the sun to make time go faster, because then the Star Trek Minimates U.S.S. Enterprise would be here already! Check out packaging shots of the three different Enterprise vehicles: the standard edition with gold-shirt Kirk, the Action Figure Xpress-exclusive Trouble with Tribbles” edition with green-shirt Kirk and bag of tribbles, and the Entertainment Earth-exclusive “Mirror, Mirror” I.S.S. Enterprise with Mirror Kirk! Continue reading

Tribbles Have Taken Over a New Star Trek Minimates Enterprise Exclusive!

The original Star Trek television series ran for 79 episodes, but few were as memorable – or hilarious – as “The Trouble with Tribbles.” Introducing the fuzzy Tribble species to the Star Trek universe, the classic 1967 episode remains one of the most referenced and revisited of the original series, which is why Diamond Select Toys decided to pay tribute to the episode with their newest Star Trek Minimates exclusive! Continue reading