Get More Rewards with Diamond Select Toys!

Posted by DSTJessie on Aug 15th 2022

Champion collectors, masters of the art of display, and lovers of articulated figures, new rewards are available for you at /! Earn 1 gem for every $1 you spend at and unlock extra discounts, coupons, and offers for buying direct. Remember, the bigger your collection grows - the more you earn!



Check out all the new features below or in your rewards widget which can be found in the bottom left corner of your screen!



Reach order milestones!

*After the 6 months rewards expiration, your rewards will reset so you can earn unending milestones!

  • Place 3 orders in 12 months to be awarded a bonus 200 gems!
  • Place 6 orders in 12 months to be awarded a bonus of 300 gems!
  • Spend over $200 in a single order and receive 50 extra gems!

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  • Opt-in to our email newsletter to stay up to date on new in-stock collectibles, pre-orders, and more! You’ll receive 50 gems just for staying in the loop!


Celebrate your DST Collector’s Anniversary!

  • We’ll keep track of when you made your account and, as a thank you, reward you 100 points every year for continuing to shop at!


Refer a Friend!

Get rewarded for referring new and existing collectors who order direct from GGLTD/DST!

  • Share your custom referral link found in the ‘Refer a Friend’ area of your online account.
  • You’ll receive a discount on your next in stock purchase if your referred friend makes a purchase!


  • Redem your gems for a discount coupon in incremental amounts. Each 100 gems you redeem gets you a $5 coupon!
  • Redeem 350 points to get a 20% off coupon, limited to 1 use.




When will my gems be added to my account after a purchase?

  • You gems will be added after the order has shipped or about 3-5 days after your order has processed. If you place a pre-order, your gems will not be added until after your pre-order ships.

What happens to my gems if I return a product or an order is canceled?

  • When your order is returned and the refund is complete, the gems you recieved when your order was shipped will be subtracted from your total.

My points for my purchase never appeared in my account. What can be done to fix this?

Can I transfer my points to a friend’s account?

  • No. Points cannot be transferred to another account. However, you can purchase a gift certificate that can be sent to your friend.

Can points be used to purchase memberships or gift cards?

  • No, you may not use Rewards to purchase or discount any Membership or Gift Card. If one is used, the order will be cancelled.

Can points be used towards shipping?

  • Reward points and coupons cannot be used towards any type of shipping, taxes or import fees.

Can reward coupons be added to a pre-existing order?

  • No, rewards points and coupons cannot be added to your order after it has been placed.