Marvel Busts and Statues

Marvel Gallery Captain Marvel PVC Figure

Prepare to marvel at the new series of PVC figures based on the heroines of the Marvel Universe!


Marvel Gallery Deadpool PVC Figure

The Merc With a Mouth is now a Merc of Art!


Marvel Gallery Gwenpool PVC Diorama

When Gwenpool takes a selfie, it’s time to practice your selfie-defense!


Marvel Gallery Hulk 11" PVC Diorama

The Marvel Gallery just raised the roof!


Marvel Gallery Jessica Jones as Jewel 9" PVC Diorama

Before she was a hard-boiled detective and the star of her own TV show, Jessica Jones was Jewel, an up-and-coming superhero, part-time Avenger and full-time fashion plate!


Marvel Gallery Lady Deadpool PVC Figure

She’s beautiful! She’s deadly! She’s Lady Deadpool, and she’s the newest Marvel Gallery PVC figure based on the heroes and heroines of the Marvel Universe!


Marvel Gallery Lady Thor PVC Figure

Time to put the hammer down!


Marvel Gallery Medusa 9" PVC Diorama

All hail the queen of the Inhumans!


Marvel Gallery Spider-Gwen 9" PVC Figure

One of the most exciting new characters in the Marvel Universe is now part of one of its most exciting new collectible lines!


Marvel Gallery Spider-Man 9" PVC Diorama

Marvel’s most popular super-hero is the newest addition to the Marvel Gallery PVC line! +


Marvel Premier Collection Gamora 12” Resin Statue

Where’s Gamora? She’s the newest statue in the Marvel Premier Collection!