MetaKeshi - The Infinity Saga Mini Lunchbox Set

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10 Blind Boxes


Lunchtime just got epic! Make school (or your work desk) fun again with these tiny 2.5-inch metal lunchboxes, depicting artwork from across the entire Infinity Saga, featuring the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain Marvel and more! Plus, each lunchbox contains a real pencil eraser! These blind-boxed collectibles come in ten different designs, with one of each in every 10-piece set. A Toy Sapiens product!


Set Includes:

1x Captain America Sheild Mini Lunchbox

1x Iron Man Arc Reactor Mini Lunchbox

1x Black Widow Mini Lunchbox

1x Loki Mini Lunchbox

1x Red Infinity Guantlet Mini Lunchbox

1x Yellow Infinity Guantlet Mini Lunchbox

1x "I Love You 3000" Mini Lunchbox

1x Avengers Logo Mini Lunchbox

1x Goose Mini Lunchbox

1x GOTG Awesome Mix Vol 2 Mini Lunchbox