MetaKeshi - Spider-Man: No Way Home Mini Lunchbox Set

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10 Blind Boxes


With great power comes cool collectibles! Make school (or your work desk) fun again with these tiny 2.5-inch metal lunchboxes, depicting artwork inspired by the epic adventure, Spider-Man: No Way Home, including the heroes, the villains, and the lawyers! Plus, each lunchbox contains a real pencil eraser! These blind-boxed collectibles come in ten different designs, with one of each in every 10-piece set. A Toy Sapiens product!


Set Includes:

1x Green Goblin Mini Lunchbox 

1x Doctor Octopus Mini Lunchbox 

1x "I'm a really good Lawyer." Mini Lunchbox 

1x Sky Blue Spider-Man Mini Lunchbox 

1x Red Spider-Man Mini Lunchbox 

1x Dark Blue Spider-Man Mini Lunchbox 

1x Iron Spider-Man Mini Lunchbox 

1x Neighborhood Spider-Man Mini Lunchbox 

1x "I love you guys" Mini Lunchbox 

1x "With great power there must also come great responsibility." Mini Lunchbox 

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