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On Sale This Week: Darth Vader and Infinity Gauntlet Bottle Openers!

It’s New Year’s Eve – what better way to ring in the new year with a refreshing beverage? And what better way to open a refreshing beverage than with two of the coolest bottle openers ever made? Two new metal bottle openers from Diamond Select Toys hit comic shops today, and whether you’re a fan […]


The First Walking Dead Bottle Opener is Almost Here!

“What’s in the box?!” While we love a good Seven reference, in this case, the quote is more fitting than usual! What you’re seeing is the slipcover to the collector-friendly box that holds the Walking Dead One-Eyed Zombie Bottle Opener – the first to be inspired by the hit comic book!


Coolest Bottle Openers Ever, Part 4: Galactus

When we get thirsty, we pop open a bottle cap, but when the Devourer of Worlds gets thirsty, he pops a polar ice cap! The Art Asylum designers have taken the iconic head of the world-eating Galactus and turned it into a solid metal bottle opener!


Coolest Bottle Openers Ever, Part 1: Domo!

Before you open the bottle, you have to open the box! Check out the keen packaging for the Domo bottle opener from DST, which uses the pointy teeth of Domo to pry off bottle caps. It’s an unusual opener of an unusual character for the unusual fan!


Han Solo is Frozen in a Carbonite Bottle Opener!

Is there anything better than Han Solo frozen in Carbonite? The quick-witted, ready-for-anything smuggler, frozen in a block of life-sustaining display material and doomed to be artwork for the rest of his days. Depending on your opinion of Han Solo, it’s either very funny or very sad, and now you can bring the funny/sad with […]