Marvel Select Magneto Figure

Sculpted by Gabriel Marquez, this 7” depiction of the infamous enemy of mankind depicts the powerful mutant in all his glory, captured post-battle via a special display featuring the body of a fallen enemy buried under rubble.


Marvel Select Odin the Destroyer Action Figure

Prepare to be destroyed!


Marvel Select Red Hulk Action Figure

Get ready to see red!


Marvel Select Sabretooth Action Figure

Presenting a new take on a classic villain, this seven-inch action figure release features Wolverine's most hated enemy - Sabretooth!


Marvel Select Savage Hulk Action Figure

The Marvel Select action figure line is often praised for its oversized characters, and now Diamond Select Toys has created a new figure of one of Marvel's biggest heroes!


Marvel Select Stealth Iron Man Action Figure

Includes boot-jet display base, plus simple silver display base for non-flying poses!


Marvel Select Thanos Action Figure

With 14 points of articulation, the Thanos figure is a detailed representation of the villainous legend, complete with a removable “Infinity Gauntlet” and a scale unarticulated Death figure.


Marvel Select Ultimate Iron Man Action Figure

Ultimate Iron Man features removable armor on his arms and wires to interface his arms with the machine. Packaged in display-ready Select packaging with spine artwork.


Marvel Select Unmasked Wolverine Figure

eaturing his classic brown costume and his frequently seen unmasked look, this formerly limited 7-inch action figure of Wolverine is now available to a wider audience.


Marvel Select Venom Action Figure

Back by popular demand, it’s what many have called the greatest Venom action figure ever made!


Marvel Select Winter Soldier Action Figure

This 7-inch figure features 16 points of articulation and was sculpted by Jean St. Jean. A Disney Store exclusive!


Marvel Select Wolverine Action Figure

Depicted in his original X-Men costume, this seven-inch scale release stands just under six inches, features 14 points of articulation and includes a deluxe Weapon X base!


Marvel Spider-Man Gelatin Mold

There's always room for Spider-Man!


Marvel Spider-Man Silicone Tray

With the new Spider-Man silicone tray from DST, you can make ice, chocolate, gelatin and more, all bearing an uncanny resemblance to your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.


Marvel Super-Heroes Captain America Comic Scenes Reproduction Model Kit

Character model kits have been the rage since the boom of the 1960s, and DST is proud to bring back one of the first-ever Marvel model kits, depicting Captain America!


Marvel Super-Heroes Deadpool Deluxe Glue Model Kit

It’s time to make your own Merc, with the first official do-it-yourself model kit of Deadpool!