Ask DST #455 Invincible, Muppets, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and More!

Ask DST #455 Invincible, Muppets, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and More!

Posted by DSTJessie on Jan 30th 2023

You asked, we answered. This month, we delve into magic, heroes, and monsters! Will we see more of Jem and the Holograms? Is the Fellowship continuing? Read on to see what the future holds for the Invincible, Lord of the RIngs. Avatar: The Last Airbender lines below.



Any chance we get some female figures in the LOTR line? Galadriel, Arwen with her sword (and clothing she wore when she saved Frodo), Eowyn in her armor against the Witchking? And any possibility we get cloth materials on the figures? Some of the movement is limited with the hard plastic and some poses don't match the figures when the robes are draped down and you lift their arms up.  

DSTChuck: Yes there are some females coming up in the Lord of the RIngs line. We have looked into cloth for capes, etc., and the cost is not feasible at the SRP we are trying to achieve. 


Taylor W. 

Will we get a balrog for the Lord of the rings line? Also what happened to the invader Zim line? 

DSTChuck: We have discussed an in-scale Balrog several times, but can’t seem to find a way to do one in-scale at a price we think fans will allow. Work is ongoing in revising the Zim figures due to production issues. 


Taraut R. 

Hi, 1st of I have all 3 of the gallery diorama of Zuko, Aang, and Katara. Which brings me to my request. Is there any way you can make a Toph statue?... she's my favorite character and unfortunately every 1 that I see doesn't do her justice  

DSTChuck: More Avatar Gallery Dioramas are in the works! 


Johnny W. 

Will you ever get THE DC licenses back,and what ABOUT INVINCIBLE gallerys.? 

DSTChuck: Restarting the DC line is something we very much hope to do at some point. And we have discussed expanding the Invincible line, so time will tell on both. 


David N. 

Will there be any other Darkwing Duck or Gargoyles releases that have not already been announced? 

DSTChuck: There are more! 


Poppy Y. 

How many Jem items will we get??  

DSTChuck: Let’s see how the first statue does and go from there. 


Richard A. 

Where is the Nova statue? I been waiting forever for it. 

DSTChuck: We ran into some production issues and will re-solicit him when we have everything worked out. Sorry for the delay. 



Are you guys working on anymore Muppet Select Figures?  

DSTChuck: We are! 


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