AskDST #466 - Muppets, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Star Wars, and more!

AskDST #466 - Muppets, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Star Wars, and more!

Posted by DSTJessie on Jun 10th 2024

Hey there collectors, Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck answers your burning questions once again! In this episode of Ask DST, find out what's coming in the Muppets, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Star Wars lines, and more!


Oscar W.

Are there any future plans for Marvel's Nova (Richard Rider). A statue or mini bust or an animated style statue. I was looking forwards to the galley statue that got cancelled

DSTChuck: I don’t think we have anything planned at this time, but we would still love to find a way to get that Gallery piece into collectors’ hands.



Since you have the Dungeons and Dragons license, what are the chances of a cartoon version of Tiamat?

DSTChuck: That for sure would be very fun, but also pretty expensive, so we’ll have to see.


Tess B.

I have all the Avatar figures you have made, the only one that is missing is Sokka (I preordered Toph) please for the fans of both your products and Avatar, make a Sokka one. Are there currently plans for one?

DSTChuck: Yes, there are plans for a Sokka Gallery Diorama.


Kyle J.

With JCVD items in the works, are there anymore iconic action heroes that you are seeking to produce figs for? Stallone? Lundgren? Schwarzenegger?

DSTChuck: We’ve tossed some ideas around , but no formal plans at this time.


Tony T.

Is there any plans to make more slave Leia statues in the near future?

DSTChuck: Sorry, nothing planned at this time.


Chad D.

My question is will you be releasing the remaining Power Ranger Legends in 3D busts like yellow, pink, blue, black, and white?

DSTChuck: We are working on our next one, right now. SO should be something to show pretty soon.


Jon R.

Will there be ever a chance of a reissue for the Marvel Zombies line from the Marvel Select figures?

DSTChuck: There is nothing planned at this time.


Gerard R.

Are you guys planning to make a wave 3 of Cobra Kai figures?

DSTChuck: The plan right now is to wait and see what there are for new characters and looks in the next season.


Daniel A.

Are there any updates on the Wampa Mini-Bust that was shown back in 2022?

DSTChuck: That is now open for pre-orders.


John A.

Any new Muppet news? I'm still hoping to get Crazy Harry and some new characters like Sweetums and Lew Zealand.

DSTChuck: We have done Crazy Harry in the past, a re-issue is possible. Once we get the next figure shipped (Uncle Deadly and Pepe), we will look at what we might put out after Sweetums and Robin, who are up for pre-order now.


Dario C.

Any plans for other X-Men action figures like Bishop, or an updated Cyclops etc?

DSTChuck: X-Men, like Spider-Man, are never far from our thoughts when planning any Marvel line.


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